Adult sex games

Q&A with The Porn Guy

What are these Adult Sex Games all about ?

Nothing beats the great luxury of life called “Alone Time". A man once asked . “How can we use this time the most efficiently?" Well if your normal dude who likes to sit in his boxers in a dark sketchy room while gaming or watching porn then these Adult Sex Games are for you!

Do they cost money ?

It's like anything in life. Good pussy is more expensive then not soo good pussy. Mind you i love all pussy…. Anyways there are some 100% free options in my list for all you “not soo good pussy" loving guys. I mean you cant go wrong with free but you compromise with quality. They are comparable to like super nintendo at best. Still could be somewhat amusing. Then You have the premium games like Sexemulator , Family simulator, Narcos and so on.  The graphics are insane and the gaming quality is really a wicked experience. 

What else do these games have to offer?

Many of these games a pretty wicked parodies, it really adds the excitement and story play. There is also a 3D collection of games in my stash that you can use with VR. Along with interactive games in which you can virtually meet with chicks from all over the globe and interact and have virtual sex. Pretty cool stuff, Or maybe your a gambler and you like to see nude chicks serving your cards or rolling your dice or dealing your hands. Check out PlayHubCasino for all that action. Anyways i really have nothing bad to say about many of these games. If you have a few extra bucks then id suggest try em out.

Adult Sex Games

Remember the time you spent playing need for speed or mortal combat. This time we have a sexual battle, or we can call it; need for sex. Or let me give you a chance to make a name of your choice, what runs through your mind. It is where you get to play some real Adult Sex Games, and The Porn Guy knows what you are targeting.

How do you want it? Is it doggy style, boobs dick massage or you want to cum? Whatever it is that you need, we know what is right and can lead you there. How deep do you want to romp those babies? How fast? How slow? Whichever way do you choose? We have all the right options aligned for your selections criteria.You might be tired of dirty talk, seductive talk or videos and this is where the videos come in. To get you into some real action, make you feel like a stud after hitting many online pussies in the Adult Sex Games we recommend.

The porn guy enjoys playing games like Nutaku, Fap-Titans, LifeSelector that has; Riley Reid, Janice Griffith, Kimmy Granger, Chanel Preston, Mia Malkova, Alison Tyler, August Ames, Elsa Jean, also SexyFuckGames with 2000 games at your disposal all linked at one stop shop.

Imagine the fun you’ll have in one place by getting used to searching through this site, and you could spend the whole day playing these fantastic games. Ready for some fun, ping the Porn Guy and add him onto your fucking list.

Free & Pay


SexEmulator is a brand new fully interactive game where you customise, train and play your character in order to unlock more content! It's by far the biggest and most popular porn game in 2020!!  – Read Review

Well over 400 games in the sexemulator database

With subscription you get access to exclusive real porn content

Awesome features to design your chick of choice

Also access to live cams, full dvd’s and tons of porn

Games include hentai,3dtoon, parodies and much more

❌ The free trial only lasts 2 days

Free & Pay


The best FREE gaming site online! Click to play the most addictive anime games and more for free on nutaku!

Over 300 X rated strategy, rpg, dating sim and action games

Games like crushcrush, booty calls, fap ceo, chick wars etc

Registration on this site is simple and free

You receive bonuses for signing up to play games on this site

The nutaku games are all mobile friendly

Pretty cool stats system to see the top gamers

❌  You need to pay to unlock certain features and levels

Free Site

NewGrounds XXX

A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share some of the best stuff on the web! Along with Free XXX games!

250+ Completely free porn games

Newgrounds  has over 2 decades of experience

Ton's of parody games to choose from

Has Adult toons, dating sims, dress up games, gay

Really sweet “honest" rating system by users

❌ Really low quality games

❌ The ad's are a little annoying

❌ You need the latest flash installed

Free & Pay


Free3DAdultGames is the home of Grand Fuck Auto and other free sex games. These are the most addicting porn games!

Wicked games like grand fuck auto, call of booty, pokemon cum etc

Graphics are super sick, comparable to playstation

There's games you can play as a chick or dude, like in Fuck Raider

Super engaging ,You can jizz in like 2 minutes in some scenes

❌ The scores can be a distraction

❌ You can really get addicted. If that is bad

Free & Pay


Extreme Free Games is the #1 adult games site. Play all of our adult games in your browser, no download required.

The sound alone can make you bust a load

The graphics are like next level for game porning

You have lots of options and different games to pick from

It offers you many other features like webcam sex and 3D cartoons

Most of the games are pretty awesome parodies

❌ Not all the games i would consider “extreme"

Free Site


Adult hentai flash games,interactive simulation dress up futanari loli sex flash games

It has so many games you could play. Especially hentai

It has so many categories of sex games

You can pick a game by “new/hot/top or random categories

The sound is so sweet that you could cum to it

The game plots would make you come back for more

❌ The flash feature is very limiting. You can’t really do much with it

❌ Tons of god dam click bate all around the page

Free & Pay


Think you can handle banging your step mom? Play the most taboo adult porn game for free. Multiplayer now available!

It lets you act out your biggest fantasies in a game

Its free to sign up and at least play the basic levels

You can play as cousin, neighbor, best friend, step dad/mom etc

You can play it online with other people and do freaky things

Over a couple hundred family taboo related games

The game is partnered with the pornhub network

❌ You gotta verify your age first to start playing

❌ Commonly misspelled as family “similator"

Free & Pay


Play online casino games! Come and play with our sexy live dealers. Its all here casino games, live dealer and sports bet. Instant Play.

Games like blackjack, slots, roulette, baccarat, poker, keno etc

You can play from almost anywhere in the world

You can play with live dealers and real people from all over

It supports lots of crypto currencies and different ways to deposit

Games with nude chicks and not to mention live nude dealers

They match your first deposit up to 500$

❌ Support staff isn't the quickest

Free Site


Wet Pussy Games offers the highest quality hentai Games, porn Games, sex Games, and all sorts of crazy hentai

Categories like hentai, vr, furry, rpg, slave, cosplay etc

You can also play BDSM, action and dress up porn games

Some games have “auto mode". So you can sit back and fap away

Big mix of hentai games and videos

Some games with half decent quality,quite surprising for a free site

❌ Pretty much anywhere you click to the left or right is a link out

❌ Some of the games are pretty low quality, but hey its free

Free & Pay


Are you ready to play an adult sex game that will rock your world? Enter NarcosXXX  now and play as Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord who seeks to control his vast cocaine empire and fuck as many hot whores as possible. Action, drugs, violence and sex – welcome to the ultimate adult video game!

Totally safe and trusted porn game site, no spam or viruses

It offers you good blend of action and sex

You can manually control the fucking experience to your taste

The experience is very realistic and thrilling

You have access to over a thousand pornographic videos

❌ Lots of the game play requires 2 hands, How can you jerk it ?

Free & Pay


Slut Simulator lets players build their own porn game. Create your sex game character and show her the world! Multiplayer now available.

This site offers over 500 porn games up in the stash

More bitches you fuck the better your rankings get

Its free of charge to register and play

The videos on the site are very fast to download 

❌ Not all the videos in the “videos section" are in HD

❌ Commonly misspelled as slut similator

Free Site


Welcome to Sexy Fuck Games and get ready to play! We got of over 2000 quality free sex games and porn games at your disposal.

Game tags like hentai, furry, anime, 3d, pokemon, slave, teen etc

A shit load of free games in the library

Games are free to play here (unlike most sites)

No registration, just start playing

❌ Pretty low quality graphics, i guess you cant bitch if its free

❌ Quite a bit of ad’s all over the page

❌ You need the latest flash player to play the games

Free & Pay


Cartoon Tube – Free Cartoon Porn Games!

The design of the characters is very impressive

It has a huge collection of different types of porn games

Characters from family guy, snowwhite, king of the hill, simpsons etc

New games and videos are added almost everyday

Games include hentai,3dtoon, parodies and much more

❌ To unlock all the best games you need to pay

❌ You need a credit card to validate your age

Free & Pay


The Official Male Simulator – Play Free

The sex game characters look like real people

It allows you customize your unique male character

It is a good place to express your widest gay sex imaginations

You can play live sex games with other players online

It is one of the best sex games for gay dudes

❌ The website name is commonly misspelled male similator

Free Site


Free Adult Games. Sex Games, Online Games, Hentai. Full Sex Games – Free Porn & Online Games – Read Review

Loads of content

Free games

Varied content categories

Has a big fan following

❌ Ads

❌ Variable game quality

❌ Site could be better

Free & Pay


The Fister wild cunts is an adult parody of the well-known game The Witcher and its expansion Wild Hunts.

The game play is simple

The crafting of the characters make the game really realistic

You can find your way around the game site

The designers did a great work in the building of the game

The game offers preview videos that can fap too

❌ The game features limited characters

❌ The story line is also quite short

Free & Pay


Be Warned! Your about the play the most addicting StarWhores game on the internet!

It features star wars themed threesome sex for the wild admirers

The gaming keeps you really engaged

It sets your fantasies to the future and beyond this planet

The characters are fully sexual and can make you bust quick fast

Perfect game if your a horny star wars nerd

❌  It does not have too too much content

Free Site


Free adult games, Online games, Sex games, Porn games, Meet and Fuck games, Hentai, Play online for free, Cartoon and Parody porn – Daily Sex Blog – Read Review

 Good site design

Games are easy to play

Lots of content and categories


❌ Distracting ads

❌ Game quality can be mediocre

Free & Pay


Tranny Simulator is the #1 Tranny Porn Game. Play the Best Shemale Porn Game Ever Made. Start Building Your Character now!

You can interact with other players online

You can play out your wild tranny fantasies from gameplay

It has an excellent VR experience, graphics with the best designs

The contents are updated weekly and suit Android, Mac OS, IOS and PC

It has a standby customer service to attend to you anytime 

❌ Has a huge database of games but majority are not shemale games

Free & Pay


A parody game!

It is a movie set to a porn game – Red Dead Redemption

It is very realistic to watch

The graphics were done very well

It offers a wide range of possible sex beyond your imaginations

You can play John and fuck the many women characters in the story

❌ It offers a limited number of options in its contents

Free Site



The biggest collection of free sex games. browse thru and play hundreds of free porn games. choose your game and enjoy the sex!

Sex games with action, adventure, puzzle, dressup, cartoon

You have preview option when scoping content

It has over a thousand sex games

It is safe to use the site

New sex content is added every week

❌ The site design is outdated

❌ It does not play with every device

❌ The graphics are not very good

❌ Some of the game links are link bate to other sites

Free & Pay


Follow Chloe’s slutty adventure as she navigates the horny and treacherous jungle world, where mercenaries are looking to shower her in bullets or cum

Bonus games like cockofduty, redbedseduction, wildcut, thefister etc

The graphics are really top notch

A shit load of exclusive free porn videos part of the subscription

It has different playing options like “story mode" “play mode"

❌ The actual gameplay could feel a little limited at

Free & Pay


Free Gay Sex Games – Now Featuring Gay Grand Fuck Auto

Registration to use this site is free

Over 350 gay sex games and growing

Ad free homie

Gay parodies of grandtheftauto, callofduty, ninjaturtles, joker etc

❌ You gotta prove your over 18 by using a creditcard

Free Site


Enjoy a wide variety of free adult porn games at CDG! – Read Review

Tons and tons of content

Everything is free

An interesting and weird forum

❌ Ads

❌ Site design is boring and unflattering

❌ Game downloads not supported

Free & Pay


Description coming soon! 

It has awesome near-realistic anime designs

You can create any kind of character that you want

The game is easy to go around

You can decide the angle you want to view from

It offers its art in high definition images

❌ 3D gay and 3D sex options are not available

Free & Pay


Come play the hottest adult sex games for free at The Doll Warehouse. We have the highest quality porn games on the net, play them now!

It has many many exclusive games

The graphics of this games are awesome

It has both 3D and 2D

2 day free trial with credit card

Anonymous low key billing

❌  If you dont cancel within 2 days you get charged for a month

Free & Pay


Description coming soon!

It offers a porn game depiction of Grand Theft Auto

Voted #1 sex game parody of the year

You can also buy properties, rob banks, steal cars, earn doe

It shows you lots of titties, ass, pussy, cock and fucking

❌ There is no free access

Free & Pay


Description coming soon!

You have control of all the pleasure in the game

The graphics are good enough to make you cum before you know it

It is both HD and life-like

Watch the given story lines and still recreate them to suit your taste

You can control your view and angles the way you want

❌ Some of the games it lists are not inside

Free & Pay


Description coming soon!

You can design the characters with unlimited outfits

Control your gameplay like angle of view, fuck speed and cum time

The sex possibilities and positions are endless

Insanely realistic graphics, 4k

❌ Like anything good in life, there is a cost to play

Free & Pay


Online adult games! Try them now!

It offers you porn games based on your chosen profile

Super high quality content and graphics

Registration is free

Includes tons of exclusive porn videos from big studios

Has porn games in all the different niches you can think of

❌  The design of site may not be supported by some browsers

❌ To unlock some very very good content you need to pay

Free & Pay


The best Hentai sex game on the net!

The movements in the game are well developed to please your urge

You can communicate with others as you play the game

Gaining access to the site is quite easy

The girls are smokin hot, You can cum by just looking at them

It is free to sign-up and get started

❌ To get the full experience you gotta pay

❌ You need a credit card to verify your age

Free & Pay


Get everything fans love about Manga in this top rated anime & manga online game. This game contains unpredictable explicit situations and extreme content. Consider yourself warned!

It features sexy Japanese games

Exclusive content that you wont find anywhere else on the net

Super slutty and horny looking characters

The designers took time to design the characters

There is multiplayer options so you can play with other random users

❌  The sign up process asks too many questions

Free & Pay


Play Adult Games Online on Your Mac / PC, Tablet or Mobile. Warning: Graphic XXX Game Content.

Free & Pay


Game of Moans is an adult parody of the well-known series Game of Thrones… Try it today!

Free & Pay


Explore ancient Egypt? Fuck an Egyptian queen? Nothing is off limits in this Smutlord XXX adventure. Experience firsthand the XXX parody of one of the most popular games on the planet!

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