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Here are my contact details- pornguywebmaster@gmail.com. I am frankly too obsessed with porn to get much sleep most days of the week and that means I am always online and always available for whatever fate has in store for me.

So, you can shoot me a message or email at any time and be sure that I will reply faster than a 1-minute man can cum in the cunt of a top-class model with big tits, a bouncy ass, and a cruel mouth!

Yes, I am The Porn Guy, The one and Only Porn Guy

As ThePornGuy, I know all there’s to know about porn sites, channels, studios, porn stars, and the wanking ability, needs, and direction of the populace. Not too many got my skill, drive or focus and it can be occasionally overwhelming. But for sure, I am the guy to come to for questions, advice, and suggestions on all things erotic and XXX-related.

Porn, to me, is an endlessly fascinating field with near bottomless reach and influence. It is a field in which you can quickly make a name for yourself if you know what you are doing, or are willing to get fucked out of your mind, or do the fucking out of the mind!

There’s a serious amount of money in porn, far more than most realize. Getting fistfuls of Benjamins was however not the motivation for becoming ThePornGuy. What drives me is my love for porn in all its forms, the ever-evolving way it is composed and shot by studios and amateurs from all over the planet, and the many and growing XXX categories.

And then there are the porn fans, who are extremely varied and entertaining and from every conceivable social stratum. Some of these fans would never publicly acknowledge wanking or watching porn, while others are overly rabid in support of this and that XXX star or studio and willing to proclaim that from the rooftops.

Another thing that fascinates me about porn is society’s constantly changing relationship with it and how it flourishes in the most unexpected places and websites. Acceptance of and support for porn is growing worldwide, as can be seen with the explosive growth of sites like OnlyFans and the infiltration of smut into the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Yes, porn fascinates me to the bone and will continue to do so. As long as that fascination stays, I will keep being ThePornGuy, the porn pro to beat them all and fuck them all up if they get out of line!

Contact me anytime for suggestions or feedback

ThePornGuy is not perfect, much as he would love to be, and doesn’t have a brain bigger than the private yacht of a Russian oil tycoon, much as he would like that to be the case. So, that means mistakes are inevitable, and regardless of how much research I do, there will still be porn-related matters I have zero or incomplete knowledge of. And that is why I always welcome advice, suggestions, and the like.

Do feel free to get in touch at any time, and for anything. Reach out if you have a site you want me to check out, spot an error in a review, or just want to tell me how great or terrible I am doing. I appreciate all feedback and always aim at getting better at my business. So, get in touch today and help mold this porn pro into a better version of himself.

Are you a fan? Let’s chat!

Porn has claimed my soul and I don’t mind in the least! Talkative it has made me and I am always willing to share my encyclopedic knowledge of smutty matters.

I am also always available for chatting on just about any topic. That means if you are a fan of ThePornGuy, you are more than welcome to get in touch so we can engage in whatever chat or discussion catches our fancy.

Bonus points will be awarded if your sense of humor is as weird and penetrative as mine and I will enter your name in the Hall of Fame if you happen to have a bigger stock of Vaseline and tissues than even ThePornGuy himself! Yeah, come online ye sweet fans of mine, and let’s run our mouths a mile per minute!

No ads, Daily updates, Yes The Porn Guy’s the best.

I run a clean site without a single ad in view and daily updates of quality content is what I am known for. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I am great at what I do and have the passion and zeal to keep going for longer than this universe can keep spinning on its big ass!

Need to eyeball the best and most entertaining XXX reviews on the planet? Then come to ThePornGuy and get educated at the feet of the master!