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PornGuy, Whatcha Say Is Wrong With Craigslist?

Nothing is wrong with Craigslist. It is still hella popular and for real is one of the most visited sites on the globe. But Craigslist is not what it used to be and there are Craigslist-like websites out there by the boatload that have spent the last few years stealing all or most of its thunder.

Sure, Craigslist still has impressive Alexa rankings and made $694 million last year. It is active in almost a hundred countries and is the kind of place where you can sate almost any need and satisfy nearly every want. Call it a monster site with a monster dick that reaches all corners of the planet and you would be right as rain, so forget the pain and take the gain! Or not! Damn, I need to sign a record deal and y’all can forget about gravity, the national debt and Steve Harvey’s cheating missus when I am spitting bars!

What Craigslist currently lacks is part of what got it madly popular in the first place- the ability to very easily peruse online personal ads of folks who want the merry bits fucked out of them and would let you do that for free or for a reasonable sum. Yeah, Craigslist had to nuke its Adult Personals section, and all because a lot of hypocritical assholes started blaming the site for every STI, rape, sexual assault, and whatnot. Craigslist reacted to the whole hoopla by pulling out of the matchmaking business, with other local hookup platforms and discreet connections online sites taking on that role and enabling genital meets and greets on a truly global scale!

So, while there’s nothing wrong with Craigslist per se, it sure isn’t the place to be if you are looking to get laid, or happen to be in search of a chick/guy who can incubate your balls in his/her mouth/asshole and what have you! All it is about these days is buying and selling, with even discreet connections online and anonymous adult ads not being very possible.

Got the hornies and need that cum evacuated? Then you gotta put your right hand to the task and do like a milkmaid. Or look up the available neighborhood thots, and check out an escort site or two. But why fuck your poor fist when many sweet-ass Craigslist alternatives with innumerable adult classifieds are detailed in this section? At these best free adult listing sites, someone for sure is gonna answer your thoroughly perverted cumming prayers and make their holes available for you to pour all your anger and frustration into! Get to it!

Okay PornGuy, What Can I Expect From These Craigslist Alternatives?

What you can expect here is the everlasting sucking glory of the greedy gullet! Or not!

Actually though, all of the sites like Craigslist personals detailed here do what Craigslist was doing and should still be doing. They provide an invaluable service and every pick you will find on this page was chosen as carefully as I choose the MILFs who beg to be impaled on my golden spear of destiny and cannon of victory! These local casual meetups sites are actually pretty similar, with the overall smoothness, site design, and user options not providing a great deal of difference.

What you can be sure of is that no best free adult listing on my list made it there by chance or via me being bribed with cunt, gold, or a seat in celestial places. All covered Craigslist alternatives here pack quite a punch and it is up to y’all to check out my reviews and decide which site should replace Craigslist in your heart and put down deep roots in your brain matter!

Ready to go a-fucking with the help of my Craigslist alternatives and wanna meet local singles who plan on sitting on your face till daybreak? Well then better stop manhandling your privates and let the sap build, so that when you do arrange a genital meet and greet, you are gonna be so horny you fuck your date several inches into the ground! Or maybe you can surprise me and the fire service by setting the genital region of your partner afire via friction from your ceaseless and deeply penetrative thrusts!

Just don’t pound your fuckmate to the hereafter, because I am not in the mood to defend any of you that’s accused of committing armed robbery and homicide, with the robbery and murder weapon being an overly-needy and hungry cunt or cock! Get to fucking y’all and may rivers of cum bless your efforts!

Got Any Craigslist Alternative-Oriented Advice, PornGuy?

Sure I do and I got a whole lot to say. See, Craigslist can be quite addictive and so are many of its post free personal ads alternatives. You might find yourself spending money you never budgeted for on this or that car part or jet ski and before you know it, the missus is angry enough to put you six feet under and throw a BBQ, followed by a BBC-filled orgy! So those of you with spending problems who love shopping online better be careful with the Craigslist alternative sites I got here.

Remember the problem with Craigslist? That site got fucked in the ass because it got too popular and became the go-to place for anyone looking for pussy or cock. Well, Craigslist personal replacement sites give you all the goodies and none of the problems of the site they are emulating and that means you are free to post single classified ads and reply to same till your eyes and fingers are tired as sin.

But you do need to be careful, because not all adult personals ads on Craigslist alternatives are as they seem. Some of these local adult classifieds might be run by scammers who sweet-talk you into parting with your credit card details and other sensitive information. Or they might persuade you to send your nudes and use that to blackmail the shit out of your booty.

So, if you are replying to anonymous adult ads on these Craigslist personals replacement sites, keep the talk professional and make sure that any initial meeting is in a public space. Sure you can show up to an apartment and get your freak on there, but what if your sex partner arranged to get you beaten up and robbed? And even if a chick agreed to come to your pad, she still could start yelling after the whole action, hit herself, call the cops, and say you sexually assaulted her or something. And what if she gets pissed off that you didn’t tip her well, calls the law, and tells them she’s underage? For sure you are gonna get locked up for that and no one will care if you thought she was 40 and had white hair between her legs!

Now, I am not trying to discourage y’all. I am just saying be careful and pull out of any conversation on community classifieds dating sites if you start getting weird vibes. And better keep your wits around you during and after any genital meet and greet made possible by any of these Craigslist alternatives. Yeah, we live in an increasingly shitty world these days and y’all better recognize that and watch your back.

Any Last Words, PornGuy?

Not really. I know y’all are raring to check out the Craigslist alternatives listed here and I ain’t gonna risk standing in your way and getting trampled!

So, have at it, my tender-titted cumrades!

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