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ComdotGame Review

~ Pros ~

Tons and tons of content

A forum full of the most interesting and weird topics

Everything is free

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌Site design is boring and unflattering

❌Game downloads not supported


    Life can be stressful and I am talking mad stressful! Vaseline and Jada Fire’s bog booty were probably invented to counter that! To fight stress and have fun, some prefer losing themselves in one game or the other, killing aliens and conquering virtual worlds of incredible complexity. If games are your thing and you are one horny fella, then I feel obliged to bring a site like ComDotGame to your attention.

    ComDotGame is one of those websites crammed with games that you do not need to download to play. The games all run on the site itself and come from all possible genres, with adult games aplenty being included. Here’s my ComDotGame review.

Game On!

    They say ComDotGame is one of the biggest and best browser game sites that this galaxy has to offer. But a look at the ComDotGame homepage will quickly get you feeling that the whole thing is a hoax. That’s right, the ComDotGame homepage is a disappointing, dated, and boring affair, rather than the glitzy masterpiece that I was expecting!

    White serves as the main background color here and the very top of the page hosts a black bar with stuff you might want to check out. This includes the site logo, plus tabs like Search, Featured, Recent, Popular, Adult, Forum, and DZ. At the far right are login and registration tabs and the free membership on offer comes with benefits like being able to comment on the content.

    Just below the black header at the top is a small box that directs you to the best or most popular games, along with tips on how to make the best use of the site. Farther down are the most recent comments, plus a box that hosts the hottest games so far, like Naughty Classroom, Torture 3, Pregnant Dress Up, and FMX Team 2. The bottom of the page has a small list of popular games, plus Terms of Use and a Contact Us link among others.

Keeping Tabs On The Content

    Can you climb better than a spider with its leg up its asshole? Then let’s go back to the top of the homepage and its many tabs.

    So, the Search tab does what it says, while the Featured tab grants you a look at some of the featured games to be found here. The Recent and Popular tabs likewise do what their title suggests, while the Adult tab is the tab to click on if you want to check out and play the many adult games this site intends to corrupt you and all the holy saints with!

    The Forum tab takes you to the site forum. Clicking that brings up a long list of forum topics you can check out if you are curious. Sample topics include Top 50 Best Niggas, Old Pedo Won, I Hate My Little Brother, I Want To Fuck Kim Jong Un’s Sister So Bad, I Would Really Like To Suck Some Fat Ass Titties, and How To Make Cocaine.

    Yeah, I clicked on the latter and read what was there, so go ahead and call the cops on me for making coke in my backyard! As for the guy who created the topic about wanting to fuck Kin Jong Un’s sister, I guess that he’s begging for a nuclear missile up the ass or something!

    Let’s go to the Adult Game section, shall we? Once the Adult tab is clicked, every adult game that this site has to offer becomes evident. These can be sorted by the Most Recent Adult Games, Straight Adult Games, and Gay Adult Games, as well as by the Hottest, Most Popular, Bumps, Most Recent, HTML and Random. The following are sample titles: Strip Poker Night At The Inventory, Brothel 34, Incubus City, Rio Fuck, and Behind The Dune. Further down the Adult Games page is a list of the most related forum comments, plus a list of top adult games and tags.

    Games adult or not play smoothly here and there’s nothing to complain about in that department. Just be prepared for some wild sights, especially if you are playing an adult game where varied unmentionables happen with thrusting frequency!

What I Think

    ComDotGame has a boring site design and a few ads, but more games than you could ever play if you lived for a thousand years! Overall, I would readily recommend this site. So go there and teach some pussies how to behave!

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