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PlentyofFish Review

~ Pros ~

The site design is as sick as a rad virgin slit!


Lots of folks here

~ Cons ~

❌ Scams galore

❌ Some fake profiles

❌ The best stuff isn’t free

❌ Limited customer service


    I often fish. But most days, I would be willing to pay extra to just sit down somewhere comfy while the fish fall into my laps. Gad, are they so glad to come home to Daddy or what?

    Now, fish are of two types and both types are perfectly edible. The first type can be roasted, boiled, steamed, eaten raw, fried, and consumed in other varied ways. The second type is often eaten raw as well, but these days you better slap on a condom while digging into that particular kind of fish, or you will be dragging an STI home and blaming ThePornGuy for it. I ain’t standing still for that kind of nonsense I tell you!

    Anyway, here is my PlentyOfFish.com review, fellas. Read and weep and I will make nice cunt-laden fishermen out of y’all!

A Fishy Twat For All Seasons!

    First off, Plenty of Fish takes its security pretty seriously. Them fuckers got hardcore stuff in their security arsenal and there are places on the planet from which you cannot access the site. Sure, VPNs provide a workaround, but not all the time. So much for having plenty of fish that all can snack on without hindrance!

    Now, POF.com has a slick site. This adult classified site looks high end and if it was any prettier, the PornDude would be begging to suck on my nuts and feed his pet goldfish to the Great Dane I got guarding my humble palace!

    Plenty of Fish is however not exactly a hookup site and that needs clearing up. The site advertises itself as a place to date. And dating means sitting in coffee shops and going for picnics so you can talk about the things you like, hate, and fantasize about. But then, what dating means to each of us varies, and if your idea of dating is to hang the legs of your date on your shoulder and fuck every fish smell out of her gaping privates, then go on with your thing and may the gods of pussy beatdowns be with you!

    Anyway, this site has a lot of explanatory text and graphics on the homepage that explains what it is all about pretty exhaustively and attractively. And did I tell y’all that POF.com looks purty enough to be romanced and given a loving cock to put in its mouth for comfort's sake? I told y’all that before? Great!

    Options here let you log in and signup and over at the top left of the homepage are a trio of horizontal bars that hold the keys to eternal life and the pursuit of happiness in the pussy valley and asshole canyon! Clicking the bar gets you acquainted with the community, careers on offer here, and site features like dating games and a super-like mode. And by the way, this place has an app version. So you can download POF on Google Play or App Store and start fishing for sweet meat of the sort that makes cum eruptions and orgasmic earthquakes all but guaranteed!

Fishy Like You Want It!

    Joining up here is simple, but can take a while. You gotta input your DOB, gender, name, preferred username, password, country and city of residence, email, and stuff like that. That’s a bit too much, and the fish on the site better be worth all that stress, or I am feeding the grandmas on this dating site to the first hammerhead sharks with erectile dysfunction that I come across in the waters off Florida!

    And once in, it can look like a pretty nice-looking version of the Wild Wild West! You get shown images of singles who have been matched to you and you can swipe right or left to show your interest and disinterest, with the swiping supposed to be done faster than you can finger-fuck a one-legged thot to orgasm!

    Limitless messages are supported here, but only between two members who like each other's profiles. And talking of profiles, the currency here can be used to burnish up your profile, but it is of course not free. But you don’t always have to shell out for them, because there’s a variety of ways they can be won on the site and a variety of ways to persuade any chick you meet on POF to give you some currency as a show of love or that kind of crap.

    Now, POF.com does not have that great a reputation. It is known for scams and quite a bit of the pictures and whatnots on most profiles are as fake as a 3 dollar bill. The men here -and there are far more men than chicks- all want nothing but sex, dating be damned. And if it is not the sex they are after, they will want the next best thing and that’s for you to take it all off and show them what your mama blessed you with! And yeah, that stuff could end up on a leak XXX site for your future kids to gawp at!

    Still, POF is one of the biggest “dating” sites out there and is quite easy to use. There are millions of registered users and you as a user get access to plenty of expert advice and instructional videos that will supposedly let you hone your skills in the dating game. Of course, such skills are wasted on all ye fuckers that are merely into leg spreading of chicks that are not your sisters!

    And by the way, while registering here is free asf, there are paid plans too that supposedly enhance the user experience via such things as limitless liking, being able to upload up to 16 photos on your profile, no ads, being allowed to search for members by username and change your username at will, sending virtual gifts and knowing exactly when a message you sent to a hottie got read. Of course, there’s more chance of y’all shooting down Russian cruise missiles with your cum streams than ThePornGuy shelling out for paid membership at a site like this!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of POF

    You know, it is really hard to find folks who have something positive to say about Plenty of Fish. Sure, the site looks rad and appears to offer up all the hot singles on the globe, but the negatives sure do appear to outweigh the positives, and being on POF is kind of equivalent to swimming right next to a major sewage outlet.

    So no, I cannot really recommend this “dating” site. Not for all the hot puss in China or the hot legs in Florida!

PlentyofFish, PlentyofFish

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