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YourPornDump Review

~ Pros ~


Juiced to the nines with sorting options and tags

Opportunity to befriend other members

Videos and albums are available

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Wack quality videos

❌ Bleh site setup

❌ Pop-up ads

❌ Almost zero playback options

❌ No downloads


    I used to love taking a dump in the woods with friends, with the breeze and the nice view helping with the evacuation of our sainted bowels. All that ended when a friend got bit in the crack of his ass and repentance was forced on us all. But the kind of dump I used to be very involved in is not the kind of dump that YourPornDump.com is all about. Just saying!

    Yeah, YourPornDump is an amateur XXX site where folks are invited to dump their collection of homemade XXX and so help the human race achieve peace and harmony through a collaborative wanking effort. Here’s my YourPornDump.com review. Read it and pray your right-hand does not dump your cheating ass soonest!

What A Frigging Cunt Dump!

    Well, it is hard to regard the YourPornDump homepage as anything more than a dump. Of course, it doesn’t have a very bad homepage design, but there’s just too much conventional arrangement of stuff and nothing novel to gawk at. Plus the black background used makes the whole thing feel like an online funeral being held for a cunt that got shot to bits by a BBC artillery piece manufactured in the swamps of the American South!

    And I don’t like the video thumbnails here. They are tiny squares and assuredly don’t look half as attractive as they could have. Plus the site admins seem to have put too much effort into cramming these thumbnails into the homepage and other pages.

    Now, the top of the homepage is packed with names and links of a variety of XXX sites and cam sites and there are log in and signup options at the top right. Signing up here is free but hard because it will usually take you multiple clicks to activate the Sign Up option. That is because clicks on this site have a massive tendency to trigger pop-up ads. So, multiple clicks are often required to activate site features and options, and play videos.

    YourPornDump has a basic site logo, plus an equally basic search bar. I was expecting the logo to show a fella dumping a horse dick into a tiny slit with enough force to break bones, but all that’s there is the site name painted to look like a truck stop sign. Meh!

    This homemade XXX site does have a nice assortment of tabs and these are the Home, Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Albums, Category, Community, Porn Games, Adult Games, and Upload tabs. More options rest at the bottom of the site homepage and these consist of tags like Reverse Cowgirl, Brunette, Sex Toy, Cumshot, Big Butt, and Pussy Masturbation. There’s even a Show All Tags option that does what it says on the tin, revealing a very comprehensive list of alphabetically arranged tags.

    Now let’s do a deep dive into the main tabs and doing that means breaking a promise I made to myself not to dive into anything that’s not soft MILF cunt marinated overnight in a humid room! The Upload tab as y’all guessed is for members only, while the Adult Games and Porn Games tab aims to take you to sites where you might become the greatest porn game player ever liveth! The Community tab on the other hand sure is peachy. Here are gathered other members and a long list of sorting options is provided so you can check out and befriend them sluts and cock owners.

    Both videos and albums are featured within the Category tab and sorting options are provided for each. The Albums tab fills your screen with image galleries of mostly average quality with titles like Sucking Cock Is My Passion BBC VS Small White Dick, Thick Curvy MILF Spreads Her Big Cunt, Blonde Slut Wife, and Exposed Amateur Hot Wife leaked Photos. There are only 8 pages of albums, with the latest being from 6 years ago and the oldest from a year ago.

    As for the other tabs, all but the Home tab provide content sorting options and there’s as much need to detail them as there is to ask the Mona Lisa for a blowjob!

Dump Your Cumming Arsenal!

    YourPornDump has 141 pages of videos, with less than 50 videos per page. That makes it a respectable but not eye-popping collector of homemade XXX. Incidentally, it does seem that all or most of the site content was uploaded by members and no, they weren’t paid for that. The stuff here is also authentically homemade and that’s always good for the amateur XXX-seeking souls whose boners will only rise and shoot cum bullets at all opposition when they are being entertained by homemade smut.

    Daily updates happen here and most videos are under 10 minutes long. Big Assed Blonde Girlfriend Enjoys Doggystyle Sex, Chubby Guy Fucks A Teen Slut, Cumming Twice To A Beautiful Blonde Girlfriend, Busty Japanese Sex Bunny Fucked In Hotel and Horny Girlfriend Is Excited For Hot Sex are some sample titles.

    If the above sample titles doesn’t interest you, then perhaps the Lactating Japanese Mom Gets A Messy Creampie video will. It is 5:47 minutes long and on show was a plump and pretty Japanese lady with nice tits getting her cunt plumbed while she grimaced like her ovaries were being poked with pitchforks!

    Another video titled Stunning Hot Busty MILF Nude On Webcam had me wishing I could grow a pair of tits and join up on OnlyFans! In this 7-minutes video, a hot blonde first goes topless on cam, before pulling down her leggings and exposing her genitalia. She had a great smile and kept rubbing her asshole so much I was tempted to find her and ask if she sells her worn undies and how much she might charge to wash her fingers in my mouth!

    Now, playback options on YourPornDump are very basic. Video quality is non-user adjustable and is not HD. Descriptions and multiple screenshots are usually provided for each video and direct downloads are not supported.

What I Think Of YourPornDump

    Ads are what will kill this homemade XXX site. They pop up so frequently that you want to smash your PC screen or keyboard and are assuredly not a laughing matter.

    But if you are cool with ads and low-quality but unique content, then YourPornDump is more than sufficient for your homemade cunt and cock-worshiping needs.

yourporndump, YourPornDump

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