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YourAmateurPorn Review

~ Pros ~


Lots of tags and sorting options

Regular updates

Jam-packed with content

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack content quality

❌ Zero playback options

❌ Dated and lame site design


    Wanna shoot an amateur pron flick in which you will try your best to turn the cunt of that chick who has been giving you a hard time inside out? Well, hurry up and do so and we will shortly see you in action on Twitter or YourAmateurPorn.com.

    I’ve never heard of the site before I started searching for amateur XXX sites worth reviewing. YourAmateurPorn offers simple and sweet pleasures and while it is not the best or brightest it still has cum-bringing content that should have no problem making your artillery piece point at the sky and rain fire on the Russian invaders of Ukraine!

    Ready for this YourAmateurPorn.com review of mine? Then let's get to it while I am still hard and in a leg-dividing mood!

Free As Fuck, Fuck Them All!

    YourAmateurPorn says it has all the free amateur porn that a fella with a hungry dick would need to set him for life on the pussy meat consuming path. Their claim is bold, but I am not buying what they are selling. Not yet anyway!

    Now, this amateur site has a conventional arrangement. It does look dated though, almost like its configuration has not been tweaked for a decade at least. And while I can be nostalgic as fuck, I also like modern-looking webpages and sites, not ones that look like the first man and woman spent some time checking them out while the talking snake was busy climbing into and out of their assholes!

    There’s a site logo at the top left here and it could have been designed by a middle schooler. It sure does not look like the logo of an amateur XXX site. A more interesting feature is at the far top right of the page. This is a bulb-like icon that can be clicked to change the default Dark Mode to a Light one. I love it and the fact that most other sites lack this very simple feature that can often have a dramatic effect on how their website and its content are perceived is something that I am currently too hungry to waste time trying to understand!

    Site features include a basic search bar, and an upload button, plus Login and Sign Up tabs. Uploads are for members only of course and registering while free and speedy can be frustrating because it can take a while for the verification link they sent to your email to show up in your inbox.

    The main tabs on YourAmateurPorn are Home, Porn Videos, Categories, Top Porn Sites, Game Porn, and Tags and I will come back to them later. A small collection of porn sites, porn reviews, and cam site names are pasted at the right of the page. The bottom of the YourAmateurPorn.com homepage has some more of these porn site and cam site names, plus a small About Us informing fellas what the site is all about, which is giving a platform for amateur wankers, fuckers, and ass lickers from all over the planet to display their skills or the lack thereof.

    Alright, let’s talk about the main tabs. The Tags tab easily contains a thousand tags. They are alphabetically arranged and can be sorted alphabetically. Plus each XXX tag has a number beside it that indicates how many videos related to that XXX tag that YourAmateurPorn is in the mood to shake your world with!

    Kindly ignore both the Top Porn Sites and Game Porn tabs as they are only an indirect means of advertising an XXX game site and a porn review site. The Categories tab on the other hand is fully prepared to deliver what it promises on the tin. It has a pull-down menu. You can use this menu to get a quick view of supported categories, but just clicking the Categories tab is more advisable.

    There are far more XXX categories in the Categories tab than I expected, almost 150 of them. Amateur, Anal, Big Tits, College, First Time Anal, Hairy, Nude, Pussy Licking, and Voyeur are some sample categories we all need speedily to inform our dicks about!

    The Porn Videos tab also has a pull-down menu. Sorting options there lets you check out the best-rated, most viewed, most recent, featured, best homemade, most discussed, premium, and longest videos. The premium videos don’t play though and are merely a direct link to Pornhub Premium.

    While this site is easy to use and browse through, its pages are too often overly crowded with content. Plus I resent the hell out of the fact that you can’t easily jump from the first page to the last. That makes it hella difficult to calculate how much content this site is packing and you can’t expect me to be happy about fuckups like that.

Amateur Chicks And Hairy Cunts!

    If you want it real, then you go for amateur smut featuring chicks who too often seem to take pride in not shaving their slits. I am all for shaven slits that let a pussy shine, not overgrown ones that obscure the shape and dick-swallowing abilities of the cunt you wanna fuck with! So, to hell with hairy cunts that need braiding!

    Now, YourAmateurPorn has tens of thousands of contents. There have to be around 60K to 80K videos here and that is not bad at all. Content updates happen with great regularity and sample titles include the following: Eliza Cheats On Husband With Older Guy They Met Camping, Riding Her Dildo On The Toilet, Her Petite Body Gets Used Like A Flashlight, Baby Girl Gives Him The Sloppiest Blowjob Ever, and Girlfriend With Perfect Tits Rides Dick Balls Deep.

    Videos on YourAmateurPorn are often over 10 minutes in length and content playback is fixed and not something that peons like you and I are given the power to tweak. Yeah, YourAmateurPorn is not big on playback options, so better make your peace with that. The content quality is never stated and for the most part, seems to be 360p to 480p.

    Anyway, having fun on this site was as simple as heading for the top-rated content section. I checked out videos like Big Facial On Her Cute Face, which was a 6-minute long video of a bespectacled and rather pretty chick with a nice rack licking a cock while eye-fucking the camera. In the closing seconds of this video, the guy whose cock she had been manhandling decided that enough was enough and shot his load on her face and glasses.

    Fucking A Tasty French Pussy on the other hand began with a fella getting on a bed on which a big booty chick was sleeping. He slipped her white panties aside, put his boner into her snatch, and fucked her till she woke up. Once up, this slut set her booty in the air and gave her partner a doggy-style fuck that had her ass chicks madly clapping for attention!

What I Think of YourAmateurPorn

    This site has the basics down pat, but needs lots of improvement. Yeah, it is worth recommending and I am that hoping y’all porn shoots show up there so I can practice that one-fingered wank I have been hearing about!

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