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YouJizz Review

~ Pros ~

youjizz, YouJizzDecent layout, not spammy

youjizz, YouJizzMillions and millions of video’s 

youjizz, YouJizzThousands of video tags to choose from if you want something specific

youjizz, YouJizz5 tar rating system so you can quickly glance and see the rating visually

~ Cons ~ 

youjizz, YouJizzFew pop ups/ad’s when you first enter the site and start clicking

youjizz, YouJizz Can’t choose video length or quality 

youjizz, YouJizzShitty page speed score for mobile users 43/100


    When you are annoyed and searching for quality free porn videos, there is another website you can try. YouJizz.com provides good quality porn entertainment videos for totally free.

    The youjizz porn website is designed well, with various as usual options like new, random, tags, pornstars, etc. All will lead you to a few good porn videos.

    The M youjizz website or the mobile version also loads smoothly. The dark background already works as a night mode.

    Though you can watch youjizz free video without paying anything, don’t think that you don’t have HD videos. There are tons of HD videos that are premium class.

    The search button is on the top, and you can use that to make a deep search for your likable video if that’s not showcased normally.

    As per the website, there are 4038841 porn videos in their database that you can enjoy. They are distinguished in categories like- japanese,  blacked, ebony, vidios, massage, pinay, mature, amateur, youjizz compilation, forced, chubby, casting, and many more. They also add more videos regularly.

    Certainly, you can create a free account on YouJizz.com to have more extra functions. You can create a playlist, comment on videos; upload your own videos, etc. Also, with a free account, you can download youjizz porn videos. Surely, you can also download the videos using a plug-in too.

    The databases for pornstars are normal! You can find all the famous pornstars and adult models. The page regarding them also contains basic information about them.

    The website also offers live sex cams and adult games, etc. You can browse that section if you have any interest in that. Also, there is a section called meet and fuck, but the male profiles are higher in ratio, and the girl’s profiles seem like a fake.

    Now being a free website, they depend on the ads. So, on the homepage, you can see ads for cam or else. When I visited, there is an ad for the live cam is running. On the video page, there are few ads too. But they will not bother you much.

    So, as for my youjizz review, I can say you can definitely visit the website and enjoy their videos. If you don’t mind the ads, then you don’t have to search for the sites like youjizz anyway. But if you are unable to open this website for ISP blocking, a tiny browser VPN plug-in is enough for you to enjoy the videos and having a little wild time with yourself.