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youjizz porn site

YouJizz Review

~ Pros ~

Decent layout, not spammy

Millions and millions of video's 

Thousands of video tags to choose from if you want something specific

5 tar rating system so you can quickly glance and see the rating visually

~ Cons ~

❌ Few pop ups/ad's when you first enter the site and start clicking

❌ Can't choose video length or quality 

❌ Shitty page speed score for mobile users 43/100


    Weird asf. Yeah, I am talking about YouJizz, a site that seems to be named after the precious pool of liquid that gathers on my bedroom floor every time I enlist the help of my Vaseline jar to help milk a good bit of cum from that dear dick of mine! Is YouJizz saying I better be bottling my jism and selling it directly to them, or do they want to be there when I am doing the noble deed?

    Questions like these are better left for another time. Meanwhile, here’s my YouJizz.com review and you better put some approving jism on it by the time you are done reading!

Thanks For Cumming!

    Where other sites are rewarding users with crypto, YouJizz is merely thanking you for coming to their page and seeing something worth fapping to! Thanks for Cumming is their site logo and it does make it sound like visiting YouJizz and not pissing out a gallon of jism is an offense that will get you arrested and imprisoned if you can’t prove your cock has been malfunctioning since childhood!

    The site logo changes though and sometimes you will see “Blow Your Load” as well as “Cum Here Now.” It is like these guys do not know who they are playing with, because if I blow my load at the moment, the sound alone will wreck the world!

    Now, YouJizz uses a homepage design that is as exciting as watching a rabbit pooping on your favorite dinner plate! The background color is a deep black and there isn’t a Light mode to switch this to white or gray. But the unexciting layout of the whole site has little to do with its background color and more to do with the way stuff is laid out and how they somehow do not look very appealing.

    You get a search bar at the top right of the homepage and this boasts that YouJizz has over 4 million videos. That could be an exaggeration because even a sex freak like me has trouble fucking 10 times a week and uploading videos of my bedmatics to whichever XXX site catches my fancy!

    Next to the search bar is a pull-down menu that supports login and registration, and content uploads for members. You can also use it to switch the default site language from English to Chinese. The sorting options in that locale additionally supports looking for the most popular or newest content, as well as gay, trans, straight, or shemale porn.

    YouJizz registration is both free and speedy, and they send you an email link you have to click to verify. Getting a membership card comes with lots of benefits attached, chief of which is that you can now upload content and that includes that funny video of your ex drunkenly fellating a dead donkey at a public beach! Comments are also supported for members, as well as content bookmarking and downloads.

Tabs And Videos

    Popular, New, Top, Trending, Random, Tags, Pornstars and Live Sex form the collection of tabs on this massive load-blowing XXX site. The Live Sex tab is a direct link to YouJizzLive, a site full of girls who will do all for you and your load, short of killing themselves. An extremely extensive collection of XXX stars await your loving attention in the Pornstars tab, but these lack bio and stat pages of any sort. The rest of the tabs are there for content sorting and they are very well-equipped for that.

    The bottom of all pages has a Trending pull-down menu. It has around 50 countries and you are supposed to click on any of these countries to see the trending XXX in that specific country. I have no idea why such an important tab is not atop the homepage where it belongs. Maybe the site admins have wanked away all their brain matter and cannot figure out that the bottom of the page is not where to place an important feature like this.

    Now, video image thumbnails here are of average size. Their rating, runtime, number of views, title, and quality is displayed and most seem to be in HD and full HD. There are no dates to be seen anywhere and judging the content upload frequency is hard. The majority of videos are over 20 minutes in length and there are many easily twice that.

    The newest porn titles are Slutty Asian Stepmom, Busty Mom Cory Chase Fucking With Son, Fun With Uniform Girl, Best Hentai Genshin Impact, and Innocent Maid and Her Pussy Almost Destroyed. The last two are toon XXX and I tried to wank to them, but they're just weren’t enough of an incentive to make my cock start vomiting its sins! So I went to the Tags section and clicked on the 18-21 years old tag. One video among the many that appeared was titled 18 Years Old Serena Torres Sucking and Fucking.

    This particular video proved to be from BangBros and is 7 minutes long. Quality maxed out at 720p. The Serena chick turned out to be rather petite and adorable, with tiny tits and a face I want as my iPhone screensaver! She kneels and sucks her guy and after a few minutes is placed on a washing machine and fucked by a condom-clad cock that does not seem in a hurry to tear her small but fat pussy into shreds! Let’s hope her next flick has her matched with a BBC!

    Videos load fast and usually play smoothly. Quality varies, and playback options let you choose the quality your data plan and personal preference will support. They also make it possible to set the playback speed, and watch videos in fullscreen. That’s not too bad.

What I Think YouJizz

    Would you consider stocking up on Vaseline if you were married to the likes of Ariana Grande or Beyonce? I think not. In the same vein, the only reason to visit YouJizz is if the likes of XNXX, Pornhub, XVideos, and Tiny4K inexplicably went off the air for weeks. Otherwise, there are zero compelling reasons to bookmark YouJizz and get a membership card for wiping your crusty bottom with!

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