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YesMilfPorn Review

~ Pros ~

You can download the videos

Most Videos are in HD

You’ll see a shit ton of Milf content

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll have to deal with some Ads


    My Yesmilfporn.com review is here for you if you have been desperately looking for a new porn site to invest your wanks into. Before you rush dick first into the site remember yesmilfporn hasn’t yet gotten a yes from me so you’ll have to wait a bit longer without your blue balls exploding hopefully.

    Since you’re joining me for this ride, you better be prepared for anything. It might be rough but sometimes your dick needs tough love too that’s why it is necessary to spank it every day.

Mothers Love Gone Erotic!

    The site had a very welcoming homepage because I wasn’t hit in the face with a white background color like most of these porn sites like to torture our nuts with. However, I didn’t feel very welcome after seeing the first pop-up Ad trying to get me to sex chat with a nonexistent horny girl. I also wouldn’t say the homepage looks like it was designed by a Harvard graduate or dropout because it looked so simplistic that even I could do it while taking a piss.

    The thumbnails were the next part to get my attention. You can tell when a site is gonna be great or suck balls just by seeing the first thumbnails. I call it the judging a book by its cover method. This site managed to impress me a little bit because every single woman that I could see looked like a Milf. And it also helped that these Milfs looked hot and very fuckable. We’ll see later if the videos would be just as good.

    Their menu looked like it was created by a horny guy that couldn’t wait to run back into the pussy of his pet Milf. The only options there were; Home, Latest, Pornstars, and Tags. I’m not complaining though. I don’t like to be given too many menu options because they’ll only waste your time with bullshit sections that only belong in the asses of the site’s creators. I chose to check ‘Pornstars’ because I wanted to see the quality of Milfs they served here.

    The first 2 porn actresses who were shown to me had tits that looked like they could only be moved using carts. Those were some real Milf tits and I am always gonna be a fan of them. The women in this section were sorted alphabetically. The first model I could see was Ava Addams in all her sexiness. This section would be great for finding new porn actresses and their content that might make your meat happier than ever.

    The only part that was a bit confusing to me and my dick was seeing male pornstars included in their so-called list of “the best hottest and top milf pornstars on the internet”. You’ll have to watch out for that when you’re browsing porn actresses to check out. You don’t wanna unknowingly become a member of the Filf-loving committee of wankers.

Home Of Milfs With Mommy Milkers!

    I checked out their Latest Milf Porn Video section to see what the wankers on this site were uploading at that moment. I saw some decent milfs and there weren’t any who didn’t tempt me to watch them right then and there. Since these videos are uploaded by random wankers that are members of the site, you’ll be forgiven for being cautious in this section. Not everyone has your elite taste in Milf porn.

    The time had come to settle down and find myself a video that I would use to judge the site. That is a more difficult choice than you would think because it had to be the epitome of Milf action so my dick and balls will be well pleased. I found the right one finally and it was named “Hot milf takes BBC in her blue lingerie”. Seeing her kneeling in her blue lingerie and with her magnificent tits showing was all I needed to draw me to the video.

    The video was 43:20 in length and my attention span wasn’t gonna handle that so I prepared for a lot of fast-forwarding to the parts of the video that have the most to offer my fap. There wasn’t a lot of talking involved and the woman in blue went directly to the part where she was massaging his nut sacks in preparation for the pussy drilling that was gonna take place. I was glad to see that I could download the video to watch later.

    If you like to share porn videos you’re watching with your best friends and bosses then the options at the bottom of the video are gonna be the answer. They allow you to share your videos on; Facebook, X, Email, and WhatsApp. Besides the sharing option, I was able to know the names of the actors, the person who uploaded it, and the Tags for the video. After that, you’ll see Related Videos that you might be interested in.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Yesmilfporn

    Yesmilfporn gets a yes from me and even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I was able to see things that I like about the site. The most important positive side of this site to me was the download option that lets you download mp4 for later wanking purposes. They also had a decent amount of purely Milf content and that is exactly what I came here for. The site gets a recommendation from me.

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