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YesBackpage Review

~ Pros ~

Free and easy to use

Simple site design

Tons of features

Escorts from America,UK, Australia etc

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Overall site design is bleh

❌ Not that many escorts available

❌ Escort profiles could be more professional and eye-candy laden


    Ladies and gents, I thought I had suffered enough in life until Google asked me to check some boxes as a security measure before I could access the YesBackpage.com.

     The indignity of this is mind-boggling and I am waiting for an apology from Google headquarters before the end of the day. Don’t they know they are messing with ThePornGuy? They better be careful or their chief executives will soon be walking around with my foot in their fat asses!

    Anyway, here’s my YesBackpage review. This site is all about escorts and is where you go to hire escorts in both the US and Canada, plus New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. Read and learn, champs!

The Homepage

    Someone out there seems to be cranking out escort homepages by the dozen daily. That might explain why so many escort homepages look like they came out of the same mould and have identical batch numbers!

    The YesBackpage homepage is an ordinary affair with about much color to it as a pile of wet cement. The background is an off-white and a login/sign up tab is at the far right of the page. Signing up is free, as it should be. If you are a member you get offered a more immersive experience and can post ads, see escort pics and enjoy a few other privileges.

    Just about every state in the US and Canada are pasted on the homepage. There are more US states than Canadian ones though, and each state has its cities -most or all of it- listed. A little way down the page are listings for Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. An About Us takes up like half of the homepage real estate, which sounds kinda anal-retentive.

Yes To An Escort

    Ever heard of Charlotte in North Carolina? Well, that was the first listing I clicked on. I got taken to another page that had a passing resemblance to Craiglist, with all kinds of goods and services listed. Included are adult services and this comprises female escorts, body rubs, strippers and strip clubs, dom, & fetish, trans, male escorts, adult jobs, meet and fuck, sugar babes, and horny MILFs. Dating services are also offered.

    I clicked the Female Escort link of course and got taken to another page filled with ads by escorts, with these ads arranged by date. These ads lack pictures, with only a phone number, services offered, email, and some personal details being listed. Ads here actually have pictures and to see these you have to be logged in. There’s usually just a single picture per ad, with no video to be seen.

    Worth noting that every city on the homepage varies in the number and quality of the escort it hosts. Thus, a hick town will have fewer escorts than a big and more important one. So, if you intend making use of YesBackpage it might be worth your time to book a tight escort from a big city who wants your cock to get so deep in her it will be quarreling with her kidneys!

    I am sure there are scam profiles on this site, but there was none I could spot in the time I spent going through YesBackpage. Maybe I need new glasses or something!

What I Think

    YesBackpage has been operating since 2018. That is like yesterday, but they already consider themselves to be the best in their field. That’s a bold claim to make and I can only imagine the site owners and workers are high on their weed!

    Anyway, this site does have some potential. But it will have to be cleaned and prettied up. I like it and if you are in any of the supported countries you would do well to check it out and see if there’s an escort in your city who’s looking to jump on your bones hard enough to get a splinter in her ass!

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