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XyzComics Review

~ Pros ~

 XYZComics renders all of its contents in English. This saves you the stress of browsing through the site and avoiding fobbed out content

 It hosts a large ton of English and Japanese porn material. That’s for the joy of those of you who love that blend of industries

 The site is very easy to navigate and sort. Its features are set in such a way that anyone can find his way around it and have a good time doing so

The mobile platform is very easy to use. Have yourself a merry ride as you take this cupcake in your travel sac

 The site is regularly updated with new porn, content includes interaccial comics, 3d comics, incest comics, y3df comics jap comics, xxx comics ect

~ Cons ~

❌ The site lacks good search support. Guess its because of its simple arrangement

❌ As with many pornographic sites, there are lots of advertorials popping on the screen. This badly hurts the flow of the site. Its enough to make anyone lose an orgasm

❌ The site is not user- friendly. It lacks good user features. You just bump into stuff as you surf through


    Was XYZComics named by kindergarten kids? Perhaps it was given such an unimaginative name by the kind of guy who liked singing his A, B, Cs out aloud in the shower.
    But enough about the name, just how well does this adult hentai site perform when the going gets hot and steamy? Read on and find out.

XYZ For Dummies!

     We don’t know the site designer here, but we are fully prepared to go on record as stating he should be found, hung, drawn and quartered! Yes, the XYZComics.com site design is an atrocity and looks like something a teenager put together for a high school assignment.

    A search bar is at the top right of the homepage and it is pretty small. Below this are the main tabs and these are the content of this hentai site arranged by category. Such categories include 3D Comics, Interracial Comics, Hentai Comics, Incest Comics, Jab Comix, MILFToon, Y3DF, and XXX Comics.

    Also present is the By Artist tab, this like a few of the main tabs has a pull-down menu that lets you sort content by artists. Some of the artists represented are Croc, Dsan, Laz, and Kannel.

    There’s a sample of the latest comics on the homepage, plus a sign stating that there were well over 10,000 comics titles available. That seems to be true judging from all the content we browsed through.

    Some popular tags are cluttered on the bottom of the homepage. To be found there are beauties like Big Cock, Big Boobs, Blowjob, Hardcore, and Slut. So, this means you can easily search through site content via the search bar, by author, by tag, by category or by channel. That’s not too bad!

The XYZ Kind Of Fun!

    We decided to check out the incest comics category and we weren’t too sure if we were supposed to wash out our eyes with some bleach after! All comics have their title and submission date listed, with sample titles like Mother’s Responsibility After- Vacatio, Sultry Summer- Ben 10, Spying Simpsons by Croc and The Simpsons- Forbidden Picnic (Tufos) being on show. The last three of these were of some of our favorite childhood cartoon characters doing very nasty things and getting more action that we do in a month. Lucky them!

    Each comics title is viewable via a slideshow and comes with tags, as well as a good list of content of a similar nature. There’s an option to like the comics so long as you are logged into your Facebook page. Content ranking is however absent.

What We Think

    We found it difficult to wrap our puny minds around the fact that there is more content here than we could go through in a decade or so! Incest, MILFToon, 3DComics, XXX Comics, Y3DF and so many more are all here, plus more than a few content from some of the most talented artists in the hentai universe.

    We do have some gripes. Like the lack of ranking, no download options, the dated page design, and ads. But considering that the site is free to all and the content is wondrous and hardcore enough to keep your hand permanently attached to your crotch, we will forgive all imperfections and say that this site is a sweet peach you can’t help but take a good bite out of!

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