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XVideos Massage

Free Site

XVideos Massage Review

~ Pros ~

Truely free

The content is fire

Free downloads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Mostly short videos

❌ Live cam ads galore

❌ Unclear update frequency

❌ Not as many massaging smuts as competitors

XVideos Massage

    Ever seen a booty so big you could swear a fart from it would shift the moon out of orbit? Well, in a world filled with small and medium-sized bottoms, XVideos is a big booty babe that gets a hella respect. I seriously like this porn site and it has been doing a lot of things right.

     Now, like any big porn site, XVideos has genres you might not have heard of and it specializes in giving you new reasons not to quit wanking and to instead dial up the hours spent cradling your boner! The review today is all about the XVideos massage section and there are 149 pages of this that taste near as good as sweet cum from a virgin cunt! Here’s my XVideos massage review and it’s slick enough to fuck you in the ass and make you like it!

A Thing Of Beauty, And A Thing Of Cumming Awesomeness!

    I’ve been reviewing porn sites for a while and I gotta tell you that XVideos is a top 3 with one of the cleanest and sweetest looks in the porn site arena. They just know how to do things to make the site stand out and every fucking thing on every page screams class and quality loud enough to deafen you and make it impossible to hear what’s going down when the local plumber comes to drill your significant other behind your back with every damn tool in his truck!

    The massage porn section here glows like a newly wedded lady who got banged all night and is pretty proud of herself, even if she can’t walk straight yet! It's got a background color of white, with splashes of red and black here and there. Content image thumbnails look good enough to eat and there’s just enough spacing between them to ensure they don’t seem crowded on every empty place.

    The top right of the massage XXX page has Join For Free and Login tabs, plus options that let you choose from gay, trans and straight XXX. Whichever option you choose, you still get massage XXX, rather than a batch of unrelated videos of gay or trans fuckers drilling each other hard enough to gape the assholes of passersby!

    At the very top right is a gear icon and this contains enough user options to stone a brown bear dead with! Included is a language option, country option, and category option, plus History, Suggestions, colors, columns, Big UI, Video Preview, Watch Later, and Automatic Video Titles Translation options. That’s rad and bangs harder than the girl down the road who wants a cock in her asshole so bad that she’s willing to suck your boner all day and night just so you can slip your woody in her rectum for a few minutes and see how much digested food it can dig up!

    Other user options include a search bar, and below this is a notification that there are 27,051 massage XXX videos on XVideos massage. That’s far less than what’s obtainable on competing sites. But I am willing to forgive and forget since XVideos appears to focus on quality, while most other sites are just intent on stuffing their massage section with as much content as possible, quality be damned.

    Now, a series of pull-down menus are located below the aforementioned search bar -a basic search bar by the way, rather than an advanced one- and these give you options to search content by video quality, duration, date, and relevance. Content quality seems to be either HD or full HD, and videos are 7-8 minutes long on average. In fact, of the 27,051 videos with the massage tag on XVideos massage, less than 3,000 of them reach or exceed 20 minutes. In case you were wondering, the relevance option lets you sort videos by rating, the number of views, upload date, and length and that’s swell.

Specialty BJ Massages

    Heard of BJs, right? Well, no one seems eager to talk about the fact that blowjobs are a form of erotic massages. Think about it for a while and you will see how right I am, since cocks in gullets get licked and massaged by mouth and throat muscles in much the same way that masseurs massage the bodies of their clients, with a happy ending being the goal!

    Now that I have put you all through my latest thought process, let’s talk about the everlasting beauty of the massage XXX videos on XVideos massage! Like I must have previously said, the content image thumbnails here just like everywhere else on XVideos are some of the best you will ever see. They have that sweet and classy look that never fails to trigger pre-cum production in my genitalia, and their quality, title, rating, the number of accumulated views, plus the site the videos came from are all listed.

    Sample titles take the form of the following: BBW Gets A Massage And A Cumshot, 18-Year-Old Teen In Happy Massage, Big Ass Mom Came For Massage, Asian Beauty Pussy-Fucked During Massage, Big Booty Latina Gives Amazing Cock Massage, and Thick Ass Wife Gets An All-Inclusive Massage After Working Out. The latter video has 50 million-plus views and is 13 minutes long. The thicc chick here has a fabulous ass and in the video, she’s being given a massage before the masseur decides to bury his face in her ass and eat her sweet meat for all he’s worth. Rather than slapping the impudent man back to the last century, the booty-blessed lady submits to what’s going on and lets him eat and fuck her in varied styles.

    The BBW Gets A Massage and A Cumshot video also slaps. In the video, a nude BBW is having her cunt, thighs, jugs, and stomach massaged by a professional who knows what he’s doing. Then she is fingered while her breasts are being sucked and you could almost swear that got her wetter than the River Jordan! At the end of the 9 minutes plus video, she got rewarded with a cum shot while lying on the massage table and looking for all the world like a freshly roasted Thanksgiving turkey!

    Now, for some reason, all videos on XVideos massage lack dates, and that of course makes the content update frequency a fucking mystery. There are zero playback issues, plus chill user options that lets you play videos on a loop, adjust the playback speed and quality, and either enable or disable auto bugger, preview image, and ratio auto. Ratings and comments are supported and there’s a working direct download link. That said, you can only download content in 360p to 240p quality, rather than in HD or Full HD quality.

What I Think Of XVideos Massage

    If you are after quality and peace of mind, few sites do that as well as XVideos. The site and its massage section are a delight, and my biggest pet peeves are the lack of a clear update policy, plus the live cam ads that clutter pages. Ignore that though and XVideos massage, as well as its mostly short but high-quality content, will be sending you over the moon so often your frequent flier miles are gonna make the rest of us peasants look like chumps!

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