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r/XsmallGirls Review

~ Pros ~

Possibly the prettiest subreddit ever

Big asf

Upload pace is sick

~ Cons ~

❌ Rules and regs up the kazoo

❌ Not all that much of an active place


    Most of us have a thing for seeing petite chicks take a cock that’s bigger than the telegraph poles of old. Seeing these horse dicks plunge into the tight twats of these petite wenches and go up their cunts and seemingly into their stomachs does a lot to get the heart pounding and the brain melting down with glee! Things get even better when it looks like a petite chick is being fed a cock that’s too big for her, and the cock in question gotta go on a cunt-tearing and cervix-smashing rampage!

    But having a thing for petite chicks can get you into some trouble. I remember a fella who got detained a while back by US immigration for having what looked like underage porn on his PC. But it turned out that the seemingly underage thot was actually a fully legal Latina pornstar. And then there’s the fact that our significant others and nosy family members finding petite XXX on our electronics might get them itching to call up the local pastor or social services and report us for wanking to what looks like child XXX. So yeah, small girl XXX might be more trouble than it’s worth, but that’s not gonna stop some fellas from fapping to that with a will and a beat!

    Now, here is my r/Xsmallgirls review, with this subreddit being tailored to petite cunts baring it all and doing the nasty. Read this review and weep ye leaky fellows!

Reddit Xsmallgirls Has All The Extra Tiny Cunts You Need!

    I’ve been on Reddit for longer than most of you have been getting erections, and I gotta say that Reddit Xsmallgirls has the most unique look ever. If not the best, it is at least in the top 3 best looking subreddit ranking. This subreddit feels more like a nightclub than anything else, and that takes some getting used to. But for sure, it is a sight for sore eyes, aching boners, and thirsty gullets dying for a cum drink!

    There is no special site logo or motto here, but the About Community box on the right does note that r/Xsmallgirls was set up in July 2012 and is all about pocket-sized sluts with tiny tits who have cunts that could do with a bit of ruthless cock hammering! Membership is a very respectable 1.6 million, and a merry thousand members were online for this review.

    Now, this subreddit has some extremely detailed rules and regs, and these are enforced by ten mods. No illegal content involving minors, your relatives and former significant others is allowed, nor is revenge porn. Ads and spam are in the forbidden zone, as are rude comments, strange titling of posts, exceeding the stated daily posting limit or deleting your post, plus karma farming, uploading of low-quality stuff, hardcore materials, or dick pics. Hell, even sex acts and penetration is forbidden here, as are images that focus on the genitalia, and that’s extreme because this ain’t no kindergarten.

Small But With Extreme Dick Appetite!

    The content update pace here is crazy and there’s no better word for it. And r/Xsmallgirls could well have the most rad update policy on all of Reddit and by a good margin too.

    Ur Little Texan Fuck Doll Needs To Be Filled Up, Play With My Juicy Ass Daddy, Small Ginger Loves Big Loads, Little Ass Wants Love, My Cute Titties Could Make You Cum In Seconds, I Can Fuck You Better Than Your GF Ever Could and Would You Fuck A 19 Yo Moslem Girl With My Body Type were among the hottest stuff at the time of this review. The Moslem girl post was all about a slim and petite chick with a truly fab body and great tits. If she is a Moslem for reals, I am gonna convert and fuck her to the altar and then marry 3 of her best friends, so we all can be having all-night orgies that slap!

    Y’all know my fondness for digging into top trending posts, and for sure, I am not in the mood to stop today. So, the top trending post of all time on r/Xsmallgirls is from 4 days before this review and titled Your Little Texan Fuck Doll Needs To Be Filled Up. This has 3.5K upvotes, which is pitiful for a subreddit of this size. But then, given that the post is just 4 days old, there’s still plenty of time for it to get more upvotes.

    Anyway, the Texan fuck doll in question is a pretty and petite chick who strips and shows off her cunt and boobs. Her tits are perfectly shaped small oranges that come with piercings, and she has one of those exceptionally fat cunts that stick out so much that it looks deformed. A pussy like that can get a fella into a lot of trouble, because they tend to be very soft and grabby. That means you won’t know when you nut in one and pour out sperm by the billion and then gotta pay child support for the rest of your life!

    Flat As A Board, But Would You Still Nail Me is next, and it has 2.9K upvotes. It was uploaded 27 days before this review, and 2.9K upvotes are mighty little, any way you look at it. In the post, a slim and nude chick writhes on a bed, with her coochie looking mightily inviting. Her cunt hole is big too, and I gotta wonder about the size of cucumbers and horse dicks that have been visiting that hole on the daily! It better be my turn soon, or I am filing suit!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/Xsmallgirls

    Reddit Xsmallgirls has some very impressive visuals and content, and the upload pace here must be record-setting. In light of the above, I can happily say that r/Xsmallgirls has what it takes to make all ye fap-loving bastards happier than a thot with a million in the bank and the biggest BBC in the world permanently attached to her cervix!

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