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XnxxForum Review

~ Pros ~

Part of the Xnxx Network, one of the worlds largest porn sites

It has tons of readable erotic articles

It also has a bunch of sex education material

  You can share and ask for porn content

It has millions of posts with a very active community

~ Cons ~

❌ It has some really restraining rules

❌ You gotta get used to that nasty blue background


    Is there anyone here who can honestly say that he/she has never visited XNXX.com? Let the person raise their hand and we will put them on a starship for a one-way journey to Pluto!

    Now, XNXX is plenty big. It is so big in fact that it has a forum where folks go to talk about their hidden and dirtiest desires and share all kinds of content.

    This forum is what we will be reviewing today and it is a blue-bound beauty if ever there was any! It is among the most visited forums on this green earth, with more than a million members who come online to play forum games and discuss sex, their sexuality, and general news…. Here's our site review.

Forum of Joy!

    ForumXNXX.com has the blue background of its parent porn website. That can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

    There are sign in and login tabs at the right of the homepage, with a search bar keeping them company. Main tabs include the Home, Social Groups, Rules, FAQ/Help, Recent Posts, and Quick Links. The rules in place forbid discrimination based on race or gender and ban both spam and pedophilia.

    Also at the right of the page are the newest posts. At the time we logged in, the newest posts were about North Korea firing projectiles into the sea, plus some pics of crossdressers and nude/half-nude images of some sexy babes, some of whom had flowers covering their more intimate assets.
Just beneath the newest post section is the forum statistics section. Do look at this if you want to know how active the site is.

XNXX Forum Matters

    ForumXNXX has a rather small homepage. This makes it a charm to navigate. The main homepage content is on the left and has just six sections. This includes the General Discussion, Pics & Movies Post, Sex Stories, Sexuality, Personals, and Forum Games section.

    All these sections seem to be very active, with comments being recorded from minute to minute. The General Discussion thread is not really where to go if you are looking for action. It mostly involves news and discussions of a non-xxx related nature with titles like The Loony Liberal Left, What Time Is Your Bed Time and The EU…What Will They Do?

    Each thread in this section and other sections as well is well organized, vertically no less. The views recorded so far, the last reply and by whom, plus the total number of replies are shown.

    The Pics and Movies section has quite a lot of pics, just about all of which could get your woody dancing a jig! We do like the Sex Stories section, where you can read an almost infinite variety of XXX-related stories and tips that are likely to turn you into a lion in the bedroom! The other three sections are full of games, requests to watch folks jerk off, or meet them somewhere close for sexual experimentation and the like.

    If browsing all six main sections is not your cup of tea, you can, of course, use the search box to filter out the content.

What We Think

    The site design and color are so dated we almost thought we woke up in the midst of the Y2K craze! However, ForumXNXX.com seems to have everything for everyone, from stories to games, pics, vids, news and more, all for free. Overall, we deem this site to be worth a look, though you might need to wash put your eyes with holy water afterward!

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