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XNXX Review

~ Pros ~

xnxx, XNXXMillions and millions of videos

xnxx, XNXXThe third largest free porn site in the world

xnxx, XNXXSuper easy to navigate if you just wanna get the job done

xnxx, XNXXTons of categories to pick the type of porn you want

xnxx, XNXXClearly identifies if the vid is 360-720-1080P

~ Cons ~ 

xnxx, XNXXThe occasional pop up or redirect

xnxx, XNXXWebsite design is super basic. 

xnxx, XNXXNot the fastest pagespeed score for mobile 68/100


    XNXX is a blue monster in the fapping universe! It regularly earns a top 10 place in any listing of the best and biggest XXX sites on the planet and has millions of vids to impress all types of fappers with. These and more are easily accessible for free, making XNXX one of the most iconic and recognizable porn sites the world has ever known and blessed with its cumming juices!

    There’s so much to see on XNXX.com, from photos to vids in all possible categories. In fact, we do believe a college dorm filled with avid fappers could easily jerk their meat all they like for a decade or so to new stuff. If their cocks don’t rot and fall off that is! … Kindly keep reading and see what our XNXX review has to say.

Blue Is The Color Of Fun!

    The biggest signature of this XXX site is its blue color. Almost everything here is blue to the point we suspect the site owner or admins have a blue fetish. We can just imagine them fucking a barrel of blue ink or something like that!

    The site otherwise looks like any other porn site. You get the usual video thumbnails on the homepage, plus loads of tags. To the left of the page is a pull-down tab with an extensive list of categories that a computer simulation or AI somewhere thinks you might be most interested in. You can expect to see categories like Big Ass, Family, Female Ejaculation, 18, Africa and Creampie,

    To the top right are options to change the default language, default porn selection, and default country. You can, for example, change the porn selection from straight to gay or trans. Changing the default country ensures you get the kind of porn that is relevant to that country.

    A search bar is at the top too and using this is a breeze, a cumming one by the way! Tabs include Best of, Hits, Tags, Pictures, Sex Stories, Forum, Pornstars and Games.

    The Forum seems to be as active as a nymphomaniac hooker, with topics ranging from games and movies to sex and sexuality. Whatever you do and whoever you do it to, you should really click the Pics tab. This has nude and non-nude images of both amateurs and pros taken in all kinds of environments. A single click is all you need to download these images and galleries and they play in a slideshow.

    As for the rest of the tabs, clicking Sex Stories gets you into a world of written erotic content. The Best Of has a choice collection of some of the best porn ever shot, just like Hits, while adult games can be found by clicking the Games tab.

Time To Fap

    Needless to say, XNXX has more videos than there are people in some European countries! And no, that is not an exaggeration.

    There are vids on the homepage and these are generally arranged in various categories. The African, Indian Teen, Big Ass, Massage, Celebrity, Cheating Wife and more categories are available.

    Each category has enough videos to keep you occupied for weeks, if not months. Videos do tend to be short. The embedded video player is a good one and can be used to tweak video quality, loop them, watch them in fullscreen and more. And yes, all vids have a one-click download option enabled.

What We Think

    XNXX.com has millions of hot smut from myriads of categories packed into its blue-veined scrotum! Updates here take place religiously and there’s so much content a cock could just decide to give up and not cum at all!

    Overall, XNXX goes down well, but its look is divisive and its vids tend to be shorter than the length of time a politician can be relied on after an election. And yes, we heavily recommend it.

    The nicest part is they won’t show you any ads on their homepage or later. I encounter no or very few ads on xnxx website. That’s the nicest thing other free porn sites like xnxx need to adopt.

    If you ask me about my xnxx review. Do I visit the website regularly; my answer will be yes. It’s free and with no ads. My internet bandwidth will not harm by bad ads, and i can enjoy smooth HD video playback and make my dream come true.