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Xmateur Review

~ Pros ~

Thousands of home made a amateur porn videos.

Well sorted categories sections.

Lots of AV models to choose from.

Videos are downloadable for free.

~ Cons ~

❌ Presence of re-directing Ads.

❌ Some videos are in low quality.


    Amateur porn videos has grown on a lot of serial flappers like myself, it gives that feeling of realness to a porn video and not some video were a hoe is faking orgasms with fake moans. Xmateur.com, even though it’s name is like a scrabble word for x-rated amateur porn videos, they seem to provide some interesting DIY porn videos at your finger tips.

    That’s why today, this amateur video porn site has landed on my inspection table and is getting a proper drilling to make sure this is a perfect porn site to keep you fapping and cumming in the right direction. Here’s my Xmateur review below.

Amateur videos that bring out the Pro fapper in you

    As the site homepage loads, a black background theme appears with purple highlights on the fonts. At the top of the page, you have the name of the site shining in purple and just below that is the search bar to locate any video of your choice available on the site. Xmateur so far looks like your standard porn site which you use for everyday jizzing but the uniqueness this site offers is that their porn videos are amateur videos and sex tapes.

    The videos give that personal touch like you’re somewhere hiding in their closet looking at the sex scene as you jerk off and jizz all over their clothes. Amateur porn videos have risen among my preference scale, where you see real ejaculations with orgasms and if you’re like me that loves cumming at the same time as them you’ll love this.

    Looking deeper and having a better feel of the site, it looks more like an Asian amateur video adult site, as most of their videos seem to be from the Asian variety. This is a plus for me cause I love this Asian models with tiny pussies and Iove the touch of realness from their amateur videos , just thinking about that is getting me hard asf.

Slicing through this site with my hard dick looking at Asian smut

    Back on the page, just below the search bar is the menu key right in the center just waiting on you to open it up and slide in. Clicking on the menu will open up a list of options that encourages you to get your fapping journey started.

    Among the options are latest, for the most recent videos uploaded on the site. This section of the site can be described as the x rated video buffet, there is a very large volume of videos in this section as videos are uploaded almost every hour on this site.

    While on the menu option you can check out most viewed videos, the most top rated videos of site which have been judge by other perverted fappers like yourself, and then you can slide into the porn chocolate factory through the categories tube.

    The site is centered around Asian videos but there is a whole lot of erotic categories to choose from to make your dick drool. From upskrit amateur videos to hidden camera videos you’ll get all the elements to make it seem as real as possible.

    Under each category thumbnail, the number of videos and approval rating is written below. So far the category with the most videos comes as no surprise it’s the category labeled Asian in which at the time of making this review there were 1,116 videos available in this category.

These thumbnails are freaking awesome

    Back on the homepage and continuing with our pat down. After scrolling down from the menu options, you probably need to clean your fingers from all that jizz as you click on your mouse. Immediately below there are various video thumbnails on display under the category “videos being watched”.

    The videos on the homepage were a lot, they had way more videos on their first page than most standard porn sites do but that’s not what got my pants down a second time. It’s how animated their thumbnails were, usually animated thumbnails give like a two second sneak peak into the video but here you get about a 7seconds overview of the whole video. This can be your 7seconds in heaven and you get to jizz to almost all the videos there with just their thumbnails if you’re as impatient as I am. After a long cumful journey to the bottom of the page you can access more videos by clicking on any of the numerous tags at the bottom of the page, there were divided into ethnicity, actions, attributes, age and scenario.

How The PornGuy concludes on Xmateur

    This site at first glance might seem basic and ordinary but on having a closer look Into the walls of the site I can say it has sweet spots that if you keep hitting will lead to the sweet release you so crave anytime you get on a porn site. Xmateur.com has a huge library of amateur videos and Asian content for any lover of those sort of videos. It’s surely worthy of you to check out and who knows turns you in to a professional fapper.

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