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Xlilith Review

~ Pros ~

You can download videos

They have diverse content

Attractive site design

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll have to watch an Ad before watching any video

❌ They mix their lesbian content with straight content


    I’ve got my Xlilith.com review cooking and you’re all invited. In case you didn’t know, The Porn Guy occasionally identifies as a lesbian because I love pussy as much as they do and I would like to be invited to the annual lesbian orgy if they can ignore my 12-inch hard cock.

    This site is for those among us who have a thing for lesbian smut. As you already know, a lot of these sites promise a lot of great content while delivering content that belongs in Godzilla’s wide asshole. We’ll see what xlilith offers.

Licking On Xlilith’s Clit!

    I got on the site and the dark theme background color was enough to pull me in some more. Apart from the Ads that show Live cam sex, it’s looking like this site would impress my dick well enough. Their logo has their name and a hot cartoon figure of a dominatrix. Hopefully, this site will continue to feel good to me because everything so far looks like it was made to impress me.

    The videos they were showing were under a category called ‘Videos Being Watched’. They didn’t really look that special to me but maybe I’m judging a book by its cover. Later on, I’ll be checking the videos out to see if they are in HD or worthy of a meat tug. I saw videos that had nothing to do with lesbian activity because there were two guys fucking one bitch.

    I went to the menu to look into the skirt of the site to make sure the two dicks I had to see were a mistake. I came for lesbian content and that means I only wanna see soft wet supple pussies for the entire length of time that I would be sticking my dick in the site. I went to their ‘Most Viewed Videos’ section and found even more dicks than I saw on the homepage. I’m starting to think this is not strictly a lesbian site.

    I went to the section named ‘Top Rated Videos’ and that’s the only part of this site that feels like being in a lesbian festival. Every single video that I have seen in that section had two female actresses fucking the shit out of each other. The only male I saw in a thumbnail was in a video where his “wife” got to fuck a female neighbor as soon as he and his dick left the house.

Sticking My Meat Into The Site’s Back Hole!

    I’ll be honest, I am not very impressed with this site because I expected to be the only guy on a site full of lesbian content but they’ve managed to show me so many cocks. That’s why I will be mostly checking out the section of the site that only shows lesbian content. That is where I will be checking out their videos and hopefully, I will release some of my pent-up anger about this site in the form of cum.

    The first video I chose to watch would be questionable to watch for some of you but for me? Nothing beats seeing a bitch take some pee in her mouth while the other girl looks happy to be giving her mouth a golden shower. There was also a lot of spit swapping so it’ll excite you if you’re a fellow freak. The only issue was when I had to watch a 5 second Ad to see the video I wanted.

    The next video that I found to watch had two tall classy-looking bitches in mini skirts fucking against some entrance doors. I’m not sure if both ladies had a kink for getting fucked against some hard wooden doors but I’m here to fap and not to judge them. The video was HD like the first one and the only issue I had was having to watch that long-lasting 5-second Ad.

    Before or while watching a video, you’re allowed to see screenshots so you’ll know what you’re getting your meat into. There is an option to download the video and that is exactly what I like to see. You’ll also be able to comment on the video you’re watching and fight online with any other fapper that disagrees with you about how tight the actress’s pussy is or how wide her gaping asshole was.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of xlilith

    I almost gave up on Xlilith when I saw too many dicks on the site but I was able to find the part of the porn site that is free of dicks. When I finally got to watch their lesbian videos, I was glad to see that they’re of high quality and I didn’t have to strain my eyes to see the content. They’ve gotten a recommendation out of me even though it’s not a full recommendation.

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