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XJaps Review

~ Pros ~

Free & no ads

Good range of content and categories

~ Cons ~

❌ Lame site design

❌ Wack range of user options

❌ Some deleted videos

❌ Unknown update schedule

❌ Ads

❌ Possibly illegal content

❌ Mostly short videos

❌ Average content quality


At the very least, you should be able to glean some information about a site from its name. With XJaps though, that’s hella hard and it shouldn’t be.

Yeah, it is a porn site or it would never have made it to my page. But having a lackluster name like XJaps doesn’t do it much good. Something like XCunt, XJapSluts, or XFuckingJaps as a site name would have been more attention-grabbing and communicative of the features and intentions of this site.

Rant over, here’s my XJaps.com review. Read it and weep or my cock might be seeing your asshole in a new light!

The Universe Has Plenty of Amazing JAV Sluts!

    Ever spent a few minutes contemplating the beauty of Mother Nature? Well, you should do something like that soon and this time do your best to see the many amazing wonders of creation by ogling squealing JAV sluts whose legs are spread wide while oak tree woodies batter their uterus to bits!

But let’s forget Mother Nature for a moment, though of course, begging that MILF for a dick suck now and then won’t hurt anyone! Yeah, she’s one sexy mama is Mother Nature and she knows it!

Now, XJaps has a cookie-cutter design. That means I have seen the same site design more often than I can count and I am by now pretty bored with it. It doesn’t cost much to come up with an original site design and I can’t help but feel a little bit sad that the owner and admin of this JAV site failed to do so. They better keep their ass covered while walking around town or something might happen to it!

So, the site here has a black background color and content thumbnails everywhere. These thumbnails are rather small, thereby making the site homepage look crowded and they have a title, runtime, and the number of views listed for all to see and do their best to marvel at.

There’s a site logo at the top left of the homepage, and a basic search bar a little way from it, as well as Home, plus Porn Categories links at the top right of the page. Amai Liu, Amateur Deepthroat Porn, Asian Blowjob, Big White Tits, JAV Family Porn, Mom and Son XXX, and Tattooed Thai Slut are some of the categories to be found in the Porn Categories tab, with the available categories filling up 2 ½ pages and arranged alphabetically. All these categories stripped of their thumbnails are repeated about halfway down the homepage.

Dunno if this is important, but the category page hosts categories that sound like they were taken from specific sites and that is the case. I am talking about categories like Upxskirt.com, WWW.Kanortube.com, and XXXCom. Why, there’s even an Amai Liu category and this shit does not make sense. What makes Amai Liu so special that she’s got a category all to herself but other sluts don’t get theirs? And rather than putting XXX sites as categories, wouldn’t it have been better to provide an XXX site or XXX studio page where content can be arranged by site or studio?

Anyway, the bottom of the XJaps.com homepage is rather bare, but there’s a Contact Webmaster link there that lets you say your piece to the site admin via Gmail. Actually, like half of the homepage is taken up with ads, with XJaps.com shilling itself on its homepage. That’s so stupid it could give stupid some advanced lessons, plus a gross misuse of screen real estate.

For sure, XJaps seems to have an aversion to reasonable and plentiful site features and I am about as happy about that as I would be sitting in my birthday suit on a pepper-smeared pestle!

Time To Raise Hell, A Dick Wag At A Time!

    XJaps has 149 pages of content and that’s not too bad. Most content sorting should be performed by enlisting the help of the Category tab. But there is an option at the top right of the homepage that takes you straight to the latest, most viewed, longest, popular and random videos.

Videos on the site are around 6 minutes long on average, with the longest exceeding two hours and twenty-five minutes. Because videos here lack dates, I can’t say what the update frequency is, but there does seem to be a steady flow of content.

For some reason -it is a JAV site after all!- not all content here is titled in English. Sample titles include Petite Japanese Babe Drilled In Bedroom, Yui Kasugano Amazing Porn Scenes, Slowly Fucking My Japanese Step Sister, Hot Mom Tomoka Sakurai Rides Cock In Hardcore, and Japanese Stepmom and Son In Horny Bath.

The Japanese stepmom flick mentioned above is uncensored, just like the majority of the smut on the platform. What drew my attention is that the JAV stepmom in this porn shoot has roughly watermelon-sized titties that almost reached her navel. These are full and juicy and the size and heft are rarely seen on Japanese and Asian chicks. In this 8-minutes long movie, the mom and stepson bathe for a while, before the stepmom starts sucking cock and getting fucked in a variety of styles. I just wish I had a stepmom like that!

Hope you know this site has upskirt content. Well, I am not sure how legal the upskirt content on XJaps.com might be, because they mostly appear to have been illegally taken while the subjects were unaware.

There are only 2 pages of upskirt content to be seen, and a lot of panties or unclad pussies to be acquainted with too. A few upskirt videos have been deleted, with the title and content thumbnail left on the site. The only way to know if an upskirt or any other video has been deleted on XJaps is to click on it or hover your cursor on it. Yeah, videos here have a preview function and any video that won’t preview is most probably deleted.

Anyway, available video quality varies and ranges from 360p to full HD. Adjustment of playback quality and speed is allowed and there’s a direct download link that seems to be on strike or something.

What I Think Of XJaps

XJaps is wack and there’s zero possibility of my recommending it in a million years.

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