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XhamsterVR Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design

Free downloads

226 pages of VR wanking material

Daily updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ No FAQ for newbies


    I guess I am not the only one that keeps confusing hamsters with bunnies. If you are like me, all you gotta remember is that hamsters tend to be rat-sized, while some rabbits are bigger than most house cats. Does that make sense to y’all? Then say thank you kindly and let’s hope PETA doesn’t see this explanation of mine, freaks out to the nines, and yells for me to be hung, drawn, and quartered at the crack of dawn! I swear, the fellas in that organization can be uptight and the best gift ever would be to send them boxes of vibrating butt plugs that would hopefully open up both their butts and minds!

    Anyway, I got a review to slap together. And the fucker I am looking over goes by the pretty name of XHamster VR. I got y’all attention on lockdown? Then check out this XHamster VR review and weep like wifey just packed a live hamster in your lunchbox!

Hamming It Up The Slutty Hamster Way!

    Y’all know what XHamster is about, right? Them fellas got solid cred and have been hosting porn well before Maria Carey was bending over for Nick Cannon to shoot his cannon in her canyon! Bitch has a fat ass too and God knows why Nick had to divorce her, when he could be waking up every morning to that fab booty a feet away from him and could plumb it all he liked and get it clapping for Jesus and all the saints!

    Anyway, like I was saying, XHamster got real cred and I am a frequent visitor, as my right hand can always testify! I am not reviewing the site itself, just the VR section, and by Jove, they got a phat-ass VR section that’s gonna get you yelling your ass off and rushing to buy the latest and greatest VR headsets.

    The VR page here does not look any different. But the user options differ from what’s available elsewhere on this site. The top middle has a search option you can use to search for videos, users, and photos, and over on the right is a language menu, plus login and sign up for free options. You can very speedily sign up via your Google or Twitter account. But doing so means your details will be discoverable and that can be embarrassing. So, I would suggest signing up with a fake email or something like that. Unless of course, you don’t give a shit what people think and don’t bother about being regarded around the block as the OG cock throttler who has a VR headset that costs more than a trip around the world!

    Want to get to the VR page but don’t know how? Then just go to the XHamster homepage, look around and just below the colorful header at the top of the page will be a quartet of options- All, HD, 4K, and VR. Tap the latter and you are in like Flynn!

    Available options to enhance the VR experience take the form of Quality, FPS, Angle, Dimension, and Duration. There are pull-down menus on all 5 options that let you adjust your experience as needed. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the VR page and there will be some trending VR channels that bear checking out.

    But one thing is missing. See, there are a lot of VR headsets out there, from the cheap ones you can buy for 10 bucks on Aliexpress, to the polished pieces of perfection that Apple, Vive, and other companies sell for thousands of bucks. What I was expecting here, was a quick way that folks who come to XHamster to watch VR content can know whether the headset they are using is compatible with the VR porn here. That shit is not available, and neither is a VR FAQ for those who are new to all things VR and I will take that to mean that XHamster VR supports all VR headsets, from Google Cardboard to Samsung Slitsweet and Vive Assclap!

Hamsters and Fucksters!

    XHamster has 226 pages of VR smut and that’s not a bad showing. Apart from the 5 pull-down menu options I talked about earlier, you can sort all 226 pages via category options on the left of the screen. Anal, Amateur, Handjob, British, Big Ass, Teen, Swingers, and that kind of stuff are there, plus an All Category link that when clicked will take you to the main category page, which lets you sort content by clothing, location, XXX equipment used, scenario, body type and more. You can also sort by Newest and Best videos.

    The Best VR free videos on this best VR porn sites at the time of this review include titles like Dutch Hottie Trixie Fox Begs You To Bang Her Needy Cunt Until You Cum Deep Inside, Tattooed Latina Slut Athena Rose Welcomes You To Experience Her Forbidden World Of Anal Pleasure, Incredible Latina With Big Ass Fucked Hard, Blind Date With Astonishing Mia Molotov Ends With Wild Fucking and Horny Brunette Maya Sinn Needs Your Throbbing Cock Deep Inside Her Wet Pussy. The latter had a mere 6-minute runtime and was set in a rather nice house. The featured chick was oval-faced, had great skin, small tits, and a fab ass. She sucked dick, got a doggy-style fuck, rode dick, and had a knack for looking all ravishing, while simultaneously acting like the dick in her had a direct connection to her gray matter!

    The Incredible Latina video had a 5 minutes runtime, with the chick being one of those full-breasted and big booty beauties you wanna tie up and fuck silly all weekend, till she had 3 cunts when she used to have just one! In the video, the Latina sucked dick, rode dick, and showed off her ultra-fab body. What would I give to make her my milkmaid, who’s tasked with taking me to the land of milk, honey and cumming joy on the daily!

    Now, if you are logged into this best free VR porn site, you can comment on videos, download videos to your VR headset or smartphone, add videos to your list of faves, and rate them. User options here are okay enough, and playback quality is acceptable and smoother than the cream dripping from a freshly drilled slit.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of XHamster VR

    This is an okay place. It won’t blow you out of the water with enough force to lodge a stone dildo in your ass, but all the basics and more are there and the VR content works as it should and is of good quality. Yeah, XHamster VR is worth a bookmark and only a steamed hamster in soy sauce would say no to it!

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