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XHamster Massage Review

~ Pros ~


Site design got swag

Tons of vids and regular updates

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads

❌ Short videos

❌ No direct downloads

❌ Lousy user options


    Xhamster has some pretty solid credentials. It is an OG with balls of steel and a top 20 porn site with more porn genres than there are hairs in your ass crack and bitches dying to fuck you into the next county!

    Of course, it has a massage  porn category and that is the target of this review. So ladies and gents, welcome to my Xhamster massage XXX review, and may it find you tight, sweet, and horny enough to fuck a cricket that just got delivered of triplets!

An Abundance Of Pussy-Loving Massages!

    There are 788 pages of massage porn on Xhamster massage, including almost 50 VR XXX videos and that’s more than enough to last you this life and eternity in heaven! The massage XXX here is as hardcore as any and professionally focused for the most part. Yeah, every pornstar that’s good at their job has at least one massage porn video and that means you gonna see a lot of popular XXX stars in the massage section having their cunts, cocks, and bodies massaged, before they are fucked silly or do the silly and uncompromising fucking!

    You might have noticed from my tone so far that I seem to like Xhamster. That I do, but this will still be an objective review and I am fully prepared to bend over Xhamster and fuck their colon out of their ears if they disappoint! Yeah, ThePornGuy does not play favorites, and that holds true even if you have a pussy that’s dripping with honey and got nothing better to do this week than to sit on my face!

    Now, the massage XXX section on Xhamster is quite attractive and has a white background. You can switch from the default day mode to a night mode by clicking a pull-down menu at the top right of the page. A search bar is provided at the top middle of the page, with options at the right also letting you choose from different languages and countries. Login and signup tabs are present too and you can sign up for free at any time.

    At the top left of the page is the site logo and this is the famous hamster that looks like it is surprised by the entrance of a BBC into its anal region. Poor thing! Next to this logo are options that let you switch the XXX orientation of the smut you are looking at, from the default straight XXX to gay or trans porn. But I wouldn’t click that option if I was you. Rather than bringing up videos of gay and trans folks engaged in massage sex, such options just show them doing their thing and fucking each other silly.

    The sorting options here take the form of a box at the top right that’s just above the massage XXX video thumbnails. You can click on this box to select from All, HD, 4K, and VR porn only. Trending, Newest, Recommended, and Best Video sorting links are provided, as well as options that let you sort all 788 pages by video length, and producer. There are also clickable tags like Massage Cumshot, Asian Massage, Nuru Massage, Indian Massage, and Fantasy Massage. I checked, but there was nothing like ThePornGuy massage and the Lord knows I could use something like that tonight!

    Related XXX categories like Erotic, Nipples, 69, and Masseur are listed near the bottom of the massage XXX page, plus related channels and XXX stars.

Hamster-Sized Sexiness!

    If I was ranking the Xhamster Massage page, then I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. It looks great, especially in its default setting, but there are some ads at the top and bottom of the page, including live cam show thumbnails that are easy to mistake for massage XXX video thumbnails. Stuff like that makes it look a little shady.

    Now, of the 788 pages of massage porn on Xhamster massage, 602 of them contain videos of 10 minutes or less duration. That tells you that the average video length is around 6 minutes. Hopefully my calculation is correct because I suck at math, unless it is a pair of balls or tits we counting!

    The update policy here is good with tens of videos almost every day. Sample titles include Massage Therapist Lexi Summers Is Fucking Client, Hot Nude Happy Ending Massage From Athletic Girl, My Stepfather Is My Massage Client and Voluptuous MILF Offers Herself For Massage Practice. The latter video has been viewed 1.5 million times and has a 99% approval rating. It is just 10 minutes long and maxed out in HD quality.

    The video starts with a blonde MILF stripping and getting on a massage table.  She truly is a MILF, with a body so hot it makes lava jealous, plus curves in abundance. After a few minutes of being massaged, she helped her masseuse take off his clothes and sucked him. The fella furiously fingered her for a while, before drilling her in the missionary and doggy style, while she made faces and mewled like her ovaries were being harvested with a fork!

    From the video above I jumped straight to another titled Mz Dani Is Ready To Fuck The Next Guy To Look At Her. This too had a 99% approval rating, as well as a total viewership at the time of this review of almost 3.5 million. Unlike the other video, this one had a full HD option and looked better for it.

    Mz Dani turned out to be a blonde BBW with a sex drive that could take us to another galaxy if only we could find a way of tapping it! In the video, she goes to the black dude who’s her masseuse. He steps out for a while, only for a thin white dude to take over, finger Mz Dani, and have his cock eaten and washed in her cunt juices.

    Yeah, he fucked her in the doggy-style position and she rode him for several minutes. That must have been dangerous because she weighed like 4 times what he did! I guess her fat cunt must have been worth the risk, so kudos to her and him for his bravery!

    So, the video quality of Xhamster massage varies from HD to full HD. There are 4K videos too, but they represent a very insignificant portion of all videos. Playback options are fair and there are no issues when playing videos. Members can comment, rate videos, and add them to their list of favorites, while anyone can share them. Unfortunately though, there is no direct download link and that sucks pig ass!

What I Think Of Xhamster Massage

    The site and its massage XXX section look good and the quantity of smut is more than praiseworthy. That said, quality is often lacking, ads are too in-your-face and most videos are under 10 minutes long.

    So, I would say that Xhamster massage is worth watching, but not good enough to recommend and that decision wounds me to the depths of my non-existent soul!

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