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XFree Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design


Free downloads

Caters to both the straight and gay niche

Extensive language support

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ No advanced search


    Well, only adults are allowed at XFree. And that ladies and gents is a good indication that everything on this planet, freedom included, has limits. Yeah, limitless freedom has too much potential to turn us all into mindless beasts who exist to eat, wank, sleep, and play fetch with the varied internal organs of the ladies!

    Now, XFree is a porn site that puts it all out there. This is not the kind of place you visit while at work, not if you want to keep your job and keep the missus dressed in mink and ever ready to cum like a popped champagne bottle!

    Here is my XFree.com review. The name of the game is to read it and weep and make not a peep when it causes a leak!

All Good Cocksuckers Belong In My Will!

    See, my self-control is not as it once was and it nearly slipped out of my grasp when I went to the XFree.com homepage and saw that quite a few of the content thumbnails had images of very fine chicks with cocks in their fists or mouths. Sights like that are what my therapist had been warning me to beware of and God knows what would have happened had I not managed to chain up my oak tree woody before it had a chance to do some damage to my right fist and work desk!

    Now, XFree is not a bad-looking porn site. Scratch that. It has a charming and open look and while it is not the most colorful is still thoughtfully arranged.

    There is a site logo on the top left and below it is a list of playlists. This caters to varied genres like fetish, extreme, everything big, and beauty, and clicking on any will load up the screen with content you can scroll through. Below this playlist is a selection of popular videos and they for some reason lack titles. All that’s featured is the number of views each has and that means you can easily find out the kind of content other fuckers have been most interested in lately and stressing their cumming system with.

    Over at the top right are the main user options. They include a basic search bar, a tag option that loads up the main page with tagged content, a notification icon that only works if you are logged in, a login option, and an upload button. Beneath all these is a selection of categories like Cumshot, Anal, Big Booty, MILF, Public Flashing, and Face Mask and you can switch the categories from straight to gay or all. It is set to straight by default though, but if you want gay-related categories, no one is stopping you. And for some reason, switching to the gay niche brings up a language menu, with 7 languages in total being supported. I guess the gays have it easy here!

    As expected, it does not take long to be a card-carrying member of this site and it is done for free too. Once in, you can supposedly upload content and earn cool cash and while that sounds very interesting, I feel a need to swallow information like that with a spoonful of salt and can’t help but wonder if your bowlegged ex is willing to send me her nudes for XFree uploading purposes! She better agree to the deal too, or I will make her family acquainted with exactly what you two were up to for a year plus that got her knees knocking together permanently!

Free To Cum At Last!

    Like I said, I love the site design on XFree. On the homepage, you have a selection of popular videos on your left and XXX categories on your right and you can’t go wrong with that, or be denied inspiration as to the kind of porn you gotta cum to on your horny days when neighborhood pussies are giving you a wide berth and the only your right hand is up to the task of saving your sanity!

    However, it is shitty that the videos on the left of the homepage do not have some sort of playback option. Like you can’t hover your cursor on them and make them play a bit. That means you gotta rely on the image on these videos for an indication as to what they are all about and that’s as inefficient as letting your sister marry a fella with a micro dick who only gets hard when he watches videos of ducks doing it!

    Anyway, I clicked on a video thumbnail that showed a chick tied up with one leg in the air. That video turned out to have a 17:47 minute runtime and the beautiful 4-eyed chick gets tied up for real on a wooden floor with no furniture in view and has her cunt zapped and fingered enough times to give Thanos a migraine! Ah, to have a girl in a position like that and not fuck her bladder out of her mouth and her eyeballs out of her rectum!

    The Facemask category was empty as fuck, but given my appetite for sweet things, I decided to head to the Beauty section and was I glad I did! There are some serious beauties there and would you know it, they have a serious cock hunger that’s a little concerning to see!

    One video in particular had over 1.2 million views and a run time of 3:26 minutes. On show was a supermodel type with small but perky tits, blond hair that reached the top of her perky behind, and legs that might have been taken from a daddy longlegs! This babe spent much of her time riding a dick and giving it a bit of loving with her feet and she had one of those puckered pussies you just know is gonna feel like honeyed syrup when you put your cock in it!

    Now, playback options on this porn site let you vary the video speed and activate the picture in picture mode. One-click downloads are also supported and videos generally play without issues. Videos can be shared on social media too and runtime varies very widely. As for content quality, it is acceptable, but not class-leading.

What I Think

    XFree looks nice, has swell content, and rocks a free download option that most other sites have never gotten around to implementing. There’s also the option to earn money by uploading content and with that in mind, I gotta say this porn site has its shit together and is worth fucking with, raw and hardcore no less!

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