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XFantazy Review

~ Pros ~

xfantazy, Xfantazy

A few million videos

xfantazy, Xfantazy A decent amount of tags to choose from

~ Cons ~ 

xfantazy, Xfantazy

Cant select the video quality you want or preferred length

xfantazy, Xfantazy Non HD videos don’t show the screen resolution

xfantazy, Xfantazy “channels" tab doesn’t even bring you to real porn network channels 

xfantazy, Xfantazy Click bate video look alikes are hidden within the videos

xfantazy, Xfantazy Super basic looking site with shitty functionality

xfantazy, Xfantazy The videos do not have a rating system 

xfantazy, Xfantazy An ad plays after EVERY video you select

xfantazy, Xfantazy Switched website name from Fantasy to Fantazy 


    What is your wildest sexual fantasy? Maybe a gangbang with 100 women or a thresome with 2 hot chicks! With this in mind, introducing you to xfantazy, who’s videos will inspire more.

    The Xfantazy.com is a free porntube with massive collections of SD and HD videos. They have a good responsive website for both desktop and mobile.

    Since i mentioned earlier, they have a huge collection of videos. When I visited the website the number of videos on the site was around 2.5 million and they are increasing day by day with regular uploads by the officials and users.

    To get xfantazy videos as per your taste, you can use their tag function or search function to get more prominent results for your choice. Similarly, you can browse from xfantazy category, which also provides you nice collections of SD and HD videos according to the topic.

    Also, you can short the videos as per the length, popularity or upload date. This is another way to reach the better contents, that you should use for your personal satisfaction.

    From the channel section, you can browse lots of videos, and there are lots of channels that could be likable by you.

    Now for the website build, it’s based on the dark theme, so it’s more satisfying for our eyes when we all are trying to find a suitable porn video for our consideration. That’s said, you can easily browse through the website without encountering numerous ads.

    Yes, the number of ads is less for this website. That’s maybe due to they also offer premium memberships with the free membership. Surely you can create a free account on this website to do more, but I think, without an account, there is no miss anyway.

    Sadly, there are no dedicated pages for xfantazy pornstars. You may search a pornstars name on the search bar to get all the videos, but the process should not be repeated multiple times.

    Being an xfantazy free account holder, you can use the xfantazy tube like the person doesn’t have an account. Surely, creating an account on the porn website is potentially dangerous with your personal email id.

    When you are satisfied with xfantazy free videos, and want to perform the xfantazy download, simply use a browser extension for that. This way you can save and achieve the xfantazy free download, which is not supported for free account holders.

    Certainly, for xfantazy review, i can say that sites like xfantazy are tough to find. You will find pleasure from it when you are feeling alone and need a total of 2.5 minutes, LOL!