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xfantasy porn site

XFantazy Review

~ Pros ~

A few million videos

A decent amount of tags to choose from

~ Cons ~

❌ Cant select video quality or length

❌ Non HD videos don't show the resolution

❌ Click bate video look alikes

❌ Super basic looking site & shitty functionality

❌ The videos do not have a rating system

❌ An ad plays after EVERY video you select

❌ Switched website name from Fantasy to Fantazy


We all have been busy these last few weeks waiting for Santa to give us presents for being so naughty and it is time we got back to work and buckled down to earning our daily bread that’s liberally buttered with a good spread of cum! With that being the case, here's my Xfantazy.com review. Yeah, the site does sound like a two-bit online slot game with a sorta x-rated theme but it is a porn site in words and deeds. Have at it!

The Ultimate XXX Fantasy Of Them All!

    Whatever fantasy Xfantazy is selling, it is not doing a very good job of it, at least judging by the very average site design and features. This is the kind of pornsite you don’t need a wizard to go into a trance and tell you it was composed on a shoestring budget, and is probably owned and operated by a 20 something-year-old fella whose erect cock has never exceeded one and a half inches!

The first noticeable thing about the site is its background color. This is a kind of grey and feels about as welcoming as a kick to the balls by an embittered dyke! There’s some space at the sides of the homepage and the center is occupied by video image thumbnails of XXX categories like JAV, Big Tits, Celebrity Porn, Spanking, Arab Porn, and Footjob.

There’s an About Us at the bottom of the homepage and it doesn’t appear to have been written or edited with any particular care or skill. And this together with the very ordinary page design makes the whole site look as amateurish as a virgin whore the first night out that she has to spread her legs for money!

Login, Signup, and Premium tabs are at the top right of the homepage. Signing up is free and requires just an email, while shelling out for the premium package allows access to higher quality content, plus unlimited downloads from Xfantazy and thousands of other sites. The price is $21.95 monthly if you are paying for a single month and less than that if you opt for the 3 month or 1-year package.

Lest I forget, the homepage also hosts a site logo and below this is a search bar, plus tabs and categories. The tabs are Top Videos, Categories, All Tags, and Channels. The All Tags tab hosts an exhaustive and alphabetical selection of tags, and both the Top Videos and Categories tabs mostly do what they say on the tin. The Channels tab is however an outlier.

There are actually no channels there. Instead, you get what looks like category titles, like JAV Uncensored, Pantyhose, Webcams, Solo, Superheroes Parody, and ManyVids Collection. Needless to say, you cannot subscribe to these “channels.” Click on any of them and they will bring up a good collection of related porn.

Additionally, Xfantazy says it has over 2.3 million videos. There is however very little evidence of that and if I were you I would take such a claim with a good helping of sea salt and herbs!

Gotta say that Xfantazy is one of the most amateurish, if not the most amateurish site I have ever had the misfortune of reviewing. A site like this has no excuse for existing in the 22nd year of the 21st century and the site admin needs to go back to the drawing board and focus on improving all aspects of operation.

Amateur Fucks Never Lack!

    We are here for porn reviews, right? Well then let’s get right to it because I am not feeling this particular fantasy site!

Remember the small collection of categories that are just beneath the main tabs on the homepage? One of them says Amateur and I clicked on this, with sample titles being stuff like Fucked In The Changing Room, Indian Boyfriend Fucks The Babe Hard, Daddy Making A Mess Before Sex, and Tied Up & Fucked.

Videos on Xfantazy have a preview function and just the title and runtime are stated. Most videos exceed 10 minutes and video downloads are for Premium members only and only such members can watch videos of high quality. Videos tend to load fast and play smoothly and the embedded video player is a basic one. Descriptions are also provided, but these seem to have been written by a brain-damaged non-native English speaker!

Dates are not listed on site videos. That means I do not know how frequently or otherwise they add new stuff to their collection. But I suspect the content update frequency is quite low and that is mainly because this site has all the hallmarks of being a one-man operation and not a very dedicated man at that!

I of course wanked to a few videos here and one of them was Beautiful Girl Painful Anal Sex. This video was somehow obtained from Pornhub Premium and can only be viewed in 360p, though members on the Premium plan can watch it in higher quality.

It is 13:45 minutes long and opens with a guy reading a note from his supposed girlfriend informing him that she has a surprise waiting. He goes into the bedroom to see the girl with her hands tied with a bow. She’s wearing a negligee with no panties underneath and is a pretty, thin, and flirty chick who gets right to work sucking his cock.

Later on, she gets bent over the bed and fucked in the ass, before lying down with her legs over her head, and her butthole forcefully expanded by the thrusting cock of her partner. She was later flipped on her stomach and drilled and contrary to the title seemed to be enjoying every bit of this fuckathon, though her poor asshole might have a different story to tell you!

What I Think of Xfantazy

Xfantazy is not worth wasting a single brain cell over. It is easily the worst pornsite I have seen this year and one of the worst ever and simply does not meet any kind of expectations.

So, pay it no mind and lavish all your love on that mighty right hand of yours!

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