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x babe porn site

Xbabe Review

~ Pros ~

Simple website layout

Photo content is available

You can stream videos

Video quality is 720p

Variety of categories

It’s free

~ Cons ~

❌ You have to register before streaming every video.

❌ Only 6 new videos were uploaded in 24 hours


    When I first heard of Xbabe, it reminded of my ex-babe that broke up with me because of my addiction to fapping. And really, Xbabe filled some sexual vacuums left by my ex-babe. Something about the site makes you feel that it hasn’t been around for long, but who cares if a porn site is older than the United States, or as young as a 3-month-old baby, as long as it dishes out high-quality porn videos? And you’ll love how simple the site looks. Visit it, and you’re already jerking off in less 2 minutes. There are numerous categories of porn clips. Even if you’re a difficult-to-please sex freak, you should find what you like among the video clips.

    I love how some of the categories are displayed on the homepage – Mom Porn, Teen Porn, Anal Porn, Solo Girl Porn, Big Ass Porn, and Japanese Porn. And Japanese Porn could very be categorized as Asian Porn. You also have the options of exploring Live sex cam videos. In all, there are 50 categories of porn videos that can help you fap around or jerk off.

Jerk off 70,000 videos!

    As at the last time I checked, xBabe has up to 30,000 photo albums and 77,000 videos, and I know that the figures will continue to increase. Some of the most recent clips are displayed on the homepage. The lengths of the videos are about 4 – 15 minutes. Being someone who easily gets tired of watching the same people fuck each other for long, I prefer short clips. Rather than watch a single 12-minute sex video, I’d rather watch 3 different 4-minute clips. And am sure there are many fapping assholes like me who prefer shorter clips.

    However, there are two sides to a coin. Short clips have one major fuck-up. Several sex scenes are often cut off. I recently watched a 5-minute massage-sex video on the platform. The massage guy was massaging around the pussy of his client, and I was enjoying it until I just found the guy’s dick in the slut’s mouth suddenly! No, I didn’t blink! I guess what happened in-between was cut off to reduce the length of the video. Am sure you would have loved to watch how the massage gradually snowballed into the dick-in-the-mouth “abracadabra.” And “my guy” that was raising its head while I was watching the video, just went soft. Literarily. That takes the number of disappointed viewers to 2.

    And if you love a particular video, you can stream it into your personal collection of sex videos, but there’s a little twist. xBabe does not have a video of its own. All the videos are uploaded from different channels. And you’ll have to join the channel that uploaded the video that you want to stream. Did you just say that’s not a problem with that? I’m not talking about a one-time registration here! It means if you have to download 5 videos from 5 different platforms, you’ll have to register 5 times! If you’re cool with that, I’m not. Signing up several times will eat up a large chunk of my fapping time.

    The videos start to stream in 360p but they can be tuned up to 720p in the settings. The albums are great too. However, I don’t dwell much on albums on porn sites. Dudes don’t give a fuck about pictures, and neither do I. Do you? I focus more on the real deals. I checked this site twice in 2 days, and I wasn’t impressed with the number of new additions. Only about 6 videos were added after 24 hours. Well, 6 isn’t a bad number, but I know many porn sites that do way better.

    Here's another thing I don’t like about the videos. Each video starts with an ad, and you have to wait for 5 seconds before you can skip or close the ad. Com’ on, I didn’t come

Fap on your favorite pornstars!

    This is what most porn sites don’t offer. There are reviews about popular pornstars on the platform. You can check out the wild, ready-to-kill pornstars, read about their backgrounds and check out their nutty videos on xBabe. Some of my favorite pornstars on whom I wank are Nikki Daniels, Stacy Shey, Dani Daniels, Abigaile Johnson, and Jessica Mazury. The thought of digging Nikki Daniel’s hole for crude is enough to get “the man down there” standing at attention, and maybe popping.

xBabe’s home to 1.6 million fappers like you

    According to a reliable source, xBabe gets about 54,000 wankers and wannabe fappers daily, and that amounts to 1.6 million monthly sex freaks. Although several porn sites get much higher traffic, considering the age of the site, the number is impressive. And I doff my hat.

You can easily fap your way through

    The website went live in 2019. And you can easily navigate your way through. I can tell you that it’s ideal for dudes who can’t wait to jerk away. Although its desktop version is fast, it can still be faster. Many porn sites do better than an average load time of 5.14 seconds. That’s enough time for a standing boner to shrink in disappointment. You’ll enjoy the mobile version better because it gallops like a racehorse.

    Although the site is said to originate from Germany, its language is English. Well, I can’t be too sure. Maybe the display language is location-specific. You know I’m accessing it from a location where English is the official language. Maybe if you access it from Germany or other non-English speaking countries, the language will change from English. WTF am I saying? Do we care about language? All we want is action and moaning. After all, all cunts speak the same language when pummeled by a long, hard, wicked dickie.

What I think of Xbabe

    As a fapping addict, I’ll rate the porn site high as it gets the job done. Its videos cut across Black, White, Asian, and Latina sluts. I love the simplicity of the website and the numerous categories. You can make Xbabe your only porn site and you won’t miss much in the boners-hammer-slits world.

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