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WorldStarHipHop Review

~ Pros ~

The site is very easy to use

There’s more content than you can count

No visible Ads to be seen

~ Cons ~

❌ You might be distracted by their numerous features

❌ No option to download videos


    WorldStarHipHop.com, the one site that you can check out for the first time and you will not be very shocked to see your grandmother dragged by her gray pussy hairs during a fight with another senior citizen in the mall for the last cookie ingredients that she wanted to make before you came visiting.

    Today, The Porn Guy in all his magnificence will be looking at this site and their infamous Ratchet videos section to see if there are enough quality videos of women and men that are acting out-of-pocket live on camera and if this site is worthy of you having that guilty wank while watching that video of your grandma absolutely manhandled by that fellow senior citizen in the video. So join me on this journey or I’ll just have to punish you by jizzing in your ears and shaking your head till you finally get some sense.

Diving Into Some Ratchetness!

    WorldstarHipHop is pretty well known by everyone around the world with a taste for some good old drama and news that isn’t gonna add one bit of value to your life. There is literally a shit ton of viral videos and news to see once you’re on the homepage. You’ll see a section solely created for looking at what’s currently trending and your favorite celebrity if they got kicked up the pussy by another lady wearing some pointy high heels. My target today is the ratchet video section since that’s where all the craziest and funniest perverted shit is supposed to be awaiting me.

    I am finally inside the ratchet section and by the time I am done I better be cumming like a man released from solitary confinement into the Playboy mansion after I’m done seeing the ratchet shit here that you would normally only expect Florida man to be doing. Before I can even get to see that, I can’t help but see the site is trying its best to make me get their app.

    That’s truly crazy as shit to me because I am definitely not gonna be downloading that shit now that they’re trying to force me into it. The rest of the other options close are for contacting them and advertising with them in case you’re sick of being bored and lonely and you want to advertise your dick so your very own ratchet hoe can come spice up your life.

    Below that there are little tags that probably have nothing to do with ratchet behavior. I’ve confirmed that those little tabs don’t have anything to do with this ratchet section and that’s funny as hell because I could’ve sworn that it did after seeing; Street Fight, Girl Fights, Kim Kardashian, and Drake have their very own tags dedicated to them right here.

    I guess I don’t have to beat around the bush anymore since I am trying to beat my meat instead to the funny ratchet shit they have here. So I’ll be diving dick-first into this section. And it better not disappoint me!

Live, Laugh, Live On WorlstarHipHop

    The first 2 videos they are showing me assure me that I am indeed in for some ratchet behavior. The first is a video of a chick that is out in the streets getting dry-humped by a dude that looks like he hasn’t seen any action since his mother shat him out of her pussy. They’ll normally show you how many other users have viewed this video so you’ll see if it’s worth pulling out your meat and joining the bandwagon or not.

    The second video is, even more ratchet shit going on because there’s a homeless guy and a chick in what looks like the worst tent I have ever seen, they are also out in the streets fucking in doggy style while innocent bystanders are passing by taking in the sights alongside some trauma that their therapist would charge them in lots of rim jobs or whatever they get paid with to fix their mind after it has been dragged through the trenches.

    Videos load smoothly here but I was a little disappointed since there is no way to download a video for future wanking purposes. The videos are high quality sometimes but at other times it’ll look like it was filmed from inside the dirty asshole of the person filming. So the quality would largely depend on whether the original device that was used was a high-grade device. So prepare your fingers for lots of crossing because trust me, you’re definitely gonna be needing that.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of This Site

    With my WorldstarHipHop review, I’ve seen that it may not be for everybody but if it is indeed what you’re into, then this would be like getting to fuck a sweet honeycomb without any of the bees inside to sting the living shit out of your poor dick. The site itself is easy to navigate if you don’t get too carried away checking out the other shit they’re trying to get you to see like their featured videos where we can see rappers that should’ve settled for a nice career flipping fries in McDonalds.

    Overall, it’s a decent enough site if you aren’t super picky and I wouldn’t hold back my audience from diving there once in a while.

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