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WhoresHub Review

~ Pros ~

Lit and free with no ads

Super dope vids 

Full length content

Very clean and user-intuitive site design

Model bio pages

~ Cons ~

❌ A few odd quirks, but nothing major


    Calling a woman a whore these days no longer has the shock value it did a few decades ago. And there are even women who proudly describe themselves as whores and don’t mind getting fucked live on national television by a hippo and a rhino to prove that fact! The world sure has changed!

    Now, the above rant is mostly inspired by a smut center I ran across a few weeks ago. It goes by the name of Whoreshub and I think it sounds better than Pornhub, XVideos, and a few other XXX sites. But can it match the heavies when it comes to content and features? Let’s go see in this Whoreshub.com review.

Big Booty Whores Want Big Ass Cocks!

    See, if you are a proud whore, I don’t wanna hear a single word of complaint when your twat is being choked by a BBC! Just shut your trap, open your legs wider and prepare to get fucked till you are incontinent for the rest of your life, and don’t even think of protesting this treatment if you know what’s good for ya! You are a whore, aren’t you? Then be nice to the big dick that’s trying to prove your credentials!

    Now, Whoreshub.com has a surprisingly good site design. It is not fancy, but looking at it can get you smiling like a fool that got told he’s the best ass sucker on his side of the continent!

    Virginal white is the background color here and that’s a smart choice. The homepage does look a little crowded, but it is easy to overlook that and focus on the many video image thumbnails showing a variety of XXX stars at work in cunts and on cocks alike!

    The site logo lounges at the top left of the homepage and it is a woman in a red dress who looks like her slit is afire and she couldn’t be bothered to give a sniveling fart! Next to this are three red bars of equal size that when clicked open up options that let you choose all videos or HD ones only, as well as the latest, most viewed, and top-rated content. It also allows access to a few popular tags like amateur, solo, masturbation, and hardcore.

    The very top also hosts a longish but basic search bar, an Upload button, and a dark mode button, plus login and sign-up tabs. I tried to sign in here and got a confirmation link in my email that indicated it was successful. I clicked on this, but a look around the new Whoreshub.com page I was on indicated I was not actually a member. Thinking my Gmail might be acting up, I registered again using another email, only to face the same issue. So, it is either the signup button does not work here or the site admins hate me enough to bar me from registering. If the latter is the case, all I can say is that I am pissed off. So pissed off in fact that a wet pussy is gonna have a hard time containing my anger later this evening! Anyway, membership makes you able to upload content and view private content.

    Fuck the admin-whores at Whoreshub in their hairy and cock-gobbling ass, but in the meantime, I’m gonna do my best to make the rest of this review a professional piece of work. Now, the site does not lack when it comes to tabs. Apart from the few mentioned earlier, the main tabs here include Home, Videos, Categories, Tags, Albums, Models, Channels, Porndude, Live Sex, Playlists, and Community. The latter is mostly hidden because there’s no space for it on a PC screen. Click it to eyeball the most active members, plus new private videos and albums. These are pretty good actually.

     The first few pages of the Playlists tab have content with a 100% approval rating and the tab itself is content-filled, while both the Porndude and Live Sex tabs do what they say. No, you won’t see the Porndude fucking a he-goat in the Live Sex tab, but nice try!

    Then we come to the Channels tab. There are no actual porn channels here. What’s present is a small list of categories and tags like Asian, Rough Sex, POV, and Big Boobs. But the Models tab delivers where it matters. Asa Akira, Apolonia Lapiedra, Megan Salinas, Anya Ivy, Rio Hamasaki, and Uma Jolie are just a sample of the models here, most of whom have a bio and/or statistics page. If you are logged in, you can subscribe to the feed of these models, but they are of course not the ones running their bio pages.

    Up next is the Albums tab. It has a pull-down menu and is set up in such a way that you can only access top-rated or most viewed albums. And if you don’t want either type, you can go French-kiss the king cobra at the local zoo! There are just 3 pages of top-rated and most viewed albums though and that’s not enough to justify the stress of accessing these slutty pieces of nude art. Worth noting is that there are a lot of private albums and accessing these without being signed in is impossible.

    Expect to see loads of tags and categories in their respective tabs and the Video tab does enough to earn its keep. The pull-down menu on this particular tab allows access to the latest, top-rated, and most viewed clips. What it does not do however is let you see all videos. That does not make sense.

    I would say that this is a swell-looking site with a nice but not exceptional array of sorting options. There are strange quirks though, like tabs that don’t properly fit on a PC screen and lack of access to all videos and all albums. Blame an evil spirit for that!

Whores At Work

    There are times when I regret not being born with a pussy. Sure I got an asshole, but it is not the same thing!

    Pussies, as most of you know, are virtual money-printing machines. If you have a slit, you don’t need to show it off to get guys sniffing after you and offering to give you money if you let them see what your pussy looks like and even more money if you will let them dig up your past, present, and future with the biggest boner they have at home! Yeah, it pays to have a pussy for sure! And it pays even more when you know how to milk every dollar from that bleeding slit!

    Now, like I said before, there are a lot of video image thumbnails on the site homepage. These are of average size, but give off a quality color and can be previewed. On the homepage, the most recent video image thumbnails come first, followed by the top-rated and most favored ones. Near the bottom are image thumbnails of the most viewed categories, plus a small list of categories.

    An impressive number of videos on this platform are full-length, or at least longer than average, while tens of videos are added daily. Here are some top-rated video titles- Submissive Dana Vespoli Takes A Big Dick, I Love Pounding My Babe’s Asshole From Behind, and Horny Slut Violet Starr Tries Anal, with the latter two videos being over an hour long.

    Anyway, I ended up fapping first to a video whose title said Valentina Nappi Vs Long Snake. It is from Blacked and the quality is adjustable from a lowly 360p to 2160p. That’s 4K for you dummies!

    Valentina plays a horny chick who seduces a hard-faced black guy and gobbles up his long snake, while also letting her snatch taste this very sweet piece of black meat! Dunno why, but this 26-minutes long video was exceptionally erotic. Maybe it had to do with seeing white-bread four-eyed sluts with fat asses getting dicked down as they deserve, or maybe I am just a fella who loves seeing beautiful women make sweet love to a cock with their mouths!

    So, apart from being able to adjust video quality to your taste, you can rate, download, share, report, comment, and get screenshots of videos, but most of these options are only possible if you are a card-carrying member. And oh, videos load super-fast with zero playback issues and they invariably max out at full HD or 4K, quality-wise.

What I Think of WhoresHub

    Whoreshub is a hella name to give a site and the content here is hella impressive quality-wise, with loads being full-length. I love this pornsite like the boner-cuddling pervert that I am and you should too!

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