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WhatBoysWant Review

~ Pros ~

A simple website design

The site is not too difficult to navigate

It contains an active forum

There is no spam on this site

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many short-length videos


    Nobody really understands what women want. They are so complex that I am convinced women don't even know what they want. But men are not that difficult to understand. This adult website seems to believe they know what boys want. I can't say the content of this site is everything boys want, but it is definitely a part of that sacred list. Men want to fuck beautiful bitches. Sometimes they just want to masturbate to steamy porn videos in the comfort of their home. That's what Whatboyswant.com is all about. A porn website tailored to satisfy the sexual urges of men.

    But does this website really contain what men want in their porn? To find out, I will be reviewing Whatboyswant.com. You might want to keep your lubes close by. In no distant time, you could be jerking off to hot porn that presents what horny men like you want. So here’s my Whatboyswant review. Get on with it already, you dick-massaging porn lover.

An Easy To Use Homepage

    When men are horny, they generally do not like to do much thinking. I know this because it happens to me. You just want to cum and feel more relaxed. Navigating a porn website should be an easy thing, and that's how this page feels. A few video thumbnails are displayed on the homepage. Just enough to get you interested and not too much to overwhelm you.

    The first category of thumbnails on the page is tagged “babes”. The babes category contains pictures of beautiful sluts. Now that's more like what men want to see. Interestingly these girls post pictures for men to rate and comment. However, only registered members can comment on a post. Registration is absolutely free, so that shouldn't be much of a problem. The site also has an active community and a forum open to only registered members. A community where all kinds of porn lovers can interact. You can also meet girls with whom you can link up and fuck. It all depends on how you use the community.

    The second section of the homepage is strictly filled with babes videos. These are amateur porn videos of beautiful women masturbating and even getting fucked. Now that's more like what horny men want to see. Below is a gallery of car pictures for members to rate. Well, I know that men also love cars. Like which man doesn't?

Sweet Babes Fucking

    To get the best from this website, if you came looking for porn videos, click on the menu icon at the top right. Select the babe videos option and then select the category you want on the page you are directed to. The “categories" icon is quite easy to spot once you arrive on this page. If you prefer inputting a keyword in the search box to look for what you want, that option is available for you to explore.

    Even though there are lots of good amateur videos of girls being naughty here, too many of them are very short. There are videos of less than 30 seconds. If you are going to show me porn, at least make it long enough to jerk off to. Videos that are this short play completely before you can ready your lube. However, not all videos here are short. There are videos of about 5 to 12 minutes and even longer. But most of the videos here are short. Keep in mind that content here is mostly amateur porn. The girls here are not known pornstars. These are beautiful girls who don't mind getting naughty in front of a camera.

    Registered members can also upload porn content to the website. To do this, click the upload icon at the top of the page. From my observation, the best porn on this website can be found by clicking on the top icon. Videos here make an interesting watch. The list of trending porn on this site is also worth checking. Here you will see the videos getting the most attention at the time of your visit. During your stay on this site, the trending section is worth checking out.

What I Think

    This basically is an amateur content porn website. Most of the content is short in length, but a few are considerably long. You wouldn't find professional porn videos here. You also shouldn't be expecting to see videos from popular pornstars. There is a forum, and a community open only to registered members. Membership is free, so you don't have to worry about any form of payment. In my opinion, this isn't the most reliable website for porn. A few top-quality amateur porn but not enough to keep you wanking for hours.

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