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Waptap Review

~ Pros ~

Tik tok style adult site with a wide range of contents

Smooth interface

Barely any Ads

Lots of models

Creators can make a living from this site

~ Cons ~

❌ There’s nothing really bad about this site


    With a name like this that easily flows off the tongue, waptap.com has made a name for itself in the adult world with short erotic videos flowing to your face to put you in the mood for a wanking marathon extravaganza. This site is quite similar to tik tok, you could say it’s the XXX version of tik tok.

    Tik tok is nice and all, but if you’re a horny perv like myself you’ll rather prefer spending your time staring lustfully at x-rated videos to keep you constantly horny than looking at some cheesey reaction or dance videos. Today, I’ve devoted my sweet time I could have been using to jerk off to some freaky PAWG online, to check out waptap for all my horny fappers out there. Here’s my waptap review below.

Let’s tap into that horniverse that is Waptap.com and see what cums out

    During the pandemic lock down this was a fucked up time but it also brought people closer to their fapping habits leading to more masturbators in the world, which in my opinion, is a good thing. Lots of tip-based platforms that provided erotic contents sprung up to life during this time and Waptap is one of them,bringing smiles to all the horny maniacs out there. This site is more like the XXX slutty version of tik tok for adult audience only.

    It let’s creators post any sort of content from SFW to NSFW contents such as a naked girl sculpting a literal rock hard dick to a cat girl in latex shooting arrows from behind her back, these are real videos on this site by the way.

    This sex-positive platform is really one for the books as it has made lots of sexy nymphos earn millions from creating freaky videos that horny fappers can shoot out every last cum from their nut sacks and leave tips after a long night of taking the load off.
This has made the site gain a lot of popularity in the pervert kingdom were both celebrities and non-celebrities are flying to the site to get their rocks off. Its gotten about fifty thousand visitors on a monthly basis and just looking at the homepage I didn’t need any more convincing to join this stats.

Best of both worlds; Tips and stripteases

    When a video is posted most of the creator’s followers are able to immediately view these posts and interact with it and even direct messages can be sent to get the creators attention and who knows depending on your tips could get custom made videos for your personal kinky preferences.

    Tipping is a single- time payout to a content creator. These tips aren’t compulsory though its more like an appreciative gesture or if you wanna get the attention of the creator to notice your horny ass that’s the way to go. Yeah and here’s a disclaimer once you send a tip it cannot be reversed so you better be sure once you’re sending a tip.

    When the homepage loads there’s a warning pormpt to confirm if you’re 18+, like that has ever stopped anyone but well it’s the thought that counts right. Once you’re through with that, the next page is naked ladies in your face showcasing all the freaky and kinky skills they got, to get your pants to be at your ankles and your hand making the thrusting up and down movements.

    The homepage’s layout looks a lot like tik tok with certain icons on the side of the page, then at the bottom of the page there are more options and there’s even one to contact the creator directly, this is an edge this site has over the other similar apps like this. This site interface is very mobile compatible making it super simple to navigate around the site for a quick fap before going about your day.

Freaky models tapping into their inner sluts

    The models on this site really bring out the artistic side of being a horny pervert, they got all sides covered even anime girls, like I saw a girl portraying Tsunade From Naruto and damn did she have the big boobs with pointee nips to go with the character. Next thing I’m seeing is two sexy sluts having a sleepover while sucking all the cum out of each others pussies with butt plugs up their asses. Then you got an Asian baddie stripping and squirting on the floor before going down to lick them. As I’m writing this I’m literally about to shoot my load from all this.

    There’s a wild range of adult contents to choose from on this site. Where all sorts of short videos are at your finger tips and a swipe away. They are trans,men and even softcore contents if you’re feeling like taking it slow for a change. Once you’ve registered on the site you can then follow your favorite models. You can as well use the tags to streamline your search like I’ve been looking at #bigtits and following models with super sized fun bags to bury my face in.

    Its really almost impossible to get a handle on the total number of contents on the site but I can tell you there are thousands of short nasty videos available on the site. There was so much, I didn’t see any videos repeat. What’s great about this site is how there are no pop up or redirecting Ads ambushing you to ruin your boners concentration on those bad bitches being freaky.

What the PornGuy thinks of Waptap

    This site has stolen my soul with its smooth running and the perfect blend of short videos with erotic contents to keep my pants down and my lube bottle constantly empty. Its given us the wet dream tik tok to make your fapping dreams cum true with a modern design but simple setup so you find all you need with the flick of the wrist. If you like short spontaneous and erotic videos of any nature, you definitely want to check out Waptap.com.

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