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VoyeurXXXSex Review

~ Pros ~

Interesting site color

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Pop-up ads

❌ Very wack content quality

❌ No advanced search

❌ Piss-poor site features

❌ Unknown update policy


    Know the most wicked thing about this life? It is the fact that we all are voyeurs of some kind. Yeah, watching pornstars and amateurs do it on porn sites and leak sites makes us all voyeurs and we all better get used to being labeled voyeurs, wankers and pervs!

    Is everyone here okay with being called a voyeur, cock throttler and pussy killer? Then check out this Voyeurxxxsex.com review and go peep at your horny neighbor fornicating with a bedpost!

Let's Get It On, Voyeur Style!

    The Voyeurxxxsex homepage looks like it belongs to a small-time farmer who has an unhealthy interest in the vaginas of his cows and chickens and can’t be bothered to be subtle about it! There’s enough simplicity on show to sharpen a dozen pencils and the predominant colors are light and dark green. The whole thing mostly looks boring, but prettying up the scene would require more focus on eye-candy stuff and that isn’t hard to accomplish.

    This porn site has extra large video thumbnails in rows of 3 and these have a title and runtime while lacking preview features. The voyeur smut here is not arranged on numbered pages. Instead, when you are done gawking at a particular screen, you click the Next Or Previous button to go to the next or previous page. The lack of page numbering creates issues because it makes it hard to know how many pages of porn this site has. Information like that can be used to calculate the total number of XXX videos.

    Now, it takes almost no effort to scroll from the top to the bottom of the site homepage and there’s a nice collection of tags on the page bottom. Nude Buddies, Missionary Fucking, Hidden Sex, Gay, and Gloryhole are some tags I can readily relate to. However, the tags listed on the homepage bottom are all jumbled up and you have a hard time knowing if the tag you are looking at is made up on one word like Nude or two words like Nude Amateur.

    Voyeurxxxsex.com apart from being a very simple site is feature-wise as bare-bones as the pockets of a gold-digging slut with a taste for steak and prime angel dust! The site features consist of just the logo and a Popular tab, with a basic search bar at the top right of the homepage. That very limited feature set is simply unacceptable and something that needs fixing up at the speed of light, or I am gonna be so mad the next girl I climb will have a fire pit where her cunt used to be!

Hard Dicks Are Always Welcome In Pussy Land!

    Here’s a shocker that you fellas can see coming from a mile away- Voyeurxxxsex.com has some professional content from varied studios, but these often feature amateurs. One of these kinds of porn starring what appears to be pros was titled Female Doctor Examines Male and this is a SpyFam/XVideos production. The supposed female doctor is a petite beauty with a gaping cunt that appears expressly designed for welcoming all the big dick energy that horse dicks can give! She hides in the bed of a dude and once discovered fucks the fella silly and lets his dick score all the touchdowns it wants in her big slit!

    Of course, as befits a voyeur site, Voyeurxxxsex has content taken without the knowledge or consent of the cunts featured. There’s Black Cock Jerkoff, Girls Piss In Their Pants, Girls Shower Spy Cam, Hot Chick Nude Video, Caught In Panties Porn, and Wearing A Dress Without Panties. The latter is a collection of upskirt videos, while the Hot Chick Nude Video is a hidden recording taken from behind a slightly open curtain that shows a chick spreadeagled on a bed and busily shoving a sex toy up her snatch. This horny female had thicc thighs and I would be remiss in not mentioning my wish that she leave them sex toys alone when there are working horse dicks like mine willing to go deep inside her and slap her cervix upside down!

    Now, let’s talk business. One, all videos on this site lack dates. What this means is that I have precisely zero idea about when contents were uploaded and what the upload pace is. For all I know, the fella running the site might have taken a trip to the Amazon basin a decade ago, fallen afoul of some tribes and got cooked and eaten with fried rice and stew! Yeah, there are still cannibals out there and they can fuck up your day when they are hungry enough.

    Secondly, all videos are of very terrible quality and there are zero playback options. I would assess the average playback quality as less than 360p and there’s no way to adjust that. There are even very grainy videos that look of less than 280p quality and I am not sure if it is possible to watch that kind of video and stay sane. Thirdly, ratings, comments, one-click downloads, and the rest of that jazz are not supported here. Shit!

What I Think Of Voyeurxxxsex

    Would you rather stick your dick in a mouse trap or chook it into the mouth of every hot MILF with daddy issues on your street? For sure the answer to this question is a no-brainer. But of course, there are masochists out there who live off putting themselves and their privates into an inhuman amount of pain.

    See, using Voyeurxxxsex feels too much like a punishment and that is not how a porn site meant for outstanding cum leakages, explosions and milking should be. The most egregious thing here is the bottom-level content quality and this is not helped by the total lack of playback options.

    Left to me, I would put the site on a hard drive, tie it to a worthless piece of rusted iron and throw that into the ocean. Yeah, Voyeurxxxsex is as useless as a third nipple on your butt cheek and I would rather fuck a he-goat on the lawns of the White House than recommend it!

VoyeurXXXSex, VoyeurXXXSex

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