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VintagePornTubes Review

~ Pros ~

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesSite is completely free

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesLots of porn from oldies

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesLots of porn stars and legends

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubes Features classic porn categories

~ Cons ~ 

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesPoor video quality

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesSite may be down

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesBunk design

VintagePornTubes, VintagePornTubesThe site is not completely safe


    Hot damn! Vintage porn sure can be hot fun! Rather than the couples doing it in the missionary style that we were expecting to see, a very wide range of pussy banging and cock licking are featured and we have learned quite a few things that we are most anxious to put in practice this weekend! Pity the babes that make it across our way!

    Vintage porn sites are a dime a dozen these days and are growing ever more popular as folks try to see how their grandma and parents drilled each other and jerked off during most of the last century. If vintage porn is your cup of tea, a site like VintagePornTubes has lots of things to show you!

    We came across this site a month ago and have been meaning to review it. The fact that we have not done so can be laid at the feet and booty of the great Jada Fire! Yes, blame that ass-crammed slut from distracting us from our most important work!

    So, what is VintagePornTubes like? Find out now!

Vintage and Properly Nasty!

    VintagePornTubes focuses on vintage porn alone. So, don’t you dare expect the likes of Mia Khalifa to show up on the site, licking a cock like it is the fountain of life!

    The site homepage looks very much like other porn tube sites on the net. Porn category thumbnails are crammed onto most of the homepage space. There’s a search bar at the top left, along with tabs like Last Added, Most Viewed, Categories, and Longest. There are a couple of other tabs, but they lead to another porn site and a porn review site. We are not prepared to name the latter cos that’s our direct competitor right there!

    Now, to make sure things here work as they should, we tapped the Last Added tab. It brought us to another screen filled with the latest added XXX porn. The latest of these was added 6 days ago, and the next latest was added 9 days ago. From this, we can surmise that content updates are not as regular as they should be.

    The Most Viewed and Longest tabs also triggered separate screens full of the most viewed and longest-running smut. One of these named Chesty Superstars of the 90s was very nearly 7 hours long. Yes, 7 entire hours.

    We sure were impressed. Others that were of similar run times include Big Boobed Superstars of the 90s and Uber Buffy Overcharge. We didn’t click on these videos though, mostly because 7 hours of porn is more than enough to send us right to the emergency room!

Hot Vintage Action

    Like we said, porn category thumbnails make the homepage their stomping ground. The entire homepage is full of these and a detailed listing of these categories is available for anyone that wants to click the categories tab.

    All the listed categories have tabs that indicate how many vids are in each. The Striptease category has 3,140 vids, while the Pussy, Big Butts, Cumshot and Stocking categories boast 3,409, 2282, 14,744 and 6480 videos respectively.

    The Black category has 7920 vids with sample titles like Black Ayes Cum Shot, Milky Woman Takes One Big Black Cock, Afro Erotica Five and Good Golly Miss Molly. Videos play well, but the quality is often atrocious. Videos also have related tags and a collection of related vids viewers might like to sample. Videos can also be shared and downloaded.

What We Think

    Honestly, we like this vintage porn site and the best thing is that it is free. Its biggest con is the numerous ads that pop up. Clicking on a page or link does not always lead us to the intended content and instead takes us off-site. More, it appears that a significant percentage of porn on VintagePornTubes is hosted on other sites.

    Overall, if you are willing to ignore the immense amount of ads, low-quality vids, and frequent off-site content hosting, then VintagePornTubes.com could easily bless your organ with some vintage cum!

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