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VintageEroticaForum Review

~ Pros ~

The forum is easy to navigate

There is a lot of content available

It is free to use

~ Cons ~

❌ They have Ads


    Vintage porn, the home for most old nuns with regret and special dick-pleasing skills that are now locked up never to be seen again thanks to the thing called shame.

    My vintage-erotica-forum.com review is here to expose this forum for either being a treasure trove for those amongst you who want to wank to the past. If it’s not even half decent I’ll be personally ensuring that this site stays in the past!

Wank To The Past!

    The site looks pretty much like every forum I’ve ever been on. And I’ve hated every single one of them. This site isn’t special. The brightness of the theme color is enough to scare Dracula into sucking himself off. Everything here looks like it is done in minimalist style so you can’t expect to see extra-large pictures of titties and asses flashing in your eyes. Just expect words, words, and more words to excite you.

    Most sites can’t help themselves when it comes to allowing Ads on their pages. Vintage-erotica-forum is one of them. They can’t resist the sweet nectar of cash while they only have to accept to post these digital STDs. The Ads that I am seeing at the moment are those types that will take you to a live cam site. I had to close my eyes so the picture of the big titty broad they’re using to seduce me won’t have any effect on me.

    If there are no sexy banners for y’all to get hard or wet to, the site’s runners have their “Vintage Erotica Forums Statistics” for you nerds and geeks to jerk yourselves off. I can even tease you for a bit with the info they have in that section. They presently have 235,699 threads, 5,744,103 posts, and 641,560 members. They even welcome their newest members on the homepage.

    You’re gonna need to pull a username out of your ass if you’re serious about becoming a full-blown member of their forum. Sure, you can check out their threads as a ghost browser but if you wanna communicate and rub dicks with the members of the site then you’ll need to click on Register and be subjected to a long ass read about their rules before going on to the part where they ask for your details.

Wanking To Your Grandmother’s Friends!

    They have a section where they posted “Read this first!” and I thought I am about to see something special or something to excite the nut out of my dick. Instead, it was just more fucking words. They have the forum rules, posting guidelines, troubleshooting info, etc posted there. One can easily tell that they have a special breed of animals for members and they are constantly pushing the rules to the limits of this site while posting old cunts.

    In their General Discussion & News, they have a thread for newbies to say hi to themselves. There’s another thread for folks to discuss how they ended up on the board. That’ll be a good chance to tell everyone how your uncle introduced it to you while he was fisting your asshole like a man that is looking for gold in there. I’m sure everyone would love your romantic story.

    I went to the Vintage Erotica section, and the first thread I saw was called “Big hairy pussy challenge”. If you know me, I sometimes like a bit of carpet on the pussy I am fucking. So I went to that thread with the speed of a man with blue balls getting a call to come over from a bitch. I expected a lot of writing but the members here got straight to the point. I was able to see lots of hairy pussies on vintage ladies as promised.

    There were up to 443 pages and if I was gonna go through all of them then I would probably start seeing pussy hairs in the food I eat or the clear blue skies. These pictures are contributed by random old perverts who have had their collection since the early 80s or so. Instead of hoarding that shit, they wanna make the world a happier place by finally passing on the torch that is made of pussy hairs.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Vintage-erotica-forum

    When you’re in a vintage forum like this one, you wouldn’t know what to expect. There’s always a chance that there won’t be enough content to excite you or that the quality of their stuff would have you running to find the first modern woman you can find to wank off to. This site was a breath of fresh air even if they’re the home of old horny cunts ready to finally show their porn collection. The site gets a recommendation from me for those that are into vintage porn.

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