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VideoCelebs Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Lots of content

Few pop up ads

Decent filtering features

A long list of movies and TV shows

A detailed list of actresses

~ Cons ~

❌ Most explicit content are in French an language


    One of the first sex scenes I ever saw in a movie was Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek in Desperado. That scene has over the years aged to become a classic. Back then we didn't get too many movies with hot sex scenes but today, there are tons of sex scenes to pick from. Even in TV series there is an increase in the amount of sex scenes being included on the daily. I just have to wonder if our dicks have evolved to be hungrier than ever before in history. Well, maybe it has!! Ain’t that a good thing? Now I don't know about you but that's good news. If you watched series like Power, Game of thrones, True blood, and the oh so awesome Spartacus, then you must have found treasures of content to stroke your cock to. Thanks to the naked celebrity souls that make this possible.

    Today is for Videocelebs.net. A website that offers you a platform where you can watch the best of sex scenes from both your favorite movies and celebrities. You no longer need to watch the whole movie beforehand to handpick the good sex scenes before reaching for your jerk off lotion. Well, just before you hurry over to this website, this is my Videocelebs review to guide you. Smirk at the next dose of jerk off lotion that’ll soon be vacating the tube and feed your eyes to my review.

This HomePage Is Too Clean

    Usually what you will find on porn sites are too many thumbnails crammed on the homepage. It can be both overwhelming and frustrating. It’s normal to find that there are a lot of options to choose from. Too many porn websites favor this approach but Videocelebs.net is different and I like it. The page is concise and user friendly. Navigating this website wouldn't be difficult for even the blind guy that has a boner in his pants.

    At the top right, and in an impossible to miss position is a search box. When it comes to sex scenes, most of us perverts usually visit with a particular actress or movie in mind. I would expect that the same applies to you. You already know who's nipples and bubble butt you want to see. So finding them is simple. You can type in either the name of the actress or the movie to get their naked chronicles rolling out right before you. I shouldn't be teaching you this but I can understand that you are so horny you can barely think clearly.

    Video thumbnails take up a significant part of the page, but the page isn't clustered. That’s because there are not so many thumbnails here. You have the option to view any of the 1991 pages on the site. To do so, click on the numbers down the thumbnail gallery.

    By the right side of the right side of the page, you are given the options to select either the actress, movie or tv show. Other options here include popular videos and top rated videos. Popular tags, years and popular posts are displayed here in sections.

    On this site you wouldn't have to battle with so many spams and pop ups. You might however be redirected to other websites different from what you click on. But then, the frequency of this occurring isn't too disturbing, at least not as disturbing as the boner in your pants.

Hot Movie Scenes

    This isn't a site where you come to watch movies, this is the place you come in search of nude and sex scenes in movies. I'm convinced that you can find almost every nude scene that has been shot in mainstream movies in the past decade in this porn movie scene tavern. You will also find vintage sex scenes from some Hollywood legends. With this site you have the opportunity to watch some of the hottest scenes ever shot in Hollywood.

    Scenes from TV series are also not left out. With the increasing amount of nudity in tv shows, you can be sure that there are more than enough tv series scenes to stroke your dick to on this site.

    Usually in movies, sex scenes do not contain penetration shots but on Videocelebs, after clicking on the explicit tag, I found some penetrative scenes showing pussy and dicks. Now that's good content! These scenes, though detailed, do not feel like the porn you watch on normal porn sites. They are more gentle and romantic, rather than hardcore pussy splitting and whipping. However, it’s unfortunate that most of the explicit scenes here are in French. Well, this won’t be a problem if you can moan in French.

    Videocelebs has a good inbuilt video player that loads decently. Some videos played immediately I tapped while for some, I had to watch a short ad you could skip at any moment. If at any point the video buffers, check your internet connection.

What I Think

    Videocelebs is filled with lots of steamy sex scenes. I like that these scenes showcase sex different from the most rough and hard style of hardcore porn. Here, it isn't just fucking, there is a bit of romance. I also like that the website is simple and easy to navigate so one can easily find what they are looking for. And we both know what you’ve been up to and in search of here, fellow pervert. Well, you have my word for it, it’s safe to loose some cum to the porn here.

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