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TylerBrown Review

~ Pros ~

You Can search for any porn video of your choice

Videos play in high quality

Download option available

Fast loading on the video player

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many Ads to deal with

❌ Not all videos are hd


    Who the fuck is Tyler brown that he has a whole website named after him and got us talking about it today. Well, Tyler-brown.com is a porn search engine, apparently this guy is out here making sure that all porn lovers on the internet can have their lust satisfied when the get on this site. I even tried searching for who this porn hero is but nothing came up besides football wide receivers.

    Even if Tyler brown is a porn hero with this porn search engine, I still have to check out what’s cooking there and if it’s worth any fappers time, the PornGuy is gonna give it a thorough shake down. Alright, follow on this review train and see what’s in store for us. Here’s my Tyler-brown website review below.

Tyler brown porn hero or villian

    I love brown girls, I love brown tits, I love brown pussies, let’s see if I’ll love Tyler brown, “No homo”. As the site loaded I stayed a few minutes thinking it hadn’t fully loaded but after staring at the same screen for a while I realized that it had. Even after reloading, it was the same thing. it looked more empty than my nut sacks after an all night wanking marathon with my favorite porn stars getting down and dirty.

    Looking at the homepage it looked incomplete, it had a bland white background theme with some Fibonacci lines moving in the background, I felt I had somehow stumbled on a science quiz. At the top of the page the site name had somehow transformed to brown porn in the title bar.

    The homepage is completely empty except for a search bar in the middle and some policy information at the bottom. That’s when it hit me this site is like the Google of porn, you just type in the kinda porn you want to see and various porn videos in that niche pops up.

Let your imagination run wild to the freakiest porn

    This is a site that would be perfect for veteran fappers who already have a good idea of the kinda porn they like the most. When you tap on the search bar some suggestions will be drop listed for you under the heading “hot queries”,as I tapped on it I saw mia khalifa(no surprise here), sweetie fox and Sasha Grey under the hot queries. Of course I was already familiar with their works but for starters lemme check it out if there’s something I haven’t seen.

    After clicking on Sasha Grey a lot of her porn movie thumbnails appeared. While scanning through with my eagle horny eyes I discovered there was a pattern to which they videos were arranged. The videos are arranged in order of how popular they are, that is the number of views they’ve had which is displayed at the bottom left of the video thumbnail and the total duration of the video is displayed at the bottom right.

    From the top of the result page you can see what keeps Tyler brown in business… Ads! This site has ads flying around like horny superman, there’s an Ad at the top of the result page Camouflaged like a video thumbnail and promising you more beautiful girls getting fucked on another site, if they really are hot I’ll be there soon enough. The ads campaign doesn’t end there, if you linger long enough on the result page a huge pop up Ad will appear blocking your entire screen, of course you know “X” marks the spot with all these Ads.

    Once I was done clearing the first wave of ads, I continued with the survey of the site by scrolling down the thumbnails, as earlier mentioned they are defaultly arranged by popularity but you can change that by using the filter option beside the search name. You can filter the videos by duration, by relevance or by only HD.

    I didn’t mind it sorted according to popularity so I continued down the thumbnails. Just as I got to the bottom of the first page another Ad was waiting at the bottom and the Ad even had a bigger thumbnail than the videos. These guys didn’t want you missing any of the Ads on this page. After skipping the Ad which looked so tempting with a burette slut opening her legs wide and showing off her hairy but sexy pussy as a dick is about to slide into her but I had just jerked off to some of Sasha Grey wild anal scenes so my cum sacks were still refilling so I manged to get past the ad without tapping on that pussy.

Watching videos gets easier plus there’s a download button on the player!

    At the bottom of the search page you’ll find a section labeled recent trends for more popular videos that fellow perverts are also watching out there, for some reason I saw urinal guess it’s really freaky out there.

    I decided to head back to the search page and check out the remaining hot queries but it had changed. I tried again and it also changed, seems for every time you get on the search page the hot queries will change. Now I was seeing some Chinese writings and one called uncensored Japanese,I didn’t understand the others so obviously I went with uncensored Japanese and a list of uncensored Japanese porn appeared! Oh yeah baby this is it. seeing the uncensored thumbnails alone my dick was already busting through my pants and was ready for a beat off.

    I clicked on the first video I saw and was directed to a video player window. I clicked on the video and was already stroking my cock before voila from no where an ad video flew in making sure I watch the ad for atleast 5 seconds before skipping it. That’s about enough time to get my dick flaccid again. Once the ad was skipped the video started playing immediately apparently while the ad was killing my boner the video was loading. On the video player you can see the views, likes and dislikes of the video and then there’s a download button so you can always watch it offline if you wish. Below the video player there were related videos and more ads at the bottom which I was not about to deal with again.

Conclusion on Tyler-brown.com by the PornGuy

    This site as a porn search engine is highly recommended from me although it might seem empty at first but it holds a lot of content to keep a serial fapper as happy as a kid in a candy store. The one and only problem with this site is the massive amount of ads coming at you but if you battle through them the rewards are worth it. Any kind of porn you’re looking for can be found through this site. Tyler brown is a porn hero after all!.

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