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Twisted porn site

TwistedPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Painal, pervert, voyeur, caught, party, risky, weird, flashing

Pretty awesome content, The perfect mix of crazy and porn

No pop up's at all. Even when you watch videos no ad's

~ Cons ~

❌ Not too too many videos in the library

❌ You gotta pay to get the “exclusive premium content"


    We all love plot twists on the movies where once acting villain can become the savior, then why not it applicable for porn? To get the answer, you need to visit the TwistedPorn website, where porns are mixed with dark chocolate sauce and it tests really yummy.

    Twistedporn.com  site design is decent and contains a few videos, that you may not able to watch in a full year! On the homepage, they are previewing recent uploads and they are dirt and fleshy which you may not get on other porn sites. You can also use the search bar with your nasty keyword, and they will provide some results.

     There is a total of 11 categories offered by the TwistedPorn website. Few of them are- Painal, Pervert, Voyeur, Caught, Huge cock, risky, etc. i am sure, you did not find these types of categories on similar sites like twistedporn. You will feel hot by seeing the thumbnail of the videos of each category.

    Though the website is free to watch, but to watch the premium contents, you need to have a premium Hotmega account. Or you just simply register on the page and follow the instructions later. But there is another way of getting a premium account.

    You can win 'one month's premium subscription'. For that, you need to register on the website and upload 2 videos that should appear on the website's index. Means, your videos have to follow the characteristics of their video type thus they can add it to their public section, not in the user uploads page.

    Also, at the user upload page, you can watch the porn videos added by the other users. This page is interesting, because you got to watch a few homemade amateur videos, that you will not find any other places. Also, rather than the 'one month's premium subscription' winning contest, you can also upload your videos, thus the users and the world may know about your stamina and capability.

Though you can see more fetish videos on the TwistedPorn, but you also need to tolerate a few annoying ads, few popups, etc. The video player is not good like other premium websites, and you may or may not download a video. As i tried, sometimes i can download a video, sometimes i don't. Sometimes its dead slow download, which may take days to download one 15-minute HD porn.

Overall aside from the few problems i have with this website my final words for my twistedporn review, The database they have is very good. The categories are unquestionably different, which will force you to come back and shake your dick while you watch a few 'Twisted Porns'!

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