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TS4Rent Review

~ Pros ~

Advanced search

Site looks lit

Constant flow of escorts

Multiple language support

Escort reviews available


~ Cons ~

❌ Paying members get the best


    Renting a human being feels kinda icky. But then, if you are employed, the fuckers you work for kind of rent your brains and body and if you don’t like that, you will need to either get on the dole, or get a gun and mask and start sticking up banks and neighborhood drug dealers!

    And talking of sticking up, you need to get a look at some of the woodies that trans sluts and escorts let into their assholes and gullets! Like there’s no boner so big most of them would refuse to have anything to do with it and you gotta admire their dedication to business and eagerness to test the stretching abilities of their assholes! Good for them I say and good for you if you are the kind of fella that Mother Nature blessed with a third leg you can beat drums with at a rock band tour!

    Anyway, here is my TS4Rent.eu review. Read it and weep on behalf of weepy assholes everywhere that have been through stuff we can’t even begin to comprehend!

A Shemale Kind Of Language

    So, TS4Rent does not want to corrupt young uns. If you are heading to this place, you will be stopped by a poster on which is a succulent shemale arching for what she’s worth. On this poster will be information related to this site being a place for all things adult and escort that is not meant for under-18s and fuckers who don’t agree with the terms and conditions of this escort Chicago site.

    There’s even a language menu with 5 supported languages to make sure that a majority of the horny fuckers on the planet can read what’s on the poster. If you are underage or not in tune with what the site is all about, then better head back to wherever you came from and leave TS4rent Chicago alone to continue doing its ass-poking business!

    Can’t read? Then you are shit out of luck and better get the fuck out of TS4rent Chicago before the site admins call the mob on your ass! Just joking, fellas. At least I hope so!

What A Hella Sweet Place Is TS4rent Chicago!

    Holy frigging shit in a snowstorm down Brokeback Mountain! Forgive my language, fellas, but TS4Rent.eu just stunned me with a site design so splendid I screamed so loud my landlady had to come up to my flat and slap her tits into my mouth! Them are lovely tits too, so let me suck on them a bit and see if she gets wet enough to be persuaded into reducing my house rent by half and reducing the amount of cum in me by sitting on the missile between my legs that is standing ready to blast her and me straight to Mars!

    But I am not gonna get sidetracked. Where was I by the way? Oh, yes! TS4rent Chicago has a rather marvelous and very eye-catching design. It is a bit overcrowded with shemale escort ads, but is also very colorful and stylish. There’s even a slideshow atop the homepage that showcases some of the finest TS chicks my eyeballs ever had a non-verbal conversation with! These chicks with dicks look like they just stepped out of the cover of Cosmopolitan or are being mentored by the ever-ornery Naomi Campbell!

    Plus the escort thumbnails on the homepage are none of the nonsense you see at other sites that look like they were taken with a phone camera that’s at least 15 years out of date. No, sir! These all look professional, glossy, and stylish and that gives added zest to how this site caresses your eyeballs.

    If you are looking for a trans escort site that has the high-end look down pat, for sure this place fits the bill of a ball-bursting T and S and that’s on Mary had a little lamb that she couldn’t take good care of, because she had quite a length of dick inside her most days!

Fork Over Them Moolah For VIP Cumming Services At TS4rent Chicago!

    All escorts are equal. But some happen to be more equal than others and giving them free reign to do their thing will get you to the cumming heavens faster, sweeter, and punchier. At least that’s the theory and that’s why this place has different classes of TS escorts.

    There are VIP, Platinum, and “normal” escorts here. It would be nice to know if the duo of VIP and Platinum escorts went to a secret kind of school where their escort-sucking skills get honed, but I doubt that’s the case. Hell, some escort sites give you the VIP label once you cough up a certain amount and that might be the case here.

    So, rather than take it as a matter of course that the Platinum and VIP escorts at TS4rent Chicago are top frigging pros at everything to do with the fucking kind of business, take a moment to ask them a few questions and skedaddle if you don’t like the replies. Plus you gotta note that VIP and Platinum escorts will charge you an arm and a leg and that’s by their high-class tag.

    If you are not open to forking over thousands of smackeroos to have a TS slut ride you till you are so high up on the cumming clouds that you feel powerful enough to end the world with a flick of your penis or twitch of your asshole, then go for the “normal” kind of TS escorts at this place. And be sure to give them a sweet kind of fucking that obliges them to get the torn bits of themselves repaired in the nearest emergency room!

It’s Rent Cock O’ Clock!

    Apart from a deeply impressive and high-end look, this place has enough features to bedazzle a butt-scratching choir of angels! There’s a basic search feature on the top right and beneath that are sign-up/login options, plus a language menu and a pull-down menu that has a great deal of the user options in an easy-to-use format. Search, TS Masseurs, Female Escorts, VIP Escorts, Available Now, TS Live Cams, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, Blogs, and TS4R Stars are the main user options on TS4rent Chicago. Plus the homepage has interview links, videos, options to seek out new escorts and those available now, and that kind of thing.

    You can register as a client or escort on TS4rent. Should you go with the first option, you will be asked to submit personal details for verification purposes and that is something I have never been comfortable with. Registering does seem to be a free process that’s open to much of the world and for that, we can be thankful. Once you are a member, you can bookmark escort profiles, upload your mug, and send out internal emails. Plus there’s a VIP membership plan

    Now, the Blog section here is mostly a place where TS escorts can talk about themselves and their lives. It’s not a blog in the true sense of the word and more like a public diary of sorts. Hell, you will find loads of escort ads there and that place is not a blog anymore than I am the last Emperor of New York!

    Anyway, there’s an advanced search mode here and you get at it by clicking the Search tab. Options there lets you search by age, location, cock size, height, hair color, ethnicity, and more. TS Masseurs and Female Escorts options are just direct ad links you are free to ignore, but the VIP Escorts and Available Now options both do what they say. TS Live Cams is unsurprisingly a direct ad link, but the Videos tab at TS4rent Chicago has loads of videos of the escorts here which are of fully fappable quality in the main. The bad news is that these videos are only viewable by premium members.

    Reviews are available at the Reviews page, but accessible by VIP members only. VIP members are also the only fuckers who can access the interviews on the VIP page, which are incidentally boring ASF. And that concludes the tale of the main site features of this eye-candy-laden shemale de-boning center!

Get A Load Of Sweet Cock Meat At TS4rent Chicago!

    TS4rent.eu is, as I must have made clear quite a few times, a rather classy place. Unsurprisingly, the escorts on the site are fully high-end, and look like they are so well fed they crap out golden eggs early each morning and pee clear champagne all day! Escorts these high-end seldom come cheap. So better cash out your retirement funds and have that handy if you wanna get with shemale fuck fiends at a place like this!

    TSMaggie calls Detroit home and has a 5-inch cock. This 25-year-old Fillipina rocks a 36C bust, plus a bubble butt and hips that must have made a plastic surgeon or two rich! Her Instagram and X -formerly Twitter- details are listed, as well as an interview that might be worth digging into if you like the kind of meat she’s in the mood to dump on your face! There are 37 photos of this lass on her profile, plus a single private photo and a trio of videos. The videos and private photo are accessible to premium members only though and it is easy to guess that they show TSMaggie doing the kind of nasty stuff that made the almighty decide that Eve needed a good dose of snake meat! Or have we been reading the good book wrong?

    And over in Sacramento, California is EvaGoddess herself! This 5’9 25-year-old has a long and angular face, plus big tits, long legs, and a moderate build. She has a smile to die for, is not circumcised, and charges from 500 smackeroos up. Her OnlyFans link is available too and you might opt to sign up and access the kind of content that might make your eyes bleed!

    Now, the escort profile pages on TS4rent Chicago are generally content-crammed and well designed. There are a lot of useful details there, including an interactive map that lets you plot the location of each escort. Do that and send a Hellfire missile up their ass if you got access to the Pentagon or the White House!

    Spam is not present and the majority of them TS chicks are in the US waiting for a call from you that’s gonna change their lives and get their booties manhandled with a will!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of TS4Rent

    This place has more punch to it than Mike Tyson ever threw during his career! So yeah, I can fully recommend TS4rent Chicago, and better get ready for a knockout experience!

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