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r/TrashyBoners Review

~ Pros ~

Large and Active community

Lots of content

Free membership and access to all the content

~ Cons ~

❌ I still don't know what the fuck Trashyboners means

❌ Only softcore videos and photos


    I wanted to barge in and go out gun blazing until I realized I didn't quite understand what Trashyboners meant. As you already know, I'm not new to porn, nor am I a passive porn visitor. I spend most of my time surrounded in the awesome world of sluts, tits and cunts yet I couldn't figure out what Trashyboners meant. Apart from the fact that it is the name of a subreddit, I knew next to nothing about what to expect when I visited the community. Can boners be trashy? If yes, what actually is a Trashy Boner? What does it look like?. Mind you, I have seen countless boners in my lifetime. Never has it occurred to me that a boner can be trashy. Well, Welcome to new things everyday in the world of porn. And all new things porn-related, are sure what I live for.

    Curiosity they say killed the cat, but I have been curious about porn content for as long as I can remember and I'm yet to experience any misfortune. I guess the goddess of porn has a huge crush on me. Well, out of curiosity I visited Trashyboners Subreddit to find out what it really is all about. This review is everything I discovered from my journey to this mysterious subreddit.

I Still Don't Know What Trashyboners Means

    The subreddit description doesn't help you understand what is going on in the community. How does “one man's trash is another man's boner” help visitors understand what the community is all about? To me that's nothing but a job done by a lazy person who has got no real clue what the Subreddit is really about. I find it funny that even the moderators of this Subreddit are as clueless as I am about what Trashyboners really means.

    Clicking on the “About" icon positioned at the top of the page directs you to the rules of the page. Once again, I was met with disappointment. The three rules listed here are basic and do not give any real information on what is acceptable and what isn't. r/Trashyboners is already feeling like a chore. Personally I hate chores and once anything begins to feel like one, I immediately opt out. But for the love I have for the millions of perverts out there, looking for good porn communities, I'll endure.

Just Maybe r/Trashyboners Ain’t The Right Name

    Most of the videos on this community are videos of girls being naughty in public. Now I don't know if that's what they refer to as trashyboner but to me, it looks a whole lot like public flashing. Showing tits and pussy in public places, risking being caught. Common!!! That fucking looks like flashing. Maybe after this I would have to update my pornography dictionary and add more recent vocabulary. I think I might slowly just be turning old fashioned. That notwithstanding, I would definitely give these new kids on the block a run for their money.

    The community doesn't also permit hardcore porn videos. What you will see here are softcore videos showing boobs and pussy but no fucking. I guess I expected too much from this subreddit. But can you blame me? The word Trashy makes you think about all the unspeakable things you hope to find in the Subreddit. If it were up to me, Trashyboners would be a community filled with hardcore videos of big cocks pounding holes. Now that sounds more like what a boner should be doing. It could also be a community where guys with huge cocks flaunt it with pride or people share videos of big proud cocks. Not limp dicks or tiny weenies. Hard rocky cocks.
Only thinking about my ideal theme for this subreddit is making me wish there was a slut to sit on my dick and rock it back and forth slowly while I scream “what a wonderful world".

This Is One Heck Of A Large Reddit Trashyboners Community Notwithstanding

    It would surprise you to know that this subreddit has a very impressive following. More than 1.3 million people are members of the community, with the community averaging over a thousand active people at any given time. Maybe life isn't all about fucking. But how would I know? All my friends are sluts. Both men and women, and they live to fuck. The members of this community don't seem to care so much about hardcore content, they love what is on offer here and contribute cheerfully.

What I Think Of Trashyboners

    Definitely I like how easy it is to navigate the page. To check out the catalog available for your consumption just keep scrolling down. That should be easy enough right?? Easy peasy for all them pervies. The Subreddit also has a lot of content to consume. The fact that I would have preferred a differ kind of content doesn't mean they haven't provided enough of the type of content their community is all about. Softcore Trashyboner videos are readily available for your viewing pleasure.

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