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TorLock2 Review

~ Pros ~

Does not harbor fake files

All porn files on this site are duly verified

About 4 million torrents

Mostly professional porn productions

Quality porn torrents

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Does not focus on a particular category of content

❌ Does not have porn for everyone

❌ Really selective site


    Torlock2 sounds like warlock times two to us. Does it sound the same to you or do we really need to lay off the weed?

    Anyway, today we are going to be reviewing a torrent site that is known as the “Google of Torrent.” We are of course referring to Torlock2 and boy does it have what seems to be all the content in the world!

    Time to freshen up that cup of coffee and tune in for what is certain to be a rather interesting TorLock2 review.

Torlock2 Makes The Rules!

    Torlock2.com is big and we mean crazy big! You could spend days on this torrent site eating stale doughnuts and downloading enough content to fill up a warehouse of hard drives!

    The homepage is a little cluttered if we do say so, but does its job well. A search bar is positioned at the top left corner of the screen and you can use this to search through the content. At the far right is a Category tab with a pull down menu. Position your mouse cursor on this and it will show various supported categories like Movies, Games, Software, Adult and Music.

    Next to the Categories tab is the News, Fresh, Top 100 and Account tabs. The latter is used when you want to register or login. A click on the News displays some tech-related news, while the Fresh tab features the newest content. As for what the Top 100 tab does, we will leave you to figure that out for yourself!

The Google Of Torrent

    Just a glance at the homepage of Torlock2.com is all that is needed to show you that their nickname is no laughing matter. Right under the search bar are links to popular movies like Jumanji, Joker, Little Women, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Parasite.

    A Fresh Popular Torrent section fills up most of the top portion of the screen real estate and this consists of links to movies, games, and music. Next up are movie torrents, TV torrents, music torrents, game torrents, software torrents, anime torrents, and ebooks torrents, all ranked by the most popular.

    All the content on show have their file size listed, as well as their health status. Other included information relate to when they were added, the applicable seeds and peers.

    No adult stuff is on the homepage itself. To get to that, you need to go to the Categories section and click the Adult tab. Or search for adult stuff on the search bar. We recommend the first step due to its convenience and we must say we are very surprised and impressed at the amount of porn on offer here. There must be a thousand or so of these, with the file size varying from a couple of hundred megabytes to almost 10GB.

    Porn titles we had a look at include stuff like “Old men with girls young and old,” “Dredd 8XXX,” and “ Bubble butt anal slut 6.” From what we could see, the vast majority of the content is shot and acted by total pros, so you can be certain of treating your eyeballs to some very sinful sights indeed!

What We Think

    Torlock2.com makes it super-easy for anyone to download quality content with total ease of mind. The porn collection found there is potent enough to make a stone mountain convulsively cum and the overall content could certainly make your life easier and sweeter.

    We would advise that you bookmark this page right now, and order a new carton of Vaseline or lotion!

torlock2, TorLock2

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