tnaboard, TnaBoard

TnaBoard Review

~ Pros ~

Can be interesting

Registration required but otherwise free to access.

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Search functionality is almost useless

❌ Forum does not have many active users

❌ Can be frustrating to use

❌ Site design is a crime that should be publicized and prosecuted


    TNABoard is precisely what it says on the tin. It is a board, but not the kind of board you iron clothes on. Instead, this is the place you visit when you need to put your penis into a warm hole belonging to a pretty female and then try your best to drown that woody with your cum liquid!

    It is an escort site, forum, market place and more all rolled into one sexy package and has been around for more than a decade. When I say market place I don’t mean you can buy groceries there, cos the only thing folks on TNABoard are selling is pussy and connections.

    Here’s my TNABoard review. Tune in and prosper, with your dick in the hand of course!

Homepage Matters On The Beat!

     The TNABoard homepage is about as interesting as a block of ice. And I am being magnanimous. It is badly designed, hardly optimized, and looks as out of date as a Nintendo Super Famicon. You could tell me that the site was run by a couple of 15-year old kids who are in way over their heads and I would believe you.

    The site has a black background color, with registration options, plus a search bar at the top right of the page. The far left hosts the site logo, which is a she-devil with a trident and the kind of fat booty I can never resist eating for dinner and snacking on during supper.

     A red banner near the top of the page hosts the Home, Search, Rules&FAQ, Gallery, Activity, Meet & Fuck, and Live Sex tabs. Beneath this are the Forum List, Groups, Calendar, Site Updates, Local Singles, Porn Games, Sugar Babes, Go Central, and the Go East tabs. The rest of the homepage has escort profiles, user stats, recent uploads, and recent ads. The left has a list of American states and clicking on any of these takes you to the latest posts, ads, and more in each state.

All Aboard American Pussy

    Registering makes a lot of sense if like me you intend being on TNABoard for a while. Registration is free, but it sure does take time, because there are 3 pages of forms to fill out. Once you are done registering and have activated the link sent to your email, you can customize your profile and your viewing experience and have fun.

    Now, most of the homepage tabs are just about useless. The Porn Games and Forum List does host a shit load of content. The first takes you off-site though, so beware. The second on the other hand has a list of forums in different American cities, with the topics being mostly X-rated. Then there is the Go Central, Go East, and Go West tabs which optimizes the user experience and tailors it to a particular geographical region of the country, while changing the overall look of the website itself.

    Need an escort? They are right on the homepage, any homepage in fact, but they are called Providers. They have a brief bio, but nothing like a phone number or email.

    To pick them up and do what you got to do with their bodies and holes, you have to go to their profile and leave a comment. Or simply try to beam your nasty thoughts into their head. If that doesn’t work you can simply lose yourself in the Forum section, which is humming day and night with all sorts of topics being up for debate and perusal.

What I Think

    Quite frankly I am struggling to find anything worth liking where TNABoard is concerned. The website is an atrocity and using it is about as easy as shoveling snow off your porch with your middle finger. Don’t waste your time with TNABoard since they are still stuck in the 20th century and not ready to improve.

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