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TinyNibbles Review

~ Pros ~

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesTabs like eye candy, literate smut, erotic art, fashion, sex news etc

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesGreat place to share in the thoughts of Violet Blue if you are a fan

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesIt is a place to discuss all the sex stuff if you want to

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesSexpert blog to know all you wanna know about sex

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesShe has got content for everyone regardless how you swing

tinynibbles, TinyNibbles The site is regularly updated

~ Cons ~

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesThe site has a lot of controversy in it

tinynibbles, TinyNibblesIt does not give 2 fucks about people’s privacies much

tinynibbles, TinyNibbles It is connected to many legal issues


    TinyNibbles is a blog run by a lady known as Violet Blue who claims to be an expert in all sexual matters. She’s a glasses-wearing lady whose stare could freeze a dragon, has made appearances on CNN, and is regularly interviewed and quoted by the mainstream media.

    Her TinyNibbles.com site supposedly discusses sex, adult literature and porn in general. It is the kind of place you go to when you are very bored, intend to do XXX-related research or simply need an excuse to see topless babes and read how you should be putting it in better…. Here’s our site review.

Nibbling That Sweet Meat!

    There are no surprises where the TinyNibbles homepage is concerned. It has the usual blog format, with plenty of picture thumbnails and some ads. The main tabs take the form of Eye Candy, Erotic Art, Fashion, Sex News, Links, and Shop. There’s a search bar too, plus tweets by the site founder at the left of the page.

    The Shop tab guides you to DigitaPub, which sells books of an erotic nature. The Links tab is quite the deal and boasts links to erotic art sites, sex educators and organizations, porn sites, support groups and the like.

    You can dive into the Eye Candy tab for links to porn movies, while the other three tabs are for sex news, fashion, and art links of the kind you wouldn’t dare show to your pastor!

Tiny Nibbles And Tickles All Over!

    What’s a homepage if it is not packed with posts anyone would give an arm to read? With that being the case, TinyNibbles has a homepage and a fair amount of posts. The most recent of these was from November last year, with sample titles like Alt-Rights’s War On Sex, BBC On Instagram Discrimination, Science On Porn Consumption, UK Drops Porn Blocks, Girls Do Porn Ran Porn Wikileaks, The Horniest Yelp Reviewer, and STD Rates Have Spiked.

    There’s a problem though. Rather than reading these posts and news on TinyNibbles, you are presented with links to other sites where these posts are published. This disappointed and ticked us off big time. We mean, what’s the point of having a porn blog site if all you are going to be doing is whetting viewers’ interest and then asking them to click a link to view content on other sites?

What We Think

    There’s an overabundance of ads here, and gross lack of updated content. For a blog post, TinyNibbles fails to impress in every area. You can, of course, pay it a visit for links to high-quality articles that are sweet and sex-related. Unfortunately, we don’t have much use for it and that is not likely to change anytime soon.