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Tik Review

~ Pros ~

Seems reasonably content-jacked

Lots of tags, studios, and categories

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Content titles are needlessly long

❌No search options

❌Very lousy playback options

❌Uncertain upload frequency

❌Very short and poor-quality content

❌User options are wack

❌The site design rapes the funk out of your eyeballs!


    Heard of TikTok? Well, it is a rather addictive motherfucker and I would say it is far more addictive and entertaining than even Instagram. On TikTok, you can watch dances, twerk fiestas, thirst traps, pranks, live shows and the like and I am constantly discovering new stuff about it.

    Just like on most social media sites, there’s more porn on TikTok than we common folks can imagine. Sites like Tik.porn do nothing but pack such porn on their homepages and send summons to the worldwide community of fappers to come beat their meat harder than any African talking drum was ever beaten!

    Here’s my Tik.porn review. Better read it and weep and get serious about making your dick head leak!

Tic Tac Slut!

    I’ve been in the game for longer than Angelina Jolie can pee standing up and I must say that I have never seen a porn site like Tik.porn. If you told me there was a site like it, I would retort that you must be taking too much prime Colombian crack and advice that you detox by sucking on the urethra of a granny overnight!

    Where was I? Oh yeah, Tik.porn looks like no site that I know of. Hell, it strongly resembles a collection of YouTube shorts or an online version of TikTok and it is about as impressive to see as a basketful of used tissues in a whorehouse.

    There are no tabs, menu options, and the like on the site homepage. What you get is a bare black background on which is a single video. Autoplay is typically enabled by default, but if it is not, you can click the Space bar to play videos and use the arrow button to scroll down and access other videos. Also, options in each video lets you add it to your list of favorites by clicking a red heart.

    Other user options found in each video include a Share option that lets you copy and send a video URL to those wankers you are on good terms with, plus a video loop option. Also present within each video is a circle that hosts a trio of horizontal bars and this is where the main user options of this TikTok porn site are located. Options that can be unlocked and activated by clicking the circle include Live Sex Cam, Meet & Fuck, Account, Pornstars, Studios, Actions, and Tags.

    There are a total of 62 tags available, ranging from Hairy Pussy, Nurse, Cosplay, Webcam, Ebony, and Black Booty to Fetish, Hardcore, and Uniforms. It is possible to sort these tags by popularity, but not by the number of content. The Actions options has stuff like Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Reverse Cowgirl, French Kiss, Oil, Choke, Spanking, and Massage and there are two pages of Actions -more like categories- to choose from. The Studios feature has names like Brazzers, TeamSkeet, RealityKings, Nubile Films, Bratty Sis, and Ebony Tugs, with studio names reaching 5 pages. Tap on any of these studio names and you will get a list of their most recent and popular movies.

    As for the rest of the user options, the account tab stores all your liked videos, while the duo of Meet & Fuck and Live Sex Cams do their fair bit to introduce you to the world of cam site porn.

Tick Tock Means You Gotta Eat A Dick!

    The XXX videos on this TikTok porn site are all very short, like 20-30 seconds long. The biggest issue is that just like YouTube shorts, they cannot be watched in fullscreen. They also lack titles and are instead given tags and descriptions. Playback options are virtually non-existent, but there is an option that lets you watch the same video on two separate parts of the screen. You can also use that option to watch two different videos on separate parts of the screen.

    I did say that the porn here lacks titles. That’s not true though. See, while the stuff on the homepage lacks titles, these titles show up when you search for content via the few user options- Actions, Studios, and Tags. However, once you are done searching via Actions, Tags and Studios and click on any selected video to play it, the title disappears and I am not about to waste what few brain cells I still got working overtime wondering why that is so. Plus, while you can sort content by recentness, there are no dates in evidence to let you know how seriously the site admins are taking their job of uploading new content.

    Now, as the man of action that I am, I choose to look through the available collection of smut using Doggystyle as a filter. There were 530 Doggystyle videos at the time of this review, with titles like Porno Vidro Doggystyle and POV amateur, Movie X-Rated Doggystyle at Blacked and Big Ass Teen, Film Porno Doggystyle and Blonde POV and Free Movie Doggystyle and Big Ass POV. In the latter video, a blonde with a bubble butt gets fucked right on a hotel balcony. This happened in the middle of the day and while the sun is out, so I am pretty sure that they got seen. That’s their business, but I wouldn’t have minded holding the hands of the fat booty chick while she got introduced to a session of horse cock invasion!

    Are you into Standing Fucks? Well, there’s a Standing Fuck action category with titles like Movie Sex Standing Fuck At Casual Teen Sex & Blonde Teen CFNM Amateur, Porn Video Standing Fuck For Brazzers and Big Boobs Shaved Pussy, and Sex Scenes Standing Fuck With Alexandra Janes By Brazzers. The latter video had 9.45K views and was all about a slut with her legs over the shoulders of a very hung dude while he digs into her very wet and receptive coochie. I can identify bitches like her from a mile away and let me tell you that while slim, they have the kind of plush snatches that can take the first five feet of a telegraph pole!

What I Think Of Tik.porn

    Tik.porn feels too much like a joke and for sure I ain’t laughing, any more than I am telling y’all parents how global warming and climate change can be attributed to excessive use of Vaseline and the hard pumping of horse dicks by over-excited right hands! This social media smut center has some good stuff, but that is not enough to rescue it from the pit latrine it should belong to.

Tik, Tik

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