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r/TightDresses Review

~ Pros ~

Women in tight dresses flaunting their goodies

Hot, sexy women

Large community

Relatively active community

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No hardcore content

❌ Just a few video clips get posted


    The evolution of wears overtime has always been fascinating for me. It’s really amazing how we’ve all moved from the century where people used to wear large clothes in public and tight fitting clothes in private, to tight fitting clothes in public and large wears in private. Ironic, right? Quite a number of things our great grand moms and dads used to be ashamed of back in the past are the same things we are shamelessly flaunting and doing in public.

    Sometimes I wonder if they ever thought the things they avoided during their time would eventually become a norm a few centuries later. What, with women going braless now, I’d like to assume our ancestors are either jealous of us, or literally losing their minds in their graves. I mean, I would feel jealous, but only because my descendants are actually living more freely than I did. It’s great progress, to be honest.

    Well, in light of things dressing, bless whoever came up with the idea of tight fitting dresses. Especially in female dresses. This concept really does favor women who have an abundance of God given assets to flaunt. And speaking of women going braless these days, tight fitting dresses will definitely give you a little picture of their nipples. My favorite is women with outstanding body shapes. The curvy bitches with a fat booty. Today, I bring you a Reddit community that solely posts pictures of women in tight fitting dresses, and r/tightdresses is the name.

We Love Them Near Naked On r/Tightdresses?

    TightDresses is dedicated to posting and admiring pictures and GIFs of attractive women in tight dresses. It pays homage to the absolute fashion icon that is tight fitting dresses and its ability to augment and accentuate the hotness of the female body. I’d like to imagine there’s a vast majority of women who love wearing tight dresses, and an even larger number of men who love and admire women in tight dresses. Well, this NSFW community offers you nothing short of that content and little more.

    There’s over 726k members in this community, with a handful of them gawking in the comments of these ladies in tight dresses. I reckon you would like to be a part of the thousands of connoisseurs in this community and also one out of the few hundred others gawking at pics and clips of women in tight dresses as well. Don’t trip. You are only one click away.

What’s There To Love About Reddit TightDresses

    Women in tight dresses: this is all you will see from beginning till infinity. All kinds of beautiful, attractive women in all kinds of tight dresses. Guess what? Skirts aren’t excluded either! Yes. Pictures of attractive women in tight fitting skirts are also welcome here. A little tour around the community and you’ll find, it could be party wears that are often above knee level short, or long tight fitting dinner gowns with a few body exposures here and there. My favorite has to be tight fitting sun dresses. Boy! There’s a lot of revealing when it comes to that particular dress. It puts your mind into a lot of work, especially when the ladies are standing against the reflection of the sun.

    Relatively active: this NSFW community is absolutely active. There’s over 30-40 posts being added to the community per day. Also, because of how diverse the entries are and how often these women love to do a little strip tease, posts that contain nudity are actually flagged as NSFW and will utilize a spoiler tag, just so you don’t get into trouble at your workplace or in public while scrolling through this community.

Keep Your Dick Away From These

    No copyrighted content: copyright protected contents are not allowed on here, especially the ones gotten from onlyfans. Failure to abide by this rule will attract immediate ban. Also, images must go through approved hosts, such as imgur and reddit. Same applies to GIFs and videos.

    Faces must be shown: should you intend to share your contents with the community, your face (or faces of the models) must show clearly. This is to curb the issue of posts containing minors or girls under the legal age.

    No hardcore contents: this is not a porn sub, so your contents must stick to the theme of the community. That being said, only pictures and GIFs of women in tight dresses or skirts are allowed. Regardless of what is done in the pic or gif, the women must be on tight dress from their breasts to below their buttocks.

What I Think Of TightDresses

    I think Tightdresses is pretty unique and the rules are simple and easy to comply with. It’s been organized in a way that sexy women in tight dresses or skirts is all you’ll see all through your stay here. What do you think? Yay, or yay?

TightDresses, TightDresses

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