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Thottok Review

~ Pros ~


Tons of content

Content sharing on social media supported

~ Cons ~

❌ Extremely average site design

❌Pop-up ads and ads in videos

❌Limited site features

❌A few unplayable videos

❌Unclear content update schedule


    Dunno if you know this, but there’s a site I have been kinda addicted to for years. It is called TukTukPatrol and the focus is on picking up totally legal and undersized Asian chicks and fucking these sluts with the kind of outsized boners of cervix-destroying intent!

    Thottok.com reminds me of TukTukPatrol, at least in name. Both are however as different as night and day, with Thottok being one of the many sites that recently sprung up to collate and showcase the latest TikTok XXX content.

    Heres my Thottok.com review. Read it and weep for the thots you intend wanking to before sundown!

Thots Galore Sinning Gloriously!

    Thots all over are intent on breaking every rule in the book. They go out wearing nothing much, with their perky titties hanging out and waiting for the slightest movement to be dislodged and they seem to have established a headquarters of sorts on social media sites, from Instagram to TikTok.

    Is this the century of the Thot? If it is, then your right hand is gonna be one happy fella with something solid to hold onto in these desperate times!

    Where was I? Yes, Thottok. The site name I guess is an amalgam of Thot and TikTok and it doesn’t sound all that bad. Try to say it out loud and you might chip your teeth!

    So, Thottok is set up like a million other XXX sites. An average site design with a black background and small content thumbnails makes it look like a high school project and that is never a good thing.

    Features here include a standard search bar at the middle top of the page, plus a few tabs. These comprise Home, A-Z, Category, JerkDolls, TikTok Nudes, Our Telegram, PornDude, and Private Sex Cams.

    There are only 876 subscribers to Thottok’s Telegram channel at the time of this review and that made me wonder if all they do there is share messy granny porn or something! Both the Private Sex Cams and PornDude tabs do what they say, but the Tiktok Nudes tab doesn’t seem to make much sense and clicking it will only load up videos of the TikTok chicks featured on Thottok.

    XXX games are available on JerkDolls and clicking the tab for it will get you there faster than you can sneeze out an erection! ASMR, Celebrity, Instagram, Patreon, and Twitch are sample categories hosted in the Categories tab. There are just 15 categories here and for some reason, both ASMR and Instagram have 2 separate category thumbnails, with the exact same content featured. That’s beyond amateurish.

    As for the A-Z tab, it hosts an alphabetical list of social media stars, plus a few actual pornstars. Expect to find sluts like Adelalinka Twins, Abigale Mandler, Amanda Cerny, CoconutKitty, Emira Foods, Zara Jordan, and Lea Elui there.

    Once again, a few of these stars have two, rather than a single entry. Like if a chick has different monikers, two of these may be entered in the A-Z tab, with the content hosted in each being identical. That’s madness!

    Still, there are 96 pages of these social media thots and sluts to browse through, though these isn’t any sort of profile or bio that might clue you in on their thot adventures and experiences so far!

Thots And Prayers Make The Cum Flow!

    Ever had a good dose of thots and prayers and just couldn’t stop cumming to the promised land? Welcome to the club!

    Now, it is time to talk about the videos on this site. The first thing you gotta know is that they are short. I am talking 2-3 minutes on average. That means you should put a video on a loop while wanking to it, or it will finish before the first drop of cum is ready to make the journey from your cock to the ground!

    Like I previously said, the video image thumbnails here are short asf- like an inch or so. Making them thrice bigger would have made this site more attractive.

    Video thumbnails all have a title, approval rating, and runtime, plus the number of views is indicated. The latest videos are displayed by default, but there’s a pulldown menu at the top right of the homepage and most other pages that makes more accurate content sorting possible. With this menu, you can check out the latest, most viewed, longest, popular and random videos.

    Ready for sample titles? Well then let’s go check the Celebrity category and see if Ariana Grande has been shaking her tiny but incredible perky and double penetration-worthy booty in that section!

    Sample titles in the Celebrity section include Kylie Jenner Thong Bikini Videotape Leaked, Gabby Epstein Naked Lingerie Strip Tease Porn, Amanda Cerny Sexy Painting OnlyFans Leaked, Amanda Nicole Nude Shooting OnlyFans Leaked, Nicki Minaj Nude Celeb Leaked Porn and Violet Summers Nude Dildo Fuck OnlyFans Leaked. Titles like these are enough to load your crotch rocket with all the propellant and warheads it needs to ignite and blast off for cum paradise!

    Needing to determine the content update frequency here, I clicked on the pull-down menu I have been telling y’all about that’s at the top right of the homepage and most other pages and then clicked the Latest option. It however turns out that the content here all lack dates. That means determining the content update frequency on this TikTok nude site is next to impossible.

    Heard of Emily Bloom? Her video is one of those found in the Latest category and it is titled Emily Bloom Nude Shower Pussy OnlyFans Video Leak. In this 3:39 minutes long video, the thin and pretty Emily chick is seen bathing nude and touching herself. Her tits are almost as flat as pancakes, but the nipples look very suckable. Her cunt is just a small slit and I have no doubt at all that a BBC would shred her to pieces!

    Generally, videos on the platform load and play okay. However, all videos come with ads that you can dispose of after a few seconds. And then there’s the fact that there are videos that do not play at all for some reason and these seem to be the oldest videos of all.

    The embedded video player is as basic as the Flintstones’ toilet, but it still does the job. It, however, does not let you play with the video quality, and the video quality by the way is average asf.

What I Think of Thottok

    The way I see it, the only reason you should visit this Tiktok porn site is if you are so horny that your cock is swollen to thrice its size and the first XXX site you can think of is Thottok! And once you are done, be sure to wash your genitalia and eyeballs with bleach. And that’s it!

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