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r/TheRatio Review

~ Pros ~

Wide hips and narrow waists sexinesses available for your viewing pleasure

High-quality content only

Large community

Free to join

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Low number of posts made per day

❌ Posts are not updated daily


    To be honest, I’m more likely to crush on girls with amazing hip dips and a bouncyful looking bubble butt. It’s art. It’s beautiful to behold. I think hip dips are the least admired feature in a woman’s body. I miss no opportunity to appreciate them whenever I can. And when the hip-to-waist ratio is perfect? Bruh. She can take all my savings. Especially those slim thick girls. That body is a killer. Sheesh!

    I bet I’m not the only one who pays attention to these features on a woman’s body. I bet the lot of you find it hot when the hip-to-waist ratio is perfect. You know exactly how it’ll look when she bends over on her knees and elbow for the doggy. It’s a great view and a great position for such a great body shape. It’s not every day you find a slut with the perfect hip to waist ratio, so when you do, don’t take it for granted.

    Well, if finding such damsels will be such a herculean search, then I bring you some special news. Today, I’ll be talking about a community on Reddit that posts pictures of girls with amazing hip to waist ratio. It’s the wide hips and narrow waists for me. And if you admire girls that are built like that, then you wanna check into r/theratio on Reddit, also known as Reddit TheRatio. These guys do not joke with the ratio. They pay adequate homage to the art that it is.

Ass Ratios On Reddit TheRatio

    TheRatio was most definitely created for hip to waist ratio loving freaks like you and me. This bodily ratio is the main focus of this reddit community, and they bring you the best of pictures and GIFs of bitches with great body ratio, that is hip to waist. The community has over 608k members with a few hundred online fapping to these bitches with amazing curves, and there’s also a few of them sharing content as well.

    The community is open to posts by new submitters, but they must be approved by the moderators before their posts will be featured on the community’s timeline. Contents are duly vetted, so that no blurry photos, photoshop, or digital alterations are allowed on the timeline. This way, the quality of content is not in question as all entries on there are clear and perfect. Some of the pictures or gifs on there are original contents posted by the female redditors themselves, while a few others are posted by ratio loving freaks like you and me.

Your Papa Could Be Dreaming About r/TheRatio

    Girls with beautiful hip to waist ratio: this NSFW community is solely focused on girls with wide hips and narrow waists. The ones that create the perfect curve. I’m pretty sure most of these girls put in work to get such banging bodies. It’s perfection. The ones that are fully aware of this beauty in their shape know how to capture the perfect angles when taking pictures. Not to mention the ones that know how to sit pretty, with their lingerie on or fully nude. You know, girls that have hip dips often know how to adjust their panties in a way that you get to see the full curve from their waist to their hip. It’s absolutely stunning to see. Well, reddit the ratio provides you with nothing short of that content. What’s not to love?

    This community is also free to join, and new submitters are allowed to post only after being approved by the moderators. If your post is hanging on the queue, you can always repost. But no multiple reposts at a time, to avoid being banned. So, bring on the best of your contents, the community could use more of it.

So Even The Asses Fall Short

    Low content volume per day: this part is where it goes terribly wrong. The number of posts per is absolutely poor. Currently, the last seen post was six days ago. And before that, the numbers varied from day to day, with not more than two posts being made per day and a minimum of one post made within several day intervals. Yeah. It’s that poor. Not sure what is going on there, but I sure do hope it really is just lack of participation on the part of the members and not some kind of lopsidedness on the part of the moderators. Either way, it is a situation that needs to be looked into and salvaged.

What I Think Of TheRatio

    I think Reddit TheRatio (aka r/theratio) is iconic and pretty outstanding despite the lack of posts daily. There are a lot of wide hips and narrow waists possessing bitches on there to stare at. All you need do is sit back, relax and keep scrolling down the page. I still believe these damsels and their amazing body shape and curves are fap worthy.

    Don’t you think you should check it out?

TheRatio, TheRatio

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