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Teenxy Review

~ Pros ~

The Ads aren’t intrusive

You’ll find mostly High-Quality videos

You can find lots of content online

The site has an attractive design

~ Cons ~

❌ No option to download videos

❌ No option to comment on a video


I’m getting this Teenxy.com review all ready and hot like a pussy and you’re all invited to have a lick to see if this site has that flavor that would make your balls sing a joyful song.

I am checking out this site that was made for fappers who have a taste for teen content. We all do, especially when we get tired of seeing an old hag fuck her billionth man on camera. We’ll see if this site is decent or if it feels like the old hag’s overused pussy.

Teenxy Bit Of Teen Smut!

    When I opened the homepage of the site I was greeted with a design that looks like it was created by a teenage girl. There were touches of pink on their white background and their thumbnails displayed the “Best teen” smut that is available for you to see and wrestle with your meat after. Thankfully, the bitches here look like teens and not grannies in makeup.

Their menu was the next place I checked out. I saw options like; Categories, Pornstars, New Videos, Best Videos, Random, and Live Sex. Below that was another section of the menu showing us tags that assist in navigating our way through the site to find the type of content our balls so desperately crave. You’ll find tags like; Anal, Ass Licking, Babysitter, College, Domination, and a whole lot more.

The videos posted are usually 20 minutes or less. If you’re a fapper that wants to beat his meat for hours then you’ll find this site to be annoying and constantly giving you just the tip of its huge rod. As for me, I like short videos so I can move on to the next video or site. If I had to watch hour-long porn videos all the time then I won’t be The Porn Guy, I’ll only be The Guy With Serious Porn Addiction.

As a veteran wanker myself, I always enter porn sites and immediately start looking for potential Ads that could fuck up my fap. I was strapped and ready to destroy any enemy Ads within my view but this site didn’t have many. The only Ad I had spotted had a teenage girl in it so I’ll let this one slide because it’s good for the ambience. If I saw some granny pussy then I would have to destroy the entire porn site.

Mature Guy Drills Teenxy For Info!

    I didn’t have to waste a lot of time looking for a video that I would watch because I remembered the homepage had their best videos and I wanted to see what they offer me. The first video I found was captioned “God, She Is Perfect”. I looked at the thumbnail and there was some pretty girl on her back in the position that you would keep a chicken or turkey when you’re stuffing it. She was getting stuffed herself.

The video wasn’t bad after watching it for a while. The girl had a body that looked like it was sculpted by Ancient Greek sculptors and even though she fucked like a shy log of wood, my log of wood was still very pleased with her. The only thing about the video that didn’t sit right with my dick was the fact that they never showed her face completely. Who knows, her body might be paradise while her face could look like a 90-year-old man’s face.

The next video I got to check out managed to get my attention because the thumbnail showed me a girl looking a little distressed as she was being pounded from behind. I had to go make sure she was alright and make sure my meat gets to be distressed from the fapping the video would get out of me. It was a Harry Potter parody so I was fully expecting it to be as magical as it is smutty.

I got to understand that she looked distressed because she was on a video that was originally posted on a site that is named “No Lube”. Also, the main theme of the porn video is a magic student being aggressively fucked by a guy that waves his wand at her when she’s complaining while simultaneously using his other natural wand to invade her holes like he is trying to obtain a magical item from in there.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Teenxy

I enjoyed my time on this site and I wished I didn’t have to leave. That’s how great I found it to be. It helps that the videos are mostly HD and there weren’t many Ads jerking their meat in our faces. I found the site’s design to be neat and attractive like a shaved pussy that is ready to be devoured by me. The site has certainly gotten a recommendation from me and it should keep up the good work!

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