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SwingLifestyle Review

~ Pros ~

You’ll find the site to be easy to navigate

They have thousands of stories available

You don’t have to pay to be a member

~ Cons ~

❌ You will have to be a member to enjoy most of their perks


    You have got to see my swinglifestyle.com review even if you were in the middle of something very important like shopping for a new lotion and tissues. I present to you a site that sounds like it was created for swingers to have a voice after they were done swapping partners and swapping each other’s bodily fluids.

    As an orgy lover who regularly gets invited to swingers parties, I am genuinely interested in what types of stories are gonna be shared on the site’s erotic stories section. Maybe I might even see a story here where I was the main character doing all the pussy drilling. We’ll see if this site is worthy of making us fap to the words of horny strangers.

Erotic Stories And A Horny Audience!

    This was gonna be a mission that only an Elite soldier like me could successfully handle. Most people would rather review sites that have pictures and videos of the bounciest tits and the juiciest asses but I was diving dick first into a world of porn literature. And the last time I had to do anything with literature was when I was balls deep in some literature teacher that I’d already forgotten about except for how tight her pussy was. Hopefully, this site gives me close to the same pleasure I got from her.

    I got on the homepage expecting nothing since it was just gonna be lots of words, and I was right to expect nothing. The first thing they hit me with was a space to register to be their newest member. The site has some balls on it, I’ll give it that. It’s almost like trying to sell something without showing the buyer what it is first. I wasn’t gonna register of course, but I know some of y’all might be interested in the process so I had to give it my full attention.

    Joining their site is free thankfully. All they needed were a Profile Name, password, Account Type, Age Confirmation, and the code you’ll have to write to confirm that you’re a real human being ready for your swinger lessons. ‘Account Type’ gave me multiple options and I could choose if it was gonna be a Female, Male, or a Couple using the account. After that, all I had to do was accept their terms and conditions and I would have been certified as a potential swinger reporting for duty.

    At the bottom of the page for registering to be a member, they wrote about the privileges that come with registering and I was curious to see what those were exactly. They said I could search for swingers in the “biggest” lifestyle site on the internet, I could contact other members, post in the forums, join a group, find a club, and learn about Lifestyle events. None of that really appealed to me except for the part about joining a group. Maybe I could’ve been the only male in the group.

Putting Their Erotic Stories Section On My Lap!

    The main reason I came to the site today was to check out their erotic stories section and that’s where I made a beeline for. I got there and saw that there were up to 18,486 erotic stories and if I were to read all of them then the hair on my nuts would go grey in about 15 minutes or less. They would even allow you to post your own erotic story but it would have to be reviewed by a panel of critics who may or may not find your story appropriate for human consumption.

    They also seem to act all high and mighty when it comes to the story you upload because they said stories with an average rating under 3 would be deleted automatically. It’s almost as if the panel is made of strict literature teachers. I hope the literature teacher I fucked in the past is part of them. That way, even if I write the crappiest erotic story ever created, I’ll be sure of at least one vote of confidence if I remember how well I treated her pussy back then.

    I wanted to finally read one of the stories that they had on the site and I went to the section showing their best swinger stories. I found one that looked like it could be interesting. What I didn’t find interesting was the fact that even though it was one page, it looked long as fuck. A person could overdose on Adderall before finding the attention span to read the whole damn thing. That’s why I only read the interesting parts and skipped the foreplay.

    The story was nice and I could see lots of women rubbing their clit while reading this like it is one of their many erotic novels. I was impressed with the style of writing even though it was most likely written by an amateur with too much time on their hands. There were more swinger genres to read like; First Time, Bi-sexual Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Cuckold, Milf, Lesbian, Romantic, etc. But I was done with reading porn at that moment. I wanted to create an erotic story in my bedroom with a real woman.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Swinglifestyle

    Swinglifestyle’s erotic stories section was certainly a ride that would be best enjoyed by those among you who have a thing for reading about the sexual escapades of strangers with a naughty story to tell. I wasn’t disappointed with the site and found it easy to navigate even though they tried to stuff so many sections into the site. It’s kinda like a piñata filled with stuff, and you have to fuck it to find out exactly what you’re looking for.

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