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SvsComics Review

~ Pros ~

Content is amazingly large and diverse

Categories galore


Content uploads supported for members

Site design is clean and easy to use.

~ Cons ~

❌ Content not actually hosted on the site

❌ Eventually, it all becomes overwhelming to use

❌ No content rating system


    Are you a reader and a doer of the word? Or are you a video addict? If reading is what you do best, I feel obliged to let you know that SVSComics has so many porn comics that my brain can barely process the total magnificence of it all! I mean there’s so many comic books on the site catering to your cumming fever that there’s little chance of reading them all before the end of this century!

    SVSComics is user-supported and the content is user-uploaded. Here you can read hentai till your eyes bleed, or laugh your guts out at parodies of some of the most famous cartoons and superheroes this world has ever known. At SVSComics you get to see Naruto sink his giant third leg into the booty hole of a boob-blessed slut and check out comics of the Simpsons characters doing the nasty in a very nasty manner!…. Here’s my SVSComics review.

A Hell Of A Site!

    SVSComics is well laid out and it takes you very little time to figure out what goes where. Black is the default homepage background color and the site looks good enough for you to rush and register as a member!

    Login and registration tabs can be found at the top right of the homepage, while the left top of the page has a search bar, and hosts the Home, Latest, and Categories tabs. The latter lets you pick and choose from porn comic genres and categories like hentai, 3D porn, games, furry, Ben 10, giantess, breast expansion, frozen, big ass, and Fallout 4. Yes, the Fallout 4 video game.

    Apart from genres and categories, the Categories tab has a section dedicated to some of the most popular comic artists around. Included are Shadbase, Incase, Croc, John Persons, and Y3DF.

    Now, let’s go back to the homepage. Like I said before, it sure is well set up. Below the main tabs and search bar is a list of trending porn categories you might need to look into on the double. Sample comics are all over the homepage and if you take the time to scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see that all these comics run to a scarcely believable 7,939 pages.

    All content that can be found on the site comes with a title, plus details related to their size, the number of pages they have, how many times they have been downloaded, and more.

Comics For Life!

    There’s so much content here that you could get drowned in it just like if you jumped into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean without a life vest and with nothing else in your pocket but a prayer! Oh, dear!

    So, with a deep check of what SVSComics offered being required, I started by diving into the Categories tab. From there I clicked on the Games option, tempted by the very large number of XXX games that I could download and play for free.

    Eventually, I got my head out of my ass and made my way over to the Scooby-Doo category thumbnail and clicked on this. The things I saw there would make the angels weep and their cocks spurt with vigor! All I can say is that if you love Scooby-Doo and love to think of the characters in that cartoon as very lovable and innocent folks, then clicking the Scooby-Doo category here is one of the worst things you can ever do!

    I eventually ended up in the Monsters category section. This had titles like Amazons & Monsters, BadOnion- Cleo X Diana, Xamrock-The Evil Enchantress, and Hooking Up With Hulk. The Monsters category was nearly 600 pages long, which means it is one of the most popular. Downloading stuff is free and easy and tips are provided on how to accomplish this.

    However, do bear in mind that SVSComics does not actually host any content on the site. Thus, downloads happen off-site and can be occasionally frustrating.

What I Think

    SVSComics comes to the party with what seems like all the XXX comics, artwork, and games in the world, making this all free and easy to access. All well and good save for the fact that the site does not actually host any content and content is not rated so that you can know how great or terrible they are. You can however check out how many times a particular content has been downloaded and from there determine if their popularity is a testament to their overall excellence.

    Overall I sure would recommend SVSComics and even if you are not a comic fan you are sure to check it out and find something you really like!

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