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SuperPorn Review

~ Pros ~

The site looks attractive

You don’t have to fight ads

The quality of most videos is HD

~ Cons ~

❌ No option to download videos


    I know what you’re here for, you’re here for my Superporn review.

    Superporn.com is a porn site that sounds like it was made to distract Superman from saving lives by his enemies. And let’s be fair, I would rather be beating my super meat all day with my super strength than save some of you.

    I am here to have a taste of the site the same way kings would have someone taste if there is poison in their cup before drinking it. So be happy that you get this royal treatment from The Porn Guy. I’ll begin and see if you can cum along.

SuperPorn Here To Save Your Wanks?

    I strongly believe that this porn site was created by some nerd that wakes up every morning to jerk off his meat to pictures of Superman hanging on his wall. The first thing my eyes noticed as soon as I got on the homepage of the site was their Logo which is in green. It was shaped exactly like Superman’s symbol. Wait! If it is in green, does that mean this site would be our kryptonite and we should just give it space right now? I’m too much of a stubborn fucker to take a hint.

    I gotta say, even though I am a huge fan of dark-themed sites, this one managed to impress me with its color scheme. Somehow the white background theme goes well with the black and green that is splashed in different spots on the site. I didn’t even know I had a thing for seeing colors mixed in the right way. You guys should really get on your knees and pray I don’t abandon this and get into interior designing or some shit.

    The first thumbnail that I was shown had two blonde girls and a guy with a BBC. One of the girls was assisting the other to spread open her ass for the benefit of the cameraman and the other girl had the BBC in her stretched-out pussy while making a surprised face as she had just received the best gift from Santa’s red sack of sex toys. It also looked like it was in HD. If it is any less then the site owner would deserve some tea bagging from me after my balls are all sweaty from running to get him.

    The length of the videos varies. You can find 12-minute videos and find 46-minute videos as well. So when you’re coming here to cum, you have to make your porn video choice based on how willing you are to sit in one position having a workout with your right arm. Also, to make it harder for you, there is no option whatsoever for downloading the video and watching it at your own leisure. I’m gonna have to take some points away from them for that reason.

Supervising Superporn’s Smut!

    On the menu, you have the option for choosing what category of porn you want to cause friction on your dick with. You have options such as; Lesbian, Ebony, Big Ass, Hentai, Milf, Japanese, Anal, Threesome, and a whole lot more that I am much too lazy to list out for you guys. I would’ve liked it if they were in alphabetical order so I won’t have to search around like a sex-starved cretin just to find the one my dick is yearning for.

    You can find more options for you when you look at the top of the homepage. There is an option that will take you to some live cam section and another named ‘Superporn US’ that shows you US-made porn only.
If you’re wondering who is in charge of uploading videos on the site, the answer is that anyone can. You can simply create an account and start uploading your ungodly horde of porn videos that you’ve been stingy with for years. You could even get grateful fans to follow your account for more and become a wank influencer.

    I’ve reached that point in time where I have to find a porn video that suits my wank desires. Today, I am not feeling very picky so I am just gonna browse around and see which one connects with my balls like Bluetooth with a device. I finally found the video that looks like it’ll be fun enough to keep my meat occupied as I continue reviewing.

    I ended up choosing the first porn video I met on the site. You know, the one with the two girls and the man with the BBC. The dude looked like he was in paradise throughout the whole video and I’m sure he went back home after the shoot to wank to the memory of the threesome. Loading the video was pretty easy and the quality of the video gets an A+ from me because of how clear it looked. The only thing that was annoying to see was the little video description at the bottom. These guys who upload the videos are not poets for sure.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Superporn

    Superporn is truly super to me and I had fun reviewing the porn site. Maybe it’s because of how attractive the design is or maybe because I didn’t have to drag my balls through a mine-field of Ads to watch what I wanted, but the site left a good enough impression on me. If you’re looking for a porn site that would deliver high-quality smut when your balls are screaming to be empty, then this one would be good enough to frolic on. It gets a recommendation from me!

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