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StoriesOnline Review

~ Pros ~

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineYou can post your erotic write-up and see it rated

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineThe community is really engaging

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineIt features some really exciting writing contests

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineThe content on the site is super good quality

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineNo ads at all

~ Cons ~

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineIt has an old site design

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineSite content are not well organized

storiesonline, StoriesOnlineThe archiving system is poor

    VR porn and high definition porn clips are nothing to marvel about thee days. Such content serves up very tasty porn indeed, with folks merely needing to click a few buttons to get as much high-quality content as their XXX organs, eyeballs and brain matter can consume without spraying cumming juice in every direction!

    Despite the wonders of technology there are still some who like their porn written down somewhere. This could be in a book, magazine, webpage, back of a cereal box or what have you. If you are the type who would prefer to read rather than watch porn, there are plenty of porn sites that have your back. is one of these and we will be giving it a good going over today.

Stories And More Stories

    The first surprise is the StoriesOnline homepage. And no, it doesn’t have a nude image of Jennifer Lopez bending over in search of something but is instead a dated design that has not been popular in decades. The second surprise here is that you need to register or else. Non-members are allowed to view samples of content, but registration appears necessary if you are going to be around for long, busily smearing your keyboard with your cum juices and bothering the neighbors with your cries of joy.

    There are a couple of big navigation buttons on the homepage. One of the Preview Site buttons, while the other is the Story Showcase button. The former lets you access the content for free and without registering, though full texts will be denied to you. The other button offers a selection of titles on the site, with their word count, views, genres, author and score displayed.

    Log in and registration tabs are beneath these navigation tabs, as well as a Post Your Stories tab that lets you or anyone else uploads content you have written. Next are hyperlinks to all the story genres this site has to offer. This includes Erotic Sex Stories, Fantasy, Humor, Historical, BDSM, Romance, True Story, and Fan Fiction.

Stories Of Sex And Wonders!

    While registering on the site is free, we choose the Site Preview option until we had a firm grasp of what StoriesOnline could do for us. We were taken to a page full of story links arranged vertically. Sample titles include Dark Desires, Country Boy, City Girl, We’ll Let You See Our Pussies, and the Dairy of Desire.

    Tabs and links on the homepage here let you sort these titles by author, alphabetically, by category, rating and more. A search bar is provided too, plus links to a slew of platforms that do the same thing as StoriesOnline. There’s a forum too, plus content reviews by other authors.

What We Think

    The StoriesOnline site design is enough to earn them a red card. For Christ’s sake, such a cluttered, ugly, dated, and hard-to-use site design should be illegal in this century. However, there are lots of tales and stories here, most of which are good enough to make the time pass by as pleasantly as if we were getting our cocks sucked by Mia Khalifa! There’s a noticeable lack of ads and overall, we deem the site to be well worth a bookmark despite its many design deficiencies.