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r/Squirting Review

~ Pros ~

Jacked to the flapping gills with content

Decent upload pace

~ Cons ~

❌ Not a very active place

❌ Looks like shit


    Some say squirting is just women being too lazy to get off their asses and go pee in the toilet. But others opine that squirt isn’t pee and is rather a liquid whose taste compares favorably with pink French champagne! I ain’t in the mood to find out what exactly y’all lady loves have been squirting up your noses and ears, so let’s leave the talk of what exactly squirt is to another day.

    But there’s something I wanna talk about today, and it involves a subreddit that has nothing but content devoted to the squirtingest of women. I am talking about chicks who squirt better than most vandalized fire hydrants, and their stream is high enough to swat helicopters out of the sky!

    Here is my r/Squirting review. Read and weep, for thine is the kingdom and the cupfuls of squirt crud that water its fruitful fields!

Reddit Squirting Makes You Wanna Let Your Liquid Go!

    So, r/Squirting is exactly what you think it is. Unfortunately though, it has the standard subreddit look, and that’s like serving a dish of boiled potatoes and oats at a royal wedding. For fucks sake, it doesn’t cost anything but time and attention to pretty up a subreddit, especially one that’s in a pretty much competitive field as all porn subreddits are.

    Anyway, Reddit Squirting has the usual blue and white color that we all associate with like 99% of subreddits. There’s no logo, special graphics, or that kind of thing, and there’s not even a motto. The About Community box on the right of the page has text that says, “A Little Squirt Won’t Hurt,” but I would rather dive bomb into a volcano than acknowledge it might actually be the subreddit motto!

    Membership on Reddit Squirting is healthy at 1.5 million plus. Only 753 were online during this review, and throughout this review, that number never exceeded 1K.

    There are 8 mods here, and it is okay to be like me and expect they are paid for their jobs with buckets full of fresh and bubbling squirt. Yeah, like all r/Squirting subreddit members with cunts line up once a week, squirt into a nice pink bucket, and dispatch that via FedEx to all the mods. I sure hope there’s enough liquid to ensure that every mod gets at least one full bucket of squirt that they are welcome to freeze and sip as they wish!

    Anyway, there are three main rules here. The first has to do with respect. Like you are supposed to respect yourself, members, and visitors to this subreddit and refrain from telling them to come suck your cock and eat your turd with a side of greens and marshmallows! The second and third rules are identical, and I really have no idea why the repetition hasn’t been caught since. Them two rules say that you are not allowed to sell things on this subreddit. So, even if you are hawking long life and prosperity, plus a video of your mom going down on Jay-Z’s lesbian mother, you better go sell them elsewhere, or the mods are liable to give you a remote kick to the balls that might transform your family jewels into rock salt and radishes!

A Squirt A Day Makes The Cum Doctor’s Gullet Happy!

    If nothing makes you happier than seeing a woman jerking and sending liquid flying from her down below, then I really would suggest clicking the notification icon on this subreddit. It is a bell icon atop r/Squirting that lets you know once there’s a new post. But beware that you are liable to tire of getting a constant and endless stream of notifications that clog up your phone or PC.

    So, the upload pace here is more than decent. But XVideos sure got them beat when it comes to the number of new posts on the daily. And I got y’all beat when it comes to oak tree woodies that are good buddies with BBC baddies that put thots in chairs with wheelies!

    Squirt and Cream, I Love Making My Pussy A Squirting Fountain, I Can Never Get Enough of This, Fingering Always Makes Me Cum Like This, Squirting From Anal Feels So Good To Me, Open Your Mouth, Drenching Him, and I Heard You Thirsty, So I Made You A Drink were among the newest posts I eyeballed at the time of this review. The post about the chick making drinks is a maybe 10-second-long video of a babe squatting on a bed and furiously fingering her astoundingly accommodating snatch. She was able to coax some teaspoons of thick and clear liquid from it, and you are damn right I want what’s in that spoon mixed into my tea this morning!

    The Drenching Him post shows a flabby and nude chick lying like a whale on the bed while fingering her twat. She was able to squirt a fountain that her boyfriend bathed his face in, and that fella had a little cock that’s smaller than most hot dog sausages I’ve eaten this year!

    The top trending post of all time on r/Squirting was uploaded a mere 9 months ago. This fucker has 38.2K upvotes but just 15 comments. It’s been deleted, though, and there’s nothing on the Redgif link that’s on the post. I sure hope that’s not because the video depicted the mayor in my city sucking fresh squirt right from the fountain of youth that’s between the legs of the barely legal teen thot that everyone knows he has put in the family way more often than I have spread the legs of my favorite and fully legal hot MILF!

    Safe To Say I Made His Day After A Long Day At Work is the next in the top trending category, and this, too, was uploaded 9 months ago. It had 32.6K upvotes, and the video shows a chick bouncing on a redwood, getting up so that her squirt can empty into the groin of the lucky fella, and putting the cock back in for more cowgirl humping! Got a thot that can bounce on a beat with your cock so fully inside her that you can feel her heart beating at the end of your shaft? Then you do not know what the good Lord has done for you!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/Squirting

    r/Squirting is decent, but not all that impressive. It does its job well but with zero fanfare, and that pisses me off more than it should.
Still, this subreddit is solid, and if you are after liquid content that makes you ponder on the fire-fighting skills of the coochie, then this looks like a good place to sit down and get your fill!

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