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SpankingTube Review

~ Pros ~

, SpankingTubeHD porn aplenty!

, SpankingTube

A feast for spank fetish fans

, SpankingTubeActive community

~ Cons ~ 

, SpankingTubeAds

, SpankingTubeCluttered site design

, SpankingTube Videos are short


    Some of us at the office are not averse to getting spanked hard, either as a form of roleplay or simply cos it is so painfully enjoyable. If you are of adult age we are sure you know a few guys and girls who love to get spanked on their bouncing booty and then fingered to orgasmic explosion or dicked down till they spray and squirt like no one’s business!

    One site is all about getting spanked and focuses on collating as much spanking-related content as it can while encouraging site members to submit their own content. That site is SpankingTube.com and will be given a spanking good review today…. Tune in or get smacked in your bitch face!

Spank That Booty, Bitch!

    First off, you cannot just log in to Spanking Tube. A warning lets you know right off that this is an adult site and that there are things that happen there that might be disturbing to your virgin eyes. You can then click the Enter or Leave button as the case may be.

    Should you click on the former, you are taken right to the homepage. This is simple and classy too, with the background being black as night. The homepage has video thumbnails aplenty, ads and links to quite a few porn sites, most of which have similar content.

    Login and sign up tabs are at the top right corner of the page, with a search bar and upload tab just beneath these. The search bar has a pull-down menu that you can use for specialized searching.

    There are also Videos, Photos, Models, Blogs, Categories, Community and Buy Clips tabs on the homepage. The latter directs you to SpankingLibrary.com, while the Community tab lets you connect with site members. The Blogs tabs are where to go for member-submitted stories, some of which are quite good.

    We clicked the Models tab and saw quite a few ladies we are dying to take home to mama! They include beauties like Sarah Gregory, Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane, and Danille. The latter had the kind of boobies we would pay a fortune to slap around and the kind of booty we could never tire of probing with a hard cock!

    Now, each model profile on the Model Category page apart from having a picture of the said model also displays information related to the number of videos and albums they have starred in.

Spank Up Photos And Videos

    We also explored the Photos tab. It had lots of images of girl bottoms and boobies getting spanked and punished, dicks getting some painful treatment and lots of curvy booty pics. A pull-down menu atop the Photo category homepage enables you to sort the content by the most viewed, top-rated, most commented, favorites and more.

    The photo section also has a pull-down category menu. This means you can use this to see specific content like Caning, Femdom, Hairbrushing, Male Male Bondage, Male Spanks Female, Strapping, Whipping and Spanking.

    We looked at the photos in the Spanking photo category and saw enough to make our buttocks ache in sympathy! There you can see all the spanked bottoms you care for, with titles like Did Your Mom Ever Get Spanked, Fresh Spanked Butt, Spanking Fun, Spanked Slut, and Poor Spanked Me.

    The Video section was where we next turned our attention to. Like the content in the Photo section, videos can be sorted in the most precise categories to ensure that you see what you want to see, which was submitted at a specific date and time. Video titles include One Last Chance, Busty Slave Is Whipped In Bondage, and Short Fast Strap.

    Most videos are short and the quality is usually HD. You can also see who uploaded each video, subscribe to their content and even apply to become friends with them.

What We Think

    Spanking Tube has us short of words! It is good, sweet and nasty, though ads run riot through it. Overall, this is a great recommend.