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Skibbel Review

~ Pros ~

It is free

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads

❌ Very limited site functionality

❌Can be very frustrating to use

❌ There does not appear to be many users of this site

❌Site seems to be filled with bots that do not respond to chats


Does the name Skibbel remind you of a dog treat? It sure does to me! Reviewing dog treats or websites ostensibly named after them is not within my purview. With that being the case I feel now is the time to let you all know that Skibbel is actually a sex chat website.

Yes, I said what I said. Skibbel is not the kind of place for political debates and is explicitly advertised as a sex chat site. That means it is not the place for arguing who’s the best candidate for the 2020 US presidential elections, but rather the place where you get to tell chicks you love them and have a need to get their pussy superglued on your face all weekend!… Now, here’s my Skibbel review.

Sexy Chatting Made Easy!

    Skibbel has a homepage that looks cool and professional to the bone. The site background has blurred images of naked fellas and ladies, with the rest of the homepage basically telling you why your life is not complete unless you make Skibbel the focus of your existence!

Available are options to share the site details on social media. And before you can actually enter the site proper you need to input details like your preferred gender and the gender you are looking for. I did this and was prompted to choose a profile image. I opted to choose images from my computer gallery and the image I ended up choosing as my profile pic was a low-res picture of the Asus ROG 3 gaming smartphone. Yes, I am mad like that!

Once those pesky details were over Skibbel opened up for my perusal. I got a new page with a rather pretty background image of stars and a few ads here and there. Most of this page was taken up by a big chat window. You can chat with folks all over the world via this window and send them images, videos, voice notes, and more.

Though I identified as a male in search of females, for some reason I kept getting connected with random dudes from India, Italy, and elsewhere. I kept saying Hi to these fellas and never got as much as an answer back. The bottom of the chat window has an option that lets you cancel an existing chat and go to a new one and I clicked this enough times to try the patience of Job himself!

Soon enough I got hooked up with a dude from Sweden. I knew he was a dude because his profile said “Male”. His profile video showed him throttling his dick and it was a pretty long dick if I might say so! The guy never responded to the many messages I sent to him and I finally called it quits and told him to go fuck his mother in the nose!

Unfortunately, no one I got connected with during my review ever responded to my messages. And they were all dudes though I expressly stated when setting up my profile that I wanted to get in touch with females rather than males. Perhaps the site admins here have a comprehension problem and the site is filled with bots.

Now, each chat window at Skibbel is basically a dead end. There’s no way to go back to the site homepage as the tabs you need to click are simply not present. More, chat windows have very limited functionality and you can only talk to one person at a time.

What I Think

    Know that feeling when you order chicken-fried steak and instead get a salad so dry you could sand your desk with it? That’s just how I feel after reviewing Skibbel.com! Calling it a disappointment would be charitable. Avoid if you can or only visit if explicitly specified in the will of that cantankerous great aunt of yours who loves to dress up as a she-devil during Halloween!

skibbel, Skibbel

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